15 Keys for Healthy Living in 2014

We know from personal experience that a raw food diet helps each of us get in touch with our spiritual center—we feel more connected to the earth and all of her creatures when we eat fresh, ripe, organic raw food. cherie red coatOur body, mind, and spirit definitely respond to a plant based diet and healthier lifestyle choices, yet a raw food diet is just one of many important aspects to consider when creating a healthy and happy life. Pure water, fresh air, relaxation, and positive thoughts are also keys.  With that in mind, we’d like to offer you our simple, healthy recipe for an inspired life and a more vibrant you in 2014!

  1. Start your day with appreciation
  2. Choose healthful habits
  3. Participate in fun activities and healthful exercise
  4. Align and identify yourself with people you admire
  5. Know who YOU are and what you want
  6. Do good deeds
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments
  8. Live with integrity
  9. Express love and appreciation daily (to yourself and others)
  10. Challenge yourself!
  11. Forgive and let go
  12. Accept yourself where you are now
  13. Start fresh each day — know that you can be all you want to be!
  14. Be mindful, conscious, and present in all of your daily choices
  15. Listen to your body – it speaks to you

Grads groupAt Living Light, we’re proud to be able to help thousands of people realize their dreams and goals to create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Our graduate success stories are varied and inspirational. We’re grateful to know that we make a difference in so many lives. As you evaluate your hopes, plans, and dreams for the coming New Year, we’d love to help you create optimal health—whether you’re interested in personal lifestyle changes, or would like to develop an exciting new raw food career. We’re constantly improving our curriculum in order to make sure that our students achieve their health, lifestyle, and career goals—our comprehensive certification programs in both raw vegan cuisine and raw food nutrition have enabled our graduates from more than 60 countries around the world to create the lives of their dreams.Living Light raw food chef

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