Gourmet Spa Cuisine

5 Days $1,725

In this course, experience the light and luscious fare served at healthy lifestyle retreats in exotic locations. Raw Plant-based Gourmet Spa Cuisine is designed to support an active lifestyle. Starting with very simple ingredients, learn how to combine textures and flavors to produce a wide array of exotic dishes and gourmet feasts!

Required Classes:

A Living Light Certificate in Mastery of Raw Vegan Cuisine is required prior to taking this advanced, hands-on course.

Additional Information:

Tuition includes breakfast smoothies, lunch and course materials. During this hands-on course, you will need a chef coat, chef hat, a safety glove, and a set of knives (chef knife, paring knife and cleaver or coconut opening knife at the minimum. We also recommend a serrated knife.) We suggest additional chef coats and an apron.

Please call to register for this course: (707) 964-2420

No 2020 Sessions Scheduled

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