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1. Venus DeMarco - Texas

Known for her zest for life, outgoing spirit, and incredibly inspiring story, Venus DeMarco beat all odds on her journey to conquer Cancer. She redefined the role of Cancer patient by learning to be the Champion of Her Health! Venus was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on August 10, 2009, and sought the advice of two specialists who both suggested double mastectomies and chemotherapy. It was a harsh reality and a course of treatment that did not rest well with her. With over 30 years of experience as a skin and body professional, Venus felt strongly that there was a natural alternative to her diagnosis and so her journey began and her adventure with raw living foods. Today, Venus DeMarco is Cancer-free. She is living a happy, healthy and productive life. Through her personal experience, DeMarco has made a life-long commitment to educating others on the benefits of non-traditional medicine and the power of one’s own body to heal. Venus DeMarco now travels the United States, sharing her story, her love of preparing raw and vegan food, most importantly, empowering others to take control of their lifestyles and overall health and well-being. She is known by many as “The Prevention Warrior” due to her tremendous compassion and desire to spark awareness of unconventional options.To date she has two books; The Healing Journey of my Bodacious Ta Ta's and My Bodacious Healing Kitchen. Website:

2. J R Renusson - Michigan

Chef Jean-Rene’ Renusson literally grew up in the kitchen, even taking his first steps in the kitchen of the Ritz Carlton in Chicago. His father, world renowned pastry chef, Gilles Renusson had been head pastry chef there. You could say culinary arts is in his blood. He is currently working for Savory Foods (located in Grand Rapids, MI) as a gluten-free and vegan chef. As a vegan, he has submerged himself in perfecting recipes that not only taste mouth-watering, but also are gluten-free as well. Website:

3. Chickee Tara Urbanek - Ohio

Tara Urbanek (Chickee) is a raw food enthusiast. In 2003, she was diagnosed with Stage 5 kidney failure. Chickee received a kidney transplant & was prescribed 65 pills a day. After her body rejected the transplant, she lived on dialysis. Chickee chose to live the raw vegan food lifestyle to improve her health. She is no longer on medications or dialysis. She enjoys a vibrant life as a wife, mother, educator, motivational speaker, author, poet & runner. Chickee received her B.S. of Psychology from Auburn University (1991). She loves motivating others to delight in the beauty of raw foods. Youtube Channel:

4. Tanya Lacey - Spain

My name is Tanya Lacey and I run Vegan Life Energy B&B in the beautiful Costa Blanca, Spain. My passion is creating new raw food recipes that people will love. I am also a Vegan Nutritional Consultant and Mindfulness Therapist. My hobbies include cookery, gardening and learning about the spiritual side of life. Website:

5. Tanya Murphy - South Carolina

My name is Tanya and I am from South Carolina! I have been vegan for 13 years and raw vegan for 8 years now. Over my health journey I have been able to heal my body and in the process lose 86 pounds, keeping it off for 8 years. I have healed nodular acne, IBS,lupus, anemia, leaky guy syndrome , OCD and depression. I owe my pristine health today to the living life in living raw vegan food! I strive to teach and help others with raw vegan coaching and new videos each day!! Website:

6. Cali Cutler - Utah

Cali Cutler was always intrigued with health throughout her teenage years. After much confusion and many diets later, she found raw foods in 2008 which sent her on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual journey. Cali's message emphasizes intuitive eating and breaking free from the diet-binge cycle, and introducing raw, "light" foods. Cali is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Family Herbalist, holds her Bachelors of Science in Holistic Nutrition at the University of Natural Health, and is currently finishing a Bachelors of Arts in exercise science and communications at Utah Valley University. Cali has taught raw food classes and intuitive eating for the last six years, helping families and individuals heal chronic conditions along the way. In the years Cali plans to be a professional raw food chef and someday rival Rachael Ray.

7. Kelly Lowes - California

I became interested in raw foods for myself and my family in 2009. I found Russell James home study courses and learned how to use texture, flavor, and style. Now I am able to create beautiful raw foods on my own with this knowledge. It is my passion to be able to create with love and share this with all of you. Much Love, Kelly

8. Teja Fidler Makotar - Slovenia

After finishing my degree at the Clayton College of Natural health, I started researching raw food diet. I felt good, when eating only raw. I wanted to spread the word of raw foods amongst people. Now I have my own life-style consultant business and I organize Fruit festival in Slovenia. Website:

9. Julie Van den Kerchove - Belgium

Julie Van den Kerchove is a certified Raw Food chef & writer graduated from the Living Light Culinary Institute. After successfully healing herself from several chronic health conditions with the help of raw food, she founded Julie’s Lifestyle where she offers raw vegan catering, culinary workshops and raw vegan eBooks. Website:

10. Karen Osborne - Texas

Creating in Austin, TX, Karen inspires people to feel good, be healthy, energized and take charge of their health through raw and living foods. Karen is co-founder of Outrageous Raw, manages a natural products co-op and has co-authored a whole food dessert book, Dessert: Making it Rich Without Oil. Website:

11. Athena Rink - California

Athena believes that raw food is a doorway to better health, increased spiritual awareness, and healing for our planet and all its inhabitants. She is a self-taught chef who loves surprising people with how delicious raw food really is! Athena is also a healer, singer, writer, and spiritual coach. Blog:

12. Andriele DaSilva - Florida

Hi, my name is Andriele DaSilva. A recent graduate of Living Light culinary institute! My passion is to introduce a fun easy way to make healthy and delicious recipes for everyone.Ive been passionate about raw living foods for years now and its always been on my path so now I hope to share this wonderful lifestyle with everyone around me.

