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Updated: October 20, 2014

If you are a Living Light graduate and are interested in any of these job listings, please submit the Graduate Request Form and you will be sent the complete job listings with employer contact information.

After receiving the job listings, graduates will then be able to contact prospective employers directly. All arrangements, including financial compensation, hours, duration of position, etc. will then be decided between the two parties. Living Light does not provide advice or direct referral to prospective employers on the suitability of individual students.

These verified employment opportunities are listed for 4 weeks (from oldest to newest).

Raw Food Chef in British Virgin Islands

This island farm is looking for a Raw Food Chef with at least 3 to 5 years of experience in Culinary Arts and specialized in Raw Cuisine with Vegetarian and Vegan knowledge and a creative approach to use the ingredients that are seasonally sourced by the Farm.

Organic Gardening and Permaculture understanding and experience are preferably required.
Food Handling Safety Certificate is a must to apply for this job position.

The applicant will be selected accordingly to the Kitchen management skills in all the functional aspects:
- Kitchen Organization and Hygiene
- Regular Equipment Maintenance
- Food Sourcing
- Menu/Recipes Management
- Recipe/Ingredients Cost effect
- Team working and Kitchen Crew handling
- Customer service

The applicant must be interested in moving to the Caribbean.

Company Description: This is an organic farm situated in the British Virgin Islands. We have revitalized old terraced farmland and are planting a broad range of crops, some experimental, some staple.

We specialize in soft crops such as spinach, lettuce, arugula, mixed greens, pumpkins, tomatoes, scallions, and beans as well as herbs and bush teas. Fruits such as mangoes, papaya, passion fruit and bananas (especially our rare red bananas) are in regular supply.

We can also offer some fantastic tropical flowers. We are having some success with exotics to the Caribbean such as grapes, figs and strawberries. We plant on the lunar calendar, and fertilize with local rabbit and chicken manure. Our soil has never been sprayed with insecticides and we intend to keep it that way.

Our aim is to grow a steady supply of high quality local organic produce, primarily for the marine industry, from bare boats to the super yachts and the villa renters, however we also provide for many local restaurants, resorts and families.

We are also well linked with a network of BVI farmers and with farming friends in Dominica and St Vincent.

This farm has now started a new project creating a Raw Food kitchen where to prepare raw vegetarian and non vegetarian recipes and why not? Vegan when requested, to supply our increasing number of customers looking for a healthier lifestyle.

We like to host Farm dinners and Special Guest events and we like to share our menus in different venues and occasions.

We also have a new website which is still evolving to reach out and serve better our clientele.

Salary Range: To be decided
Benefits: Income rewards
Position: Full Time (Permanent)
Living Accommodations: No

Dear potential applicant,
Our season is just about to start and our Raw Food Project is very important to us therefore we hope to arrange a chat over Skype at your earliest convenience. Please send your resume via e-mail and if you are willing to travel for your interview to the BVI, we'd love to meet you!
All the best,
The farm owners

Family Chef in Duvall, Washington

We are a small family living on Lake Joy in beautiful Carnation. We have raw milks cheeses and an abundance of fruit and vegetables locally grown. We eat meat as well but not daily.

I am looking for a chef to work in the mornings and for an hour every evening. About 4-5 hrs a day. Since this is part time, you may carry out other jobs or tasks as well.

Salary Range: 15/hr
Benefits: I will pay for you move to this location, & You can eat the foods you create for us as well.
Position: Part Time (Permanent)
Shift: Days
Types of Cuisine: Raw, hungarian, some meats, live, baby living food
Number of people for food: 2 adults one baby
Number of Workdays per week: 5-6
Days off: 1-2 trips ok if you plan ahead with us
Living Accommodations: No
Shift: No

No olives, husband doesn't like cilantro, we can discuss more as we do menu prep.

This is a dream land to live in. The life style here is like that 60 years ago. The abundance of health is amazing. I am near all sorts of farms and dairies for you to visit and pick up fresh meats and veggies from. There is also an abundance of lifestyle opportunities here with Microsoft, Yahoo Expedia, Nordstrom, and so many more headquarters here that my job will only be a small shift compared to the business opportunities to cater at events and other people.

Because of this I do require a 2.5 year contract signed, or you pay me back for you moving fee if you decide to get work elsewhere, I am open for suggestions and offers as well.

Instructor in Temecula, California

This marketplace in Temecula has begun offering classes, workshops and events in our education space a few doors down from the eatery. It is a locally grown company specializing in bridging the gap between farm to table by foraging from our local food shed and purchasing direct from small, organic farms, ranches and local food artisans.

We are seeking instructors who offer original workshops or classes to a foodie loving audience.

Examples we are looking for but are not limited to are:
Raw Foods
Paleo Baking, meals etc.
Kombucha making
Fermented foods
Wine/Food pairing
Flavors of ....
Knife Skills
Gluten Free Lifestyle

Our classroom space holds 27-30 at tables or more if theatre style. We book events 45-60 days out, most are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with a few special events on Saturdays for major authors etc. The space has electric but not a kitchen. It is best suited for demonstrations and finishing. A staff member aids in set up, in class needs, and breakdown.

What's in it for the instructor? For all classes, we heavily promote the event with details on our website, social media, on a printed calendar of events in the eatery along with full color flyers for distribution in the eatery and in our CSA delivery boxes. Approved instructors/classes will be promoted with their websites, social media etc. If you have programs/products as part of your branding, as long as they are approved, they can be sold/promoted at the events as well.

The fees we charge guests for the events go to cover the marketing costs plus reimbursement for pre-approved expenses for the instructors.

Take a look at our company and then please email me with class/workshop proposals, questions etc.

Company Description: This is a locally grown company specializing in bridging the gap between farm to table by foraging from our local food shed and purchasing direct from small, organic farms, ranches and local food artisans.

Chef/Manager in Northvale, New Jersey

Creating raw meals, developing new creations and growing with the business. Hours 8-1pm. This cafe is the only totally raw cafe in New Jersey. We are the number one vegetarian cafe in our county. We are dedicated to providing raw organic beautiful food to people. Our goal is to help people realize real food can be amazing!

Raw Food Chef in West Orange, New Jersey

Take over the juice bar section in this entrepreneurs network. The space is ready for you to come in and offer raw food specials. The juice bar is in place. If you have been seeking a location in an upcoming are than consider West Orange, NJ to be your place. Serious inquiries only.

Company Description: We are a 2 year + company with a strong desire to promote raw food, please come see if this is an area you would like to showcase your raw food service.

Salary Range: 49% commission until you can run the space as your own
Benefits: employ with option to own
Position: Temporary (Temporary Position)

Catering/Instructing in Malibu, California

Firstly, I facilitate women day retreats and am always looking for raw chefs to cater.
Then, I personally would be interested in taking a few weeks to learn how to prepare raw food.