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Updated: December 22, 2016

If you are a Living Light graduate and are interested in any of these job listings, please submit the Graduate Request Form and you will be sent the complete job listings with employer contact information.

After receiving the job listings, graduates will then be able to contact prospective employers directly. All arrangements, including financial compensation, hours, duration of position, etc. will then be decided between the two parties. Living Light does not provide advice or direct referral to prospective employers on the suitability of individual students.

Chef in Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Responsible for:

1. When the fruit/ vegetable orders, or any other deliveries for the kitchen arrives:
a. count and check that all ítems are according to the proforma.
b. sign and leave the proformas for the office.
c. delegate the storing to a kitchen assistant.

2. Kitchen chef makes sure that the kitchen is properly cleaned on a regular schedule i.e. the everyday cleaning and the weekly Friday over all cleaning and the kitchen meets all sanitary standards.

3. Error reporting to the kitchen responsible for any misinterpretation or error in the company's recipe. Helping develop a great working manual for franchising.

4. To maintain consistency in food quality standards and to ensure that the Customer gets the same food experience no matter who has prepared the dish. All dishes/products/bocadillos/patés/ everything that is prepared in the kitchen follows complete recipe. The recipe shall be found in our kitchen binder. We want to make sure we meet or exceed company standards.

5. Make sure all products that are produced by the kitchen i.e. granola, crackers etc. are packaged by the café personnel if possible. Otherwise delegate that job to someone in the kitchen staff to help out. We are a team and we need to sell our products so they need to get up on our shelves!

6. Help to train new kitchen members proper food preparation and kitchen safety techniques together and according to kitchen responsible instructions. Also making sure that there is no nibbling on the food while working (health regulations), anyone touches their face, hair, etc.

Company Description: Our philosophy is that food should be served in its most natural state to feed your body to optimum health and that’s why we use only 100% plant-based ingredients. All our creations are made in our kitchen with love and without processed sugar, dairy, preservatives and coloring.

A diet high in fresh, organic plant-base foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants. Our reason for not cooking at high temperatures above 46 degrees Celsius (115 F) is that the nutrition and enzymes gets destroyed. This is why we promote to have as much raw food in your diet as possible.

Salary Range: 1300-1500 euros per month
Benefits: Food and drink whilst working, generous staff discounts on products etc.
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Shift: Flexible
Living Accommodations: No
Shift: No

Message: They need to have a European visa & a valid driving license as the kitchen location is outside of public transport coverage.

Private Residential Chef for Catered Dinner in Hollywood Hills, California

Private Residential Chef needed! Casual dinner party of 12. Surf and Turf dinner with dessert. The dinner party will be the evening of Monday, April 10, 2017, in the Hollywood Hills, CA area.

Chef services are needed for approximately 4-5 hours, including prep and clean up.

Thank you in advance.

Salary Range: $40-45
Benefits: N/A
Position: Temporary (Temporary Position)
Shift: Nights
Types of Cuisine: Surf and Turf
Number of people for food: 12
Number of Workdays per week: 1
Days off: N/A
Living Accommodations: No
Shift: No

Raw Vegan Chef in British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Job Description: This company in the BVI is looking for a Raw Vegan Chef. The applicant must have minimum 3 years training in plant based cuisine and nutrition knowledge. Interested in exploring recipes using local Caribbean fruits and vegetables. Knife and plating skills are a must. Able to handle multiple tasks and kitchen responsibility. The job position requires to relocate here in the BVI for 8 months of the year from December to July. Driving license is preferred.

Company Description: This is a multi-functional kitchen that creates, prepares and packages raw and vegan artisanal delicacies for our customers which varies between seasonal holiday visitors on Yachts, Resorts and Villas.

We also organize Fine Dining events on various locations and culinary raw vegan workshops.
The kitchen is fully equipped with 4 dehydrators and other appliances, we work with local Caribbean produce from our Farm and our farmers network. Our season goes from November to mid July, and from August to the end of October the business does not operate on regular basis.

Salary Range: $2,000
Benefits: Commission % to discuss
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Shift: Flexible
Living Accommodations: No
Shift: No

Message: Hello there this is a very interesting job opportunity for whoever is thinking to relocate to the Caribbean islands. The British Virgin Islands are one of the top holidays destinations in the world and yacht sailing capital. Our ideal applicant is a young and professional raw vegan chef which is interested to embrace our Food Lab with all the enthusiasm to succeed. Able to relocate to the BVI.

We would reward the applicant with incentive commission percentages on different levels.
We will need to apply for a work permit which will require a series of documents from the applicant.
We will offer accommodation for a short period of time, the applicant must have a driving license and consider to purchase a vehicle for transportation at his own expense. We will be happy to help finding a new home for the applicant which will carry all the expenses for renting it.

Raw Food Chef in New York City

I am looking for a full time personal raw food chef.

Salary Range: commensurate
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Shift: Days
Types of Cuisine: raw vegan
Number of people for food: 1
Number of Workdays per week: 4-5
Living Accommodations: Yes
Shift: Yes