Angel Foods Table of Contents

Introduction vii
Chapter One: Earth Angel Answers x
Love is the Answer to Every Question 1
Who are the Kitchen Gadget Divas? 4
What in Heaven's Name is Agar-agar? 5
Chapter Two: Gardening Angels Are Sprouting Up Everywhere 6
The Joys of Sprouting Nuts, Seeds, Grains, and Legumes 8
The Joys of Kitchen Gardening 10
Chapter Three: Angels Have Culture 13
Chapter Four: Bountiful Fruits 35
Chapter Five: Angelic Appetizers & Sinful Spreads 53
Chapter Six: Sacred Salads 81
Chapter Seven: Celestial Soups 109
Chapter Eight: Gracious Grains 135
Chapter Nine: Miraculous Main Dishes 157
Chapter Ten: Divine Desserts 189
Reading, Retreats, & Resources Guide 216
Index 218