Job Listings

Updated: March 26, 2015

If you are a Living Light graduate and are interested in any of these job listings, please submit the Graduate Request Form and you will be sent the complete job listings with employer contact information.

After receiving the job listings, graduates will then be able to contact prospective employers directly. All arrangements, including financial compensation, hours, duration of position, etc. will then be decided between the two parties. Living Light does not provide advice or direct referral to prospective employers on the suitability of individual students.

These verified employment opportunities are listed for 4 weeks (from oldest to newest).

Personal Assistant /Raw-Organic Loven Chef in Carnelian Bay, California

I am looking for someone dedicated to their craft that would like to be the first in what I hope to be an on going line of wonderful Chefs to make their way to Tahoe.

Two years ago I started Sierra Nevada Organics and after a year of hard work and moving into a business location, I had the company that provided my products pull the rug right out from under me by raising the price for a 3.5 oz bag of trail mix from .96 cents to $2.34. I am working on a recovery from this and hired a business consultant to help. We are currently do our market research and revamping the business model. This is where you come in.

I am looking for someone that has the time to invest in themselves by taking 3 months to come and live in Tahoe (across from the lake with a nice lake view) and work alongside me in bringing this plan to fruition. I do not have much to offer at this time because of the lack of snow and it is hitting my nanny business hard. What I do have to offer is, a free place to stay for three months, room for you to store paddle boards, kayaks and bikes, a kitchen with no oven or microwave. You will have your own nice comfortable room and plenty of parking. This is available starting April 16th.

Requirements: I know that I am pulling from a skilled group of people and that the right person will wow me with their skills. I am looking forward to that. I just know, it takes a village and my village is small when it comes to work force. Computer/website or video editing skills would be really welcomed.

Salary Range: Negotiable
Living Accommodations: Yes

Cook in Ukiah, California

There's a new restaurant opening in central Ukiah. We are currently hiring for our back of house positions (cooks). If you have any alumni/current students looking for work, we would love to have them apply!

Salary Range: min+
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Shift: Days, Nights, Weekends, Flexible
Types of Cuisine: Local/global Street Cuisine
Number of Workdays per week: Will discuss
Living Accommodations: No

Private Chef in Bahamas

Looking for a chef for a private home in the Bahamas where I live with my husband and where my 3 kids often visit.

Salary Range: Please contact
Benefits: Please contact
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Shift: Days, Nights, Weekends
Types of Cuisine: Raw foods and normal
Number of people for food: 2 to 12 when family etc
Number of Workdays per week: 6
Days off: 1
Living Accommodations: Yes
Shift: Yes

Requirements: Health concerns to be discussed in private

Message: Anyone speaking English, French or Spanish. All ages. Motivated.

Raw Chef/Kitchen Manager/Educator in Mesa, Arizona

Raw Chef: We are in need someone familiar with the complex needs of cancer patients as it applies to nutrition, able to work directly with the patients to ensure that they are getting their nutritional needs met and an ability to alter foods if necessary; to help encourage the lifestyle and help overcome psychological barriers as well as help navigate physical barriers such as nausea and taste alterations due to chemotherapy. You would be preparing the meals; smoothies, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as daily snacks and sweet treats needed for therapies. You would have 2 members on your staff; a juicer and a food prep assistant.

Kitchen Manager: We are in need of someone who is experienced in managing a kitchen, familiar with costing and budgeting and working with wholesale accounts with the goal of making the kitchen as cost effective as possible. As well as managing the staff, scheduling, job duties, etc.

Company Description: We are a cancer center; we focus on both the medical needs and the lifestyle changes that must occur if cancer is to remain in remission. We are highly passionate about living foods and how that relates to healing the body from cancer. The majority of our staff are living the lifestyle. We need someone who is highly motivated and passionate about what they do and a willingness to be part of a comprehensive team and help us with the common goal of teaching our guests to stop making cancer and to live long healthy lives after participating in our program.

Salary Range: negotiable
Benefits: Yes, with full time position, medical, dental and vacation pay after probation period completed. As well as many other in house benefits that are available after probation period is completed.
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Shift: Days
Living Accommodations: No
Shift: No

Cafe Raw Chef in Patagonia, Arizona

We are looking to fill an immediate position for a Raw Chef. The position requires experience (3+ years) of preparing raw vegan meals (including but not limited to entrees, salads, desserts, juices, pates, dehydrated foods, etc.) Our café serves 3 meals a day, buffet style. The chef would be responsible for running and managing a shift (am or pm). This position also requires the ability to train and mentor apprentices that participate in our 6 month Café Apprenticeship program.

General Work Activities:
• Preparing raw vegan dishes from established recipes
• Running and managing a shift
• Prepare recipes in quantity (buffet style)
• Prepare juice in bulk (juice fast/detox)
• Maintain clean work environment during shift
• Prepare herbal teas
• Train/Mentor apprentices
• Provide support to guests on dish ingredients and benefits

Job Requirements:
• 3+ years professional experience preparing raw vegan meals
• Ability to train others in raw vegan meal preparation (café apprentices)
• Passion for raw vegan lifestyle and healing effects of a raw vegan lifestyle
• Ability to work in a collaborative team environment
• Ability to clearly communicate new ideas or improvements to current environment

Salary Range: Negotiable
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Living Accommodations: No

Raw Food Nutrition Teacher and Coach

I am interested in locating a graduate of the Raw Food Nutrition Education Program who lives and works in the Seattle area. Preferably on the Eastside, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond area. Although any where in 'greater Seattle area' would be fine also.

The goal is to locate a committed, certificated and qualified teacher/ coach who can convey and educate groups and individuals on the benefits of life-style change to the raw food diet. If they are already a nutritionist or naturopath and the Raw Food Nutrition certificate is an addition to their current practice, that would be a positive qualification.

There is a huge market for this in the Pacific Northwest. There are many nutritionists and naturopaths who support cooked vegetarian diets but none we are aware of, who support, promote, encourage a raw living diet. The salary and other employment questions can probably be answered by the applicant since they may already be working here or have an idea of what they need to earn.

Salary Range: Negotiable
Position: Part Time (Permanent)
Shift: Days, Flexible
Living Accommodations: No