Living Light Graduate Jason Wrobel

At Living Light we are always totally amazed at what our graduates accomplish in the world. They are motivated, resourceful, dedicated, and ready to make a difference! Here is a sample of what two of our students, each of whom has chosen her own way of exploring our curriculum, have been able to accomplish with tools and information they have acquired at our school. Whether you have completed all of the Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification™ training and all of the advanced classes, or are just starting out on your raw food journey, we are proud to say that our graduates make healthy living delicious all over the world. We hope to include a regular feature on our graduates accomplishments and inspiring stories in upcoming newsletters and on our website. JasonWrobel

Jason Wrobel

Jason Wrobel was an early Associate Chef and Instructor Graduate from Living Light. He received his certification in November, 2005, and has been a very busy person since then! A native of Detroit, Michigan, Jason still enjoys visiting his hometown, and finds an interesting culture developing there, with many transplants from San Francisco, Brooklyn, and other urban centers, relocating to Detroit to purchase affordable buildings, warehouses, art galleries, and other real estate and start conscious, creative businesses. “I still teach raw foods classes there at least a couple of times a year, and enjoy eating at restaurants that use produce from urban organic farms,” Jason says. “ is a great website to check out. There is a big demand in Detroit, Edmonton, and other smaller markets – they are chomping at the bit and hungry for knowledge about raw food!” When Jason first arrived as a student at Living Light, he considered himself sort of a “soup and salad chef.” He liked to eat simple, healthy food, but his principle interest in attending the school was to expand his skills and creativity, learn recipe development, knife skills, flavor balancing, and raw food nutrition. “I came away from the school feeling totally empowered,” he says. “The curriculum at Living Light offers such a wide swath of comprehensive information. I left the school armed with a whole new skill set, and I was ready to move into my career as a raw chef.” After he graduated from Living Light, Jason headed for New York, where he was head chef at Matthew Kenney’s Jiva Muktea Café, serving a variety of raw and cooked vegan dishes. After New York, Jason went to the Bay Area in 2006, and served a variety of private clients, honing his skills. In 2007 he relocated to LA, where he continued with private clients and also started a catering company, creating organic raw vegan cuisine for weddings, music festivals, and other events. He is excited to be in LA, and finds it the cutting edge location for conscious living. “There is literally a farmer’s market somewhere in LA every day of the week,” he says. “It is a great thing for a chef to be able to access the very freshest organic ingredients. I can make the most stunning dishes every day here. And I also like that there is a great interest here in yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese herbs. There is a growing consciousness here, that I feel is really soulful and heartfelt.” He loves Los Angeles also because of the responsiveness of the people who live there. “There is definitely a demand for my services here,” he says. “I always have plenty of steady work, and I’ve been privileged to work with a number of celebrities who want to be slim and fit, and who need bundles of energy to keep up with all day shooting schedules, and the demands of their profession. And the raw food community is huge here, with so many restaurants, parties, potlucks, meet up groups, raw food vendors and caterers at events – it is mind-blowing!” He’s especially excited because in the last 18 months his career as a raw chef has started to escalate even more. He has just released his first video, Jason Wrobel’s Simple Vegan Classics, 10 Everyday Raw Food Recipes for Health and Longevity. This will be the first in a series of videos showcasing his simple cuisine. “I love doing a simple seed based cuisine, rather than concentrating on nut based dishes.” he says. “Seed based cuisine addresses a number of issues people bring up when transitioning to raw food: seeds are less expensive and lower in calories than nuts. My recipes help lower costs, and keep prep simple, while packing in plenty of nutrition, including valuable Essential Fatty Acids.” Jason is especially excited, because he is in negotiation with a cable network for a healthy lifestyle show, focusing on raw foods, healthy nutrition, yoga, fitness, meditation, and healthy lifestyle integration. “I still remember being at Living Light, and how Cherie and Elaina Love encouraged me, saying that I HAD to have my own TV show,” Jason says. “Now, nearly 7 years later, I’m negotiating with a production company based in New York and Atlanta. It’s like a dream come true! During all of my travels, I’ve met people who have graduated from Living Light, and they all say the same thing: it is a life-changing experience to attend the school. I can definitely attest to that!” Jason is also working on his first Lifestyle and Recipe book, which he hopes will be published by this fall. He has a lot going on. He’s been a regular presenter since 2008 at David Wolfe’s Longevity Conference, and does recipe demos at Take Back Your Health in Virginia, and at The Natural Products Expos, both East and West. “Another thing that graduates should know is that as they continue their careers, they may have the opportunity for sponsorship endorsements from some amazing companies. I currently work with Ojio superfoods, and they send me to various conferences, where I create and demo recipes with their wonderful products. I’m just so grateful that I started with the excellent foundation and education provided by Cherie and the amazing staff at Living Light. It made all the difference in launching my career.”
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