Raw Food: How to avoid 7 Dangerous Food Addictions

Delicious fresh fruitsGood News! When we choose more healthful raw vegan foods, we’re far less likely to choose addictive foods that are at the root of our nationwide obesity epidemic. Eating to supply the body with healthy, vital nutrition from raw plant foods will help you cut back on foods that keep you hooked! Here are seven trigger foods that make weight loss and optimal health a challenge.

• White sugar
• Cooked starches
• Fried foods
• Salty snacks
• Chocolate
• Coffee
• Alcohol

Fresh raw food saladWhile many people feel nervous or afraid to remove these tempting and addictive foods from their diets, it is absolutely amazing what happens when we replace addictive foods with fresh, organic raw food that promotes health and healing. The body restores balance and begins to feel a sort of freedom and lightness of spirit.  As you’ll discover, raw food nutrition provides everything needed for optimal health and well-being, providing a sense of complete satisfaction, and eliminating feelings of deprivation. When you get to this point, the body will be much better able to handle the occasional “addictive food,” but far less likely to crave it.

How to get there from here? A first step might be to keep a diet and lifestyle record. Write down everything you eat and drink throughout the week (include at least one weekend day). Here’s the type of information you’ll include:

Type: What kind of food did you eat?
Quantity: How much food did you eat?
Time: When did you eat the food?
Situation: Where did you eat the food?
Preparation: What method did you use?
Motivation: Why did you select this food?
Hunger: How hungry were you? (0 not hungry – 5 extremely hungry)
Feelings: Before eating the food
Feelings: After eating the food

love appleKeep a record of all addictive substances you take in (chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs). Note your sleeping patterns: the amount of time you sleep each day, when you sleep, and where you sleep.

Take note of physical activity patterns and record any fitness activities. Also note special self care and social activities – time with family and friends, massage, meditation, pedicure, prayer time, yoga or fitness classes, and athletic activities. Keeping a written record will heighten awareness of daily practices, and the process, will increase motivation for making positive changes. The biggest changes in life always begin with small steps. Wishing you a vibrant and healthy 2014!

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