Good Catch: A Recipe for Success

Living Light graduate and former instructor Chad Sarno’s culinary journey has taken him from the redwood forests of the Mendocino Coast to rural communities of the Philippines and places in-between. He’s experienced the richness of our planet and its cultures, and he’s learned that you don’t need to sacrifice exceptional taste for personal or planetary health.  

This perspective informs the ethical, environmental, and recipe choices for his exciting new venture, Good Catch. Self-labeled “culinary rebels with a cause” the company has created a plant-based tuna with the intent of preserving the ocean’s natural resources while providing protein options that have the rich flavors and flaky textures of fine seafood. This labor of love is their way of staying in tune with the planet while creating a delicious fishless alternative.

Chad and his brother Derek are the masterminds behind Wicked Healthy, the wildly popular culinary blog and cookbook that guides readers to a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Along with their respected partners, they founded Good Catch with these core principals:

  • A belief that plant-based foods can feed and help save the world.
  • Reverence for the Earth, its oceans, its creatures, and its precious resources.
  • Strive to treat all beings with kindness and respect.
  • Value the joy of eating well and delight in sharing delicious plant-based meals with others.
  • Take our work seriously but don’t take ourselves seriously.
  • Make plant-based foods for everyone, from vegan to omnivore and everything in between.

Good Catch formed out of a recognition that oceanic tuna highways have turned into what seems like endless nets and lines of fishing boats. Many of the world’s tuna species face common threats to their existence. We see significant population declines, poor conservation management, and high levels of illegal and unregulated fishing.

In response, Good Catch’s proprietary six-legume blend: peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans, and navy beans along with algae oil for seafood flavor and omega-3 DHA creates a fish-free brand that truly rivals seafood without contributing to the degradation of the ocean or the animals in it.

Chad says,

As we all begin to discover eating clean, our forks are our greatest tool for activism, and there’s no better way to take a stance than to learn how to triumph in the kitchen, one bite at a time.

We’re proud to support Chad, and all our graduates in their efforts to help each of us re-realize the importance of our connection to the planet and the food we eat. It’s from this place that we can create a vibrant, healthy planet and joyful people. Thank you, Chad and your partners for your example and leadership.

Learn more about Chad and Derek by visiting Wicked Healthy. Be on the lookout at for Good Catch at Whole Foods, Thrive, and other retailers and taste for yourself.

Whether you’re looking to create a business focusing on plant-based wellness, or if you want a career as a professional chef, or if you’re looking for a personal health transformation, we can help. Contact us today and join our family of chefs, educators, and entrepreneurs making a difference around the world.

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