Living Light Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it… hear what recent graduates have to say about their experience at Living Light!

“I learned so much more about being a professional raw food instructor. The teaching materials are incredible.” – Kang, Singapore
“A phenomenal class packed with invaluable tips, coaching and guides for making your mark as a raw food culinary instructor, author or coach.” – Nadia, CA
“Perfect training for public speaking and demo presentation. Just what I needed – a detailed, informative introduction into social media.” – Hanna, Australia
“This class is a great accompaniment to the Associate Chef and Instructor training. I highly recommend taking it as soon as possible after the basic training. ” – Kathi, FL
“I feel confident that I have the skills to prepare raw food that looks and tastes cooked…I know the basics for preparing many types of raw dishes.” – Victoria, FL
“This journey was just amazing! I’ve learned so much, but not only in class – with everyone! It is a life changing experience that brings you much more than what you think it would.” – Christelle, FL
“I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come in three weeks!” – Eileen, MI
“I could not be happier about the staff and curriculum. It is very easy to learn here and I got exactly what I hoped for! If you have the resources, this is the perfect place to go.” – Becca, WA
“This is a definite “must attend” course if you want to elevate yourself to professional status as a chef in the raw food community. I feel so lucky to have been here. You all inspire me, beyond what we learn in the culinary studio.” – Jayne, UK
“I have learned so many new skills and techniques. I feel very confident that when I go home I will be able to create some awesome nurturing food for myself, my family and my friends. This was an awesome program and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering going from conventional food to raw food.” – Su, CA
“It’s just a wonderful program – very well-organized – delightful staff/faculty – great food – an enormous amount of useful and enlightening information.”
“Way more than I expected! Learned so much about “culinary arts” – flavors, textures, balancing, creating. Has me more confident in the kitchen and for eating more now.”
“Absolutely the most beneficial school I have ever attended.”
“It’s a very well organized and professionally run school and the recipes are to die for! I want more!”
“The staff is very kind to all of us and has a sense of humor and lot of love and doesn’t skimp on giving us the best. I felt like I received the very best training available, even though this is the only raw food training I have been to.”
“I feel much more confident about my ability to prepare delicious, nutritious, raw foods. I have a better understanding of the use of various kitchen appliances and handy tools, and I feel more competent to instruct others.”
“I consider Living Light to be THE premier raw culinary school in the country at this time; well worth whatever expense or effort required to attend.”
“The course is very intensive and comprehensive, but it is doable. I was surprised that I, who really had minimal experience cooking and using various equipment and tools, could learn so much and feel confident about applying it in such a short span of time.”
“The training really exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed every aspect of it. Thank you for your contribution to my life and giving me a way to effectively contribute to the world of health and well being.”
“…An excellent professional and thorough training program, which is intense, fun, and inspiring.”
“The amount of information and skill and growth I received surpassed my expectation.”
“If you’re serious about improving your health through raw foods and empowering yourself to create delicious raw food dishes, attending this program is worth the investment of time and money.”
“It is definitely worth it! All the teachers are exceptionally competent, knowledgeable and giving. Everything is very well scheduled and organized.”
“I followed my heart in coming here, it was a risk for me but I am happy I listened to my inner voice and did something that will help me live passionately!”
This will transform (and has) my life and certainly will play a part in helping others to understand and appreciate a raw food diet.”
“My knowledge, confidence, and ability continue to grow! Your classes are thorough, fun, entertaining, and empowering!
This is the most comprehensive, complete, and cool cooking class ever! It is a journey that is worth the price and distance traveled.”
“This program is intensive in the amount of information provided. The organization, presentation of skills, facility and patient support of the staff made it flow clearly, easily and well delivered with technology! High tech dream weavers!”
“The training on how to adequately prepare for and demonstrate culinary dishes, equipment, and techniques was wonderful. Input was informative and I feel my confidence is sufficient to go out and teach.”
“This program is so much more than learning to be a chef and instructor. It is an introduction to a way of living, a spiritual experience, and a coming into a new family of friends, teachers, and associates.”
“My goal was to expand my culinary skills and acquire new chef instructor skills that will help me teach why and how to be a healthy vegan. I feel that I reached my goal entirely.”
“Even if you have no intention of being a professional chef, and just want to ‘wow’ your friends with your expertise or enjoy your own meals more, this is the course for you!”
“I gained confidence and learned incredible raw food recipes. I lost 35 pounds in 2 months eating delicious raw cuisine–even had a dessert most days! Extra blessings – no more night sweats or hot flashes!”
“I had a very pleasant experience and was surprised how quickly I became comfortable around so many new faces. The atmosphere that we were in was very comfortable and I would suggest and recommend this to anyone.”
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