Welcome to the birthplace of gourmet raw vegan cuisine!

Learn from the best! Living Light Culinary Institute is the world's premier raw vegan chef training school. Since 1998 we've trained many of the world's top chefs and instructors in the art and science of raw vegan cuisine, and we've gathered together a core group of highly professional and dedicated instructors and raw food chefs as members of our staff.

You'll receive the best raw food education in the world from our talented faculty who are fully committed to helping every student achieve the highest standard of excellence available in the industry. We offer a variety of gourmet raw vegan culinary and nutrition courses and certifications for students with every level of experience, and we welcome everyone from complete novice to professional chef!

Are you interested in improving your health and vitality, achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, learning how to make healthy delicious meals for your family, or addressing health challenges for yourself or a loved one? Or are you ready to start a satisfying and meaningful new career in a field you love? Living Light can help! No matter what your goal, we’ve got the perfect program to match your interests, schedule and pocketbook!

What are your personal goals?

  • Improved Health and Vitality
  • Delicious Meals for Your Family
  • Overcoming Health Challenges
  • Weight Loss
  • Raw Food Careers

Students from over 60 countries have attended Living Light courses ranging in length from one day to ten weeks. They learn to create delicious and nutritious organic raw food recipes for themselves and their families, and many go on to create new careers as raw food chefs and instructