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Master knife skills in the comfort of home!

Cutting-Edge Kitchen Skills Online

Do you wish you could cut fruits and vegetables like a pro?

Maybe you think you need to attend culinary school before you can chop, slice, dice, julienne, mince, and chiffonade the way famous TV chefs do.

Knife-Skills-8537CheriecuttingbasilNot any more! Now, you can learn how to create beautiful, consistently shaped, professional looking cuts that will make your food look and taste amazing—all from the comfort of home! Cherie Soria, founder of Living Light Culinary Institute will be your video instructor for this exciting online course. As a teacher of vegetarian culinary arts for more than 40 years, Cherie knows that learning how to work safely and efficiently with knives is critical in any kitchen, especially a raw food kitchen.

If there’s one kitchen tool you want to learn how to master – it’s the knife.

Cutting-Edge Kitchen Skills Online will help you learn to use your knives like a pro, even with no previous culinary training. You’ll feel confident right away, and may be surprised to discover that it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn how to use a knife properly when you learn step-by-step from an expert like Cherie—and it’s a skill well worth investing in. You’ll enjoy talks, demos, hands-on practice, and comprehensive reference materials. Our goal is to provide the education you need so you never cut yourself in the kitchen and you feel absolutely confident every time you pick up a knife. Learn how to slice, dice, chop, julienne, chiffonade, cut herbs and leafy greens, veneer, and even how to shave fruits and vegetables like cucumber and zucchini to create thin sheets that can be used as wraps. You’ll have lots of fun with garnishing, too. Learn to make tomato roses, onion flowers, and other impressive garnishes. You’ll even discover how to cut unevenly shaped foods into perfectly even cuts.

Cutting basilEnjoy a Multimedia Experience*

  • Great desktop functionality
  • Fun, interactive, flexible
  • Q and A and Forums
  • Instructor Feedback
  • Tips, Key Points, and Reviews
  • Informative Infographics
  • Printable pdfs

  • * At this time, videos are not compatible with mobile devices.

Knife-Skills-6565DifferentknivessteelssheathsLearn to prepare delicious, attractive raw recipes

  • Learn how to hold a knife correctly
  • Learn how to use a mandoline
  • Practice proper ergonomics
  • Work comfortably without tiring
  • Perform a variety of cuts safely and effectively
  • Waste less food and save money
  • Make food look as good as it tastes
  • Create textures that mimic cooked foods
  • Improve digestion and assimilation
  • Optimize nutritional benefits of fresh foods

If you want to develop your skills, confidence, and learn how to handle a knife like a pro, enroll today in Cutting-Edge Kitchen Skills Online

You’ll have 90 days (three full months) to watch the videos as many times as you like, and practice, practice, practice, until you learn to handle knives with confidence and ease!

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Explore Cutting-Edge Kitchen Skills Online for up to 7 DAYS Risk Free!

We’re so confident you’ll love and appreciate this amazing course that we’re offering you a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the course content within the first 7 days, and we cannot readily solve any issue you’ve encountered, our enrollment department will provide you with a full refund for the course.

Enroll in Cutting-Edge Kitchen Skills Online risk-free and enjoy immediate rewards from the comfort of your home—learn how to Make Healthy Living Delicious the Living Light way.

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