Coming in June 2018 - Raw/Cooked Fusion Class

Coming in June 2018 - Raw/Cooked Fusion Class

Building on our time-tested raw food curriculum, we will offer a hands-on, five-day seasonal course with the unique opportunity to explore various raw preparations and cooked techniques with whole foods.  These techniques will inspire you to create plant-based food with high integrity, showcasing exquisite flavors while optimizing nutritional value.

In this workshop, you will be learning formula-based recipes and the concepts that support them. Our focus for the week will be integrating what you learn from your culinary experience and extending it to our gardens and greenhouses. Students will learn how to prepare foods that are vibrant and vital with the local bounty here on the beautiful Mendocino Coast. We will focus on what each season has to offer and let the garden guide our creativity.


Our recipes will focus on vegan, gluten-free, minimally processed, fermented, vibrant, conscientious, seasonal and local ingredients. This course will also include working with design elements to create a final dish or plate that is aesthetically pleasing.

We expect this course to sell-out quickly. We're creating something that is entirely new to the raw food and vegan culinary world. So if you're interested, please let us know!

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