Living Light at the Oregon Eclipse Festival

James Sant at the Oregon Eclipse Festival
James Sant at the Oregon Eclipse Festival

We attended The Oregon Eclipse Festival this year with 40,000 like-minded souls to witness that extraordinary phenomenon. It was a powerful experience in many ways and we had the opportunity to share the profound health and planetary benefits of a plant-based diet. Omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans gathered at our demonstrations at the Nourishment Lab and delighted in the delicious samples we created. Our goal was to inspire everyone to further explore the power and vitality that living foods can bring to one’s life. Living Light Culinary Institute’s mission is to contribute to the healthy evolution of our planet and participating in events like these was just one expression of this mission.

James Sant, Creative Director and Lead Instructor, shared his story of how a raw-vegan diet supported his healing through a very serious injury. His journey led him to the programs at Living Light Culinary Institute where he became certified as a chef and was then invited to join the faculty. Today he inspires aspiring chefs and students by bringing both his artistic background and culinary training into his teaching.

As the birthplace of the raw food movement, our programs at Living Light are expanding to include a new cooked vegan certification program (in addition to our popular raw chef certification program), and an exciting new facility in the heart of Fort Bragg on the beautiful Mendocino coast. We have two beautiful, historic bed and breakfast inns which are currently being renovated with edible yards, organic gardens, and greenhouses for our workshops and classes. Our new curriculum will include hands-on gardening tips as well as foraging field trips into local forests for gourmet mushrooms and along our stunning coastline for edible seaweeds.

We’re entering a unique time. The world is awakening to the damage over-processed, commercial approaches in farming inflict on our biosphere and health. More and more, people realize a quality life is about optimal health and locally-sourced food.  More importantly, thousands are waking up and joining a movement to cultivate a new relationship with food and its interdependence with our planet. We’re happy to say that Living Light is at the nexus of this revolution.

Look for us at upcoming health and wellness festivals throughout the west. We're going back on the road to share the "Light" that shines from a plant-based lifestyle. We hope to see you soon!

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