Graduates Shining Their Light in the World - Natalie Matthews

Graduates Shining Their Light in the World - Natalie Matthews

Living Light graduate, Natalie Matthews was recently featured in Women's Health for her work as a competitive vegan bodybuilder and health advocate.

Two years ago this month, Natalie attended Living Light and graduated as a Raw Chef and Raw Pastry Chef. “Attending this school was one of the best experiences of my life, and I will remember it forever. Seeing how happy people are when they eat delicious healthy food made me so excited to share this passion with the world.”

This experience inspired her to publish her first eBook which combines her Puerto Rican heritage and the beautiful island’s distinct tastes of the Caribbean - Puerto Vegan Cookbook.

“I am determined to inspire others through fitness and healthy eating. This past year I won three shows, became Nationally NPC qualified, placed top 3rd at the International Olympia Amateur, and won my NFF bikini pro status.  Proving that with plants and hard work you can achieve anything.”

Congratulations to Natalie shining her light in the world!

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