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Are you ready to improve your food preparation and recipe development skills in a short period of time? Take the next step— Essentials Online is the course for you!

You’ll master a myriad of new techniques, learn practical tips, new tricks, and enjoy expert instruction with extensive hands-on practice in this exciting course, developed and taught by Cherie Soria to thousands of students from more than 60 countries around the world since 1998.

Now, YOU can learn from Cherie in the comfort of home!

She knows which techniques are challenging, which habits are difficult to overcome, and how to nurture you along the way as you learn to develop full confidence preparing a wide variety of gourmet raw vegan recipes.
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Essentials Online makes learning raw food preparation easy, delicious, and fun

Pullquote_ESS3For two decades, Living Light Culinary Institute has set the standard of excellence in raw culinary arts. As any graduate of our school will tell you, we support you every step of the way. We want to help build your confidence so the food you prepare will be nutritious, delicious, and beautiful - and be as enjoyable and easy to prepare as possible. Our classes are well organized and professionally presented, and at the same time, we want you to have fun in the kitchen! You’ll learn dozens of time- and money-saving tips and techniques that will make your culinary journey joyful and fulfilling. Learn useful culinary terms, how to read and follow a recipe correctly, mise en place, U.S. and metric measurements, basic culinary math, and gastronomy, the art and science of taste. Plus, sprouting, dehydrating, recipe development, flavor balancing and so much more! Discover how to combine flavors, textures, and colors in your recipes to create deliciously balanced raw vegan cuisine like an expert. Many of the things you learn in this course will apply to cooked recipes, too.


"I have to admit, I felt like 'I bit off more than I could chew' in this course, especially with the recipe development and recipe conversion, but it has been an excellent challenge, and I'm proud of myself. The flavor balancing information and practice is amazing. This is a very comprehensive course. I appreciated jumping in and using the dehydrator and other equipment, it gave me confidence to use them. I'll be enjoying making the apple tart soon. It has been wonderful to take Living Light courses at home!" ~ Elen L.

Make new friends!

In each module, you’ll have an opportunity to go to the forum and interact with fellow students. Enrich your online classroom experience and share with each other all of the wonderful new things you are learning. It will make you smile! Access our most comprehensive hands-on online course on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, and discover an entirely new dimension of pleasure in preparing food!

Sushi LineupEnjoy a Multimedia Experience*

  • Great desktop functionality
  • Fun, interactive, flexible
  • Q and A and Forums
  • Instructor Feedback
  • Tips, Key Points, and Reviews
  • Informative Infographics
  • Printable pdfs

*At this time, videos are not compatible with mobile devices.

Basil Pesto-6575Become a Competent and Confident Chef

  • Learn the basics of what every good chef should know
  • Learn culinary terms to understand recipes and build confidence
  • Learn how to read and follow a recipe
  • Learn how to work efficiently in a well-organized kitchen
  • Become acquainted with U.S. Standard Measurements
  • Learn culinary math to reduce waste and portion recipes

Blueberry CheesecakeLearn more about the raw vegan lifestyle

  • Discover new vegan products
  • Learn gastronomy, the science of taste
  • Discover why the sense of smell is essential to the experience of taste
  • Learn why genetics and ethnic origins influence the appreciation of food
  • Learn to evaluate and modify recipes to suit your tastes
  • Learn about equipment specific to a raw food kitchen
  • Discover career possibilities in plant-based cuisine and nutrition

Get started today! Fundamentals Online and Cutting-Edge Kitchen Skills Online are prerequisites for this course.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Explore Essentials Online for up to 7 DAYS Risk Free! We’re so confident you’ll love and appreciate this amazing course that we’re offering you a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the course content within the first 7 days, and we cannot readily solve any issue you’ve encountered, our enrollment department will provide you with a full refund for the course.

Now, you can discover for yourself why thousands of people from around the world have taken Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts and changed their health and life by learning how to make healthy living delicious the Living Light way.


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Fundamentals Online and Cutting-Edge Kitchen Skills Online are prerequisites for this course. This Essentials Online class is avocational.

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