13. Sara Carmella - New Jersey

I have a passion for preparing delicious and beautiful fresh foods. I feel my best eating a high raw, plant-based diet, and love sharing healthy recipes, lifestyle inspiration, and having lots of fun! Check out my blog at, my youtube channel at, and my Instagram at Website:

14. Leslie Keegan - California

Leslie Keegan is a Holistic Nutrition Counselor and (mostly) self taught Raw Foods Chef. Several years back Leslie discovered the healing power of a whole food, raw vegan diet to heal her body from the damage caused by lifetime of illnesses due to Hashimotos disease. Website:

15. Roshni Sethuraman - Australia

Hi, I am Roshni from sunny Sydney, Australia and I am passionate about the pursuit of outstanding health through nutrition. I was introduced to raw foods four years ago and my dream is to become a raw food entrepreneur. My mission is to transform the lives of people through food and nutrition.

16. MD Vegan (Michael Hoffstiepel) - Germany

A vegan diet as part of yoga is a regular practice of Ahimsa. As the traveling chef of Yogini Kaliji, I develop easy, healthy and delicious live food recipes. Since July 2013 I have shared more than 500 videos on my YouTube channel MD Vegan.

17. Gabriela Lerner - England

Gabriela Lerner is a raw food teacher and health coach who shares her passion for raw food and a raw food lifestyle through raw food holiday retreats in Portugal and the Caribbean, as well as one-day classes in her home and one-to-one choaching. Website:

18. Carla Trevisan de Souza - Brazil

Carla Trevisan de Souza is an associate chef and instructor graduate from Living Light Culinary Institute.

19. Peter Klarman - Kentucky

In Louisville Kentucky, I have worked in food service for 6 years. Currently I'm working in a restaurant specializing in seasonal, locally grown foods and daily raw food options on the menu. I'm also working with a local juice bar that caters fresh juices, fruit smoothies, superfood elixirs, and to go raw food options.

20. Meg Pearson - Costa Rica

Meg is a raw vegan chef, yoga instructor and cookbook author. After overcoming a series of life altering events in 2010 and 2011, Meg chose to take a leap of faith and left her 12 year career in television to pursue her passions: RAW Food & Yoga. Website:

21. Natalie Allinder - Michigan

A passionate mind, body and spirit wellness warrior, home school mum to four boys, owner of Grace and Gratitude Wellness/ Red Lotus Raw as a massage therapist, raw chef /lifestyle coach and educator. Goals: book, travelling to host raw lifestyle retreats and raw food show and wellness center in Australia! Website:

22. Beverley Blanning - England

A recent graduate of Living Light, Beverley is thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in the HotRawChef contest. Her background as a writer and professional wine taster has given her skills she is excited to apply to developing recipes and discovering new flavour combinations. Website:

23. Made Runatha - Indonesia

In 2009, after years working in international hotels, Made joined Fivelements, Bali as the healing destination's Executive Chef and went to study at LLI. With an incredible creative talent, Made became the world’s first Indonesian certified Gourmet Raw Food Chef, leading the top living foods restaurant in Asia, Fivelements Sakti Dining Room TM. Website:

24. Andreea Fegan - New Jersey

Andreea Fegan is a health coach, Raw Foods & Plant-Based Cuisine advocate, mother, and budding herbalist. She is the chef and instructor of "Little Bites of Joy". You’ll see her in her garden, growing organic produce, creating healthy recipes in the kitchen, and helping spread the word about plant-based eating for optimal health and happiness. Website:

25. Made Tantra - Indonesia

In 2010, Tantra joined Fivelements, Bali as the healing destination's Sous Chef, transferring his knowledge and experience as a Pastry Chef in international hotels to raw food cuisine. With creative talent and a keen interest to learn, Tantra supports the leadership of Asia’s top raw food restaurants, Fivelements Sakti Dining Room TM. Website:

26. Michelle Irwin - California

Michelle is a raw chef and instructor, a holistic health practitioner, a Lymphologist, and author of the best selling vegan cookbooks “Sugar-Free Raw Desserts” and "Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen". Michelle works for the Weimar Institute as their vegan chef and cooking instructor for NEWSTART lifestyle center. Website:

27. Aurelio Gallardo - New Mexico

I am a 53 year old father of six children and raw food enthusiast. I have witnessed the healing benefits of raw food personally and through other members of my family. Raw food has allowed me to live a fuller, happier, and healthier lifestyle to enjoy my kids and grandkids.

28. Abigail Gallardo - New Mexico

I am a 20 year old college student and aspiring raw chef. I have been researching and learning about raw “cooking” for over a year and have fallen in love with raw food. My goal is to one day open a raw café and inspire others to love raw food!

29. Sheri Fuchs - Oregon

Sheri lives in Portland, Oregon with her amazing daughter and talented husband. She became interested in raw foods after not being able to regain her energy after giving birth and has been playing in the kitchen ever since. She was able to attend Living Light Culinary Institute in January 2014 and looks forward to going back to complete her studies to be a certified Raw Chef.

30. Ankha Marza - California

Ankha Marza is an award winning public speaking coach and a passionate health coach. She has lead, co-lead workshops in communication and public speaking and personally coached clients in over seventeen countries. Website:

31. Andria Barrett - Canada

Andria Barrett is a Culinary Nutritionist & daughter of a Diabetic who will teach you how to keep the disease out of YOUR family. She is an Instructor at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, The Big Carrot & various cooking schools across the city. She leads school & corporate workshops & believes that “Food should be delicious and nutritious!”. Website:


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