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Chef with foodOur intention at Living Light Culinary Institute is to support our students every step of the way as they transform their dreams into reality. We strive to make our curriculum meaningful and relevant to each student's individual journey. Our students count on Living Light to give them the skills, tools, and inspiration they need to create gourmet cuisine with confidence, no matter what their goals. One of the most important things students gain from their experience at Living Light is community combined with unconditional love and support. It has always been and will continue to be an important component of all our classes. We instill in each of our students a sense of possibility and the motivation to create an extraordinary future. We are proud of every Living Light graduate, and consistently amazed by what they are able to create in the world – our graduates truly ARE extraordinary.

The Living Light Difference

Gourmet cracker dish Over the years, we have discovered the most important aspects of gourmet raw culinary arts and raw nutritional education, and we're committed to sending people home fully prepared, so by the time they leave our school, our students have perfected their skills, starting at the beginning and culminating in gourmet cuisine that inspires the most discerning palate. From the very first day a student arrives, and through all of our advanced culinary and nutrition classes, we provide a nurturing environment for the learning process, and we're very proud of our teaching staff at Living Light. Each of our chef instructors brings an incredible level of expertise and experience in all aspects of raw food preparation to the job.

Our Curriculum

One of the things we are proudest of is our curriculum, and our focus is on the highest standard of excellence as we continue to perfect the very best professional gourmet raw food training program in the world. We began with a basic core curriculum that works year after year, and we are continuing to adapt it - making important adjustments, adding new programs, refining our teaching skills, and working hard year after year to improve your raw food education.  

Location, Location, Location!

Don't forget one of the most important reasons to attend Living Light: our spectacular location. Living Light Center is an 8,000 square foot state of the art facility located on the spectacularly beautiful Mendocino coast of northern California. This area is well known for excellent lodging, restaurants, live music, antique shops, wineries, theater, and art galleries. We have pristine sea air, and beautiful beaches and state parks, with miles of trails along the coast and in the Redwood forests. Depending on the season, there is whale watching, wild mushroom foraging (with a guide), exploring tide pools, and horseback riding on Ten Mile beach. Canoeing, kayaking, and bicycling are popular pursuits all along the coast. Take the Skunk Train through the Redwoods to Willits, or visit nearby Orr Hot Springs. We recommend scheduling a few days for recreation if you can. The Living Light Culinary Institute in The Company Store is in the heart of downtown Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg Cyclery offers both rental and repair service, and there is also an organic coffee shop, Zappa's Coffee aka Mendocino Cookie Company, offering WiFi in our courtyard. Once you visit us here, you'll see why many of our students keep coming back!

Living Light Inn

Stay at Fort Bragg's premier eco-friendly Living Light Inn while attending Living Light culinary and nutritional science classes and receive as much as 30% OFF. Shared rooms (as low as $30 a night) are also available on a first-come, first-served basis. Our raw vegan kitchen is available for Living Light students only and is equipped with all the supplies needed to prepare your raw food meals. You can study, play, learn from each other, share meals and prepare food together after school is finished for the day. Living Light Inn leads the entire north coast hospitality industry in eco-friendly lodging including organic bedding, a full-house water filtration system, and energy efficient practices. Be sure to sign up early for your accommodation at Living Light Inn, as the rooms fill up fast!  

A Message from our founder, Cherie Soria

15 Keys to Living an Extraordinary Life!
  1. Start your day with appreciation.
  2. Choose healthful habits (food, water, air, relaxation, and positive thoughts)
  3. Enjoy fun activities and exercise
  4. Align and identify yourself with people you admire
  5. Know who YOU are and what you want
  6. Do good deeds
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments
  8. Live with integrity
  9. Express love and appreciation daily (to yourself and others)
  10. Challenge yourself!
  11. Forgive and let go: Forgive everyone for everything that they have ever done to you! After all, we are all co-creators in our own experience and without challenges, we would not be who we are - we would not have learned the valuable lessons we've learned! Each experience is essential to the fabric of our existence.
  12. Accept yourself where you are now. Stop blaming yourself. What is past is past.
  13. Start fresh each day and know that you can be all you want to be!
  14. Be mindful, conscious, and present in all of your daily choices.
  15. Listen to your body - it speaks to you.
And always: choose fresh, ripe, raw, organic foods with high nutrient density, breathe fresh air, and drink plenty of clean water (alkaline)!
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