3 Healthful Tips from California’s Best Raw Food Chef School

Cherie Soria Living LightSince 1998, Living Light Culinary Institute has educated and inspired people to create delicious, health-promoting raw food for themselves and their families. In today’s climate, with health care costs on the rise, baby boomers reaching retirement age, a childhood obesity epidemic, and an increase in degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, it is vital for people learn how to stay healthy.

At Living Light Culinary Institute we’ve discovered that the best way to do that is through a plant-based high raw vegan diet.  We specialize in teaching our students both how to make healthy raw food recipes and how to instruct others in the art and science of raw food nutrition. We also thoroughly prepare our students for a viable career path in the fast growing field of raw vegan cuisine.

Tip #1 Make Raw Food Taste Delicious

Living Light founder and director Cherie Soria learned at an early age that people respond to delicious food. Even when health is at stake, people won’t choose healthy food if it is not tasty and satisfying. Therefore, our company motto and statement of purpose is “Making Healthy Living Delicious.”  We do not take this motto lightly, since we know that maintaining optimum health is not possible if people don’t enjoy the familiar and comforting foods they are accustomed to. Living Light Culinary Institute teaches students how to make healthful, delicious raw food recipes – everything from smoothies, juices, salad dressings, “burgers” and lasagna to superbly delicious, yet healthful raw desserts that are low-glycemic, gluten free, and sugar free.DanCherie with vegi basket_3322

Tip #2 Learn How to Teach Others to Prepare Healthy Raw Food Recipes

Right from the beginning Cherie decided that she wanted to be a “teacher of teachers.” When she founded Living Light Culinary Institute in 1998, she realized how important it was to teach her students at Living Light Culinary Institute how to instruct other people in the art and science of raw food nutrition and the raw food lifestyle. The school’s most popular certification program is Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Training™. Today, Living Light graduates reach out to teach others the benefits of the raw food lifestyle in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Tip #3 Teach Career Skills:
Leadership and Professionalism in Raw Culinary Arts and Raw Food Nutrition

Maintaining the highest standards of leadership and professionalism in the field of raw culinary arts and raw food nutrition has always been important at Living Light Culinary Institute. Our students gain the confidence and skills they need to become highly respected raw vegan chefs, restaurant owners, raw food instructors and consultants, raw recipe book authors, raw food nutrition educators, and raw pastry chefs. Many Living Light Culinary Institute graduates have become luminaries in the world of gourmet raw vegan cuisine because we instill the highest standards of excellence available in the field of raw food cuisine and nutrition.Almond Cheese Balls with Sweet Bell Pepper Chards_RW_8378

Our experience, integrity, and professionalism speak for themselves – come study at Living Light Culinary Institute on the beautiful Mendocino coast of northern California and explore our five exciting culinary and nutrition certification programs. We are the only state licensed raw food culinary school in the world.

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