Supporting Efforts to Save the Palawan Seas

Supporting Efforts to Save the Palawan Seas

Golden Pearl of the South Seas

Palawan is one of the few places in the world where the rarest of all pearl varieties, the golden South Sea pearl, can be found. The coral reefs where these pearls grow have been threatened by real estate developments, short-sited commercial activity and pollution. Because a pearl can be a mirror of its environment by recording on its surface every ocean change, typhoon or man-made disruption, a pearl is only as beautiful as the ecosystem where it grows.

Protecting these precious natural creations and health of the local communities is the mission of the Save Palawan Seas Foundation. Founded by Manuel Cojuangco and Jaques Branellec of Jewelmer Joaillerie, the non-profit partners with local Palawan communities to assist the local residents in preserving the natural resources while supporting their ability to make a living from sustainable methods.

Chef James at Oliver & Espig

In Santa Barbara, Living Light supporters and friends, Oliver & Espig, will be launching an awareness campaign about this effort. Our culinary team plans to travel to Santa Barbara to support the event with gourmet plant-based culinary demonstrations and delicious samples for all of the attendees. As a company committed to sustainability and supporting the health of our planet, we were excited to be part of this event.

If you’d like to learn more about these efforts, please see the SPSF website here.

FIRE UPDATE: The original event was planned for this month but was postponed due to the Thomas Fire evacuation. We will return in April 2018 to support this event. We send our best to all impacted by the fire.


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