Living Light Graduates Shining Their Light

Living Light Graduates Shining Their Light

Often times our dreams are buried underneath our fears. It’s when we muster the courage to pursue our aspirations that we can truly shine our light. We’re honored to support those that are willing to believe in themselves and make an authentic difference in the world.

Here are three graduates who’ve established a strong plant-based foundation with Living Light and have gone after their dreams.

World-renowned author, coach, and speaker Jason Wrobel has utilized his experience with Living Light to fuel his mission to help others achieve well-being, clarity, and confidence. He’s always liked to eat simple, healthy food, but his principal interest in attending the school was to expand his skills and creativity, learn recipe development, knife skills, flavor balancing, and raw food nutrition.

As the first plant-based chef with a primetime television series, his groundbreaking show “How to Live to 100 has taught millions of people to prepare delicious, organic, healthy meals at home. He explains, “I’m just so grateful that I started with the excellent foundation and education provided by the amazing staff at Living Light. It made all the difference in launching my career.”

Sunita Vira grew up on a tea plantation in Darjeeling, India where she was surrounded by fresh air, farm-to-table ingredients, and home-cooking.

With a background in Art & Design and an Indian heritage, she merges creativity, healing foods and ethnic flavors from different cultures. While raising her three children, Sunita switched her medium to food and complimented her experience with a Plant-Based Chef Certification from Living Light.

She’s gone on to become the founder of the Raw Food Center in Singapore. The Center’s mission is to spread awareness about raw living foods and to work with families and individuals to integrate healthy eating into their busy lifestyles. To help more people with her quick, easy and delicious recipes, Sunita published her first book, Raw for Life.

In 2014, she moved back to her home in Chicago and expanded the Raw Food Center to offer Culinary Programs, Seasonal Cleanses and exclusive Culinary Wellness Retreats around the world! She says, “The Living Light education I received has been the essence of my inspiration. I am forever grateful for my experience at Living Light.”

A native of Columbia, Cristina Archila was introduced to raw cuisine in India while on an independent journey around the world researching wellness and healing practices from different cultures. She’s used her Living Light Certification to help grow her company, Raw Food Artist, which offers chef services and plant-based diet coaching.

She’s working with a crew from Washington DC in an upcoming TV project. This unique series will be shot in a live studio where she’s running the culinary media department. Look for her to launch the series in 2019.

Whether you’re simply looking for ways to improve your diet and lifestyle or you’re looking to launch a career, join the growing family of plant-based chefs from the birthplace of gourmet raw-cuisine. Contact us today to discuss how a Living Light Certification can benefit you.