Hot Raw Chef Celebrity Judges are Ready!

Hot Raw Chef Celebrity Judges are Ready!

Our Celebrity Judges are ready to view all of the exciting entries in the Hot Raw Chef 5 in 5 Holiday Video Recipe Contest! Voting Opens November 5 - Submissions must be in by Midnight, November 4!

Cherie SoriaCherie Soria founder and director of Living Light Culinary Institute, has taught gourmet raw vegan cuisine to students from more than 60 countries since 1998. Among the most respected professionals in the gourmet raw culinary world, Cherie is author of several raw vegan recipe books, including Raw Food For Dummies (coauthor Dan Ladermann) and The Raw Food Revolution Diet (coauthors B. Davis and V. Melina), Cherie and husband Dan Ladermann own four eco friendly businesses on the Mendocino coast of northern California. Watch culinary demos and see student testimonials on YouTube

Jason WrobelJason Wrobel is a celebrity raw food chef whose culinary specialty is creative, organic, vegan and raw cuisine that nourishes, heals, inspires, and satisfies the soul. Jason’s TV show, How to Live to Be 100 on The Cooking Channel was the first national show illustrating how the raw and vegan lifestyle contributes to longevity. His popular YouTube channel, The J-Wro Show®, delights audiences with raw vegan recipes and culinary comedy. No wonder he was chosen Best of Raw Sexiest Raw Man!

Dara DubinetDara Dubinet is a raw food chef, mother, lifestyle mentor, blogger, and raw food coach. A popular YouTube celebrity who shares her vision of the raw vegan lifestyle with energy, expertise and love, she’s won numerous Best of Raw awards in the past few years including Best Simple Chef, Best Raw TV Show, Sexiest Raw Woman, and her most recent award this year, Best Professional Raw Coach.

SollaSolla Eiriksdottir has been Iceland’s Queen of Green for decades. A TV personality, author and restaurateur, she opened Iceland’s first vegetarian restaurant in 1994. She is a regular contributor of recipes and articles to Iceland’s premier women’s magazine, gives nutrition lectures and teaches raw food classes. She also generously donates time to nutritional counseling for cancer patients and prison inmates. Solla has been honored in past Best of Raw events as Best Simple Chef and Best Gourmet Chef.

AmieOldfather_562x843Amie Sue Oldfather lovingly utilizes her expertise as a certified raw food chef to inspire others. The beautiful raw vegan, gluten free, dairy free recipes she creates in her kitchen are gorgeously displayed on her website, Nouveau Raw, which earned her the Best of Raw Professional Gourmet Chef (5+ years) and Best Raw Photographer this year. Amie Sue and her husband have recently created Oldfather Farms, producing gourmet raw foods for grocery stores and restaurants.

KRISTINAKristina Carrillo-Bucaram, creator of Fully Raw and founder of Rawfully Organic, the largest organic produce co-op in the U.S., is a visionary leader in the organic horticulture, permaculture, and co-operative communities movements. Rawfully Organic, a nonprofit, feeds over 800 families each week and focuses on the benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables and making organic produce affordable for all. A YouTube celebrity, Kristina garnered Best of Raw Best Simple Chef and Best Recipe Video accolades this year.



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