About Us

Living Light Culinary is the birthplace of raw gourmet cuisine and a leader in plant-based culinary arts.  We welcome everyone and attract people from all walks of life. We’ve created a variety of practical, fun and life-transforming programs to suit every student. We inspire our students to create healthier, more conscious cuisine without sacrificing taste, presentation, or the emotional satisfaction of food.

We’ve designed several programs to meet the needs of participants whether they are novices in the kitchen or skilled cooks. Our time-tested curriculum and courses take students through a progressively complex set of culinary skills — from mastering knife technique and learning how to set up a healthy pantry to charting a menu and hosting a beautiful raw, plant-based gourmet event.

We empower participants by offering the practical knowledge base they need to develop confidence, creativity, and expertise in the kitchen. Exploring the benefits of a plant-based diet is an investment that will change your life for the better! Join us on the gorgeous Mendocino coast of California to start your adventure today!

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