Mastery of Raw Vegan Cuisine and Presentation Skills

5 Days $2,025

Mastery of Raw Vegan Cuisine is a five-day exploration of advanced kitchen practices involved in the preparation of living foods. This work will build upon conversion skills presented in our Essentials of Raw Vegan Cuisine and Intermediate Raw Vegan Cuisine and Recipe Development. Throughout the week we will explore an exciting variety of ethnic cuisines and methods from across the globe. You will learn dozens of food styling tips and tricks that will enable you to plate dazzling dishes and capture the beauty of your culinary creations in photographs. Explore systems for organizing and mastering a captivating culinary presentation.

What You Will Learn:

  • Flavor development
  • Building layers
  • Utilizing local, seasonal ingredients
  • Raw food travel tips
  • Cooked to raw conversion techniques
  • Exploring culinary traditions of Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean
  • Culinary presentation skills
  • Business planning for live food classes / coaching

Food preparation for:

  • Soups, sauces, and salad dressings
  • Fruit, vegetable, sea vegetable, nut, and seed dishes
  • Classic dishes, enchiladas, teriyaki vegetables, burgers, quiche, zucchini hummus, dolmas, and more
  • Pâtés, dips and spreads
  • Use of wraps as sandwich substitutes: sushi, cabbage, and lettuce rolls

Required Classes:

Intermediate Raw Vegan Cuisine and Recipe Development is required prior to taking this advanced course.

Additional Information:

Tuition includes breakfast smoothies and lunch as well as course materials; however, recommended reading and supplies are not included. During this hands-on course, you will need a chef coat, chef hat, chef knife and a safety glove.

Upcoming Sessions

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