A Cheese Lover’s Guide

Cherie SoriaBefore discovering the raw vegan lifestyle, I was addicted to cheese and even though I instinctively knew that dairy products were not a healthy choice, I found it hard to give them up. But after I started making make luscious, creamy raw vegan nut and seed cheeses, I was converted! Many people are allergic to dairy products but don’t want to give up the rich, satisfying, creamy textures and tastes that are important in so many world cuisines and others, like myself, are just plain cheese-a-holics!

Nut cheeses are great in all kinds of raw food dishes, including pizza, enchiladas, burritos, burgers, sandwiches—even desserts!

It’s easy to go dairy-free once you learn how to make nut and seed cheeses and other delicious dairy substitutes. And, cultured nut cheeses, yogurt, and kefir are a terrific way to eat nuts, since culturing makes them far more digestible.
There are a variety of techniques and ingredients that help create specific flavors and textures. Since each nut and seed has a unique flavor and texture, combining one or more different kinds of nuts can create subtle flavors, and the addition of herbs and spices for savory cheeses, or extracts and special flavorings for desserts, creates a vast array of possibilities! ~ Cherie Soria, Founder and Director Living Light Culinary Institute
Enjoy Cherie Soria’s eBook, A Cheese Lover’s Guide to Raw Vegan Cheese, Yogurt and Kefir with more than two dozen great dairy-free recipes including Coconut Kefir, Cacao Brazil Nut Kefir, Vanilla Almond Yogurt, Almond Ricotta Cheese, Pine Nut Parmesan, Herbed Macadamia Cheese Balls, Apricot and Nut Cheese Stuffed Figs with Red Wine Glaze, Spinach Manicotti, Blueberry Cheesecake, and many more! LivingLightACheeseLoversGuideCoverFeb2016
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