Living Light Graduate Shining Her Light – Judita Wignall

Living Light Graduate Shining Her Light – Judita Wignall

Judita Wignall came to raw foods reluctantly. However, she was struggling with adult acne in her thirties and experiencing painful arthritis. A vegan friend suggested a change in her diet, so she decided to give raw plant-based foods a shot. Previously she had never enjoyed being in the kitchen, but when she realized how nourishing and healing raw food cuisine can be, everything changed.

Dropping fifteen pounds in just one month, Judita noticed she had lots of energy and mental clarity she hadn’t felt in ages. Her skin cleared, and she became “obsessed” with making raw food as delicious as possible, and bought every raw food book she could find. When she came to Living Light Culinary Institute in 2008, she had no idea of how the training would change her life.

Upon returning to Southern California from her education in Fort Bragg, she found herself a working Hollywood actress by day and a raw chef by night. Energized and inspired, she couldn’t wait to start teaching classes and coming up with her own repertoire of raw food recipes.

She began creating an online following by sharing her passion and what she was learning. Through a friend’s connection, she secured a book publishing deal with Quarto publishing, which led to three books over six years. From there, her career in health and wellness took off. She became an integrative nutrition health coach and taught classes across the country, catered retreats in beautiful, tropical locations, and personal cheffed for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen.

A year after her daughter was born, Judita and her husband Matt began experimenting with creating their own CBD oils. For years, they created various tinctures, so they took their experience and infused plant-based superfoods into their CBD formulations with exciting results. Using her skills as a raw food chef, she knows how to balance flavors effectively and is creating unique products. They launched City and Sea Trading in 2016, and the company has taken off via online sales and boutique retailers. As acceptance of CBD oils grows, the company will expand into additional retailers and continue to help provide plant-based healing to customers from around the globe.

The full-time mother and entrepreneur is now dabbling in a food blog for “high-maintenance” diets and special dietary needs such as gluten-free, keto, whole food, plant-based, etc. to help make what may be complicated and make it simple. She and Matt are also exploring hosting more wellness retreats in Costa Rica.

“I’m so grateful that I followed my passion and attended Living Light,” says Judita. “I could never have done all I have so quickly without the expert training I received. I had no idea of the varied opportunities that exist in the world of raw food, and I’m forever grateful for what I learned and the people I’ve met at Living Light.”

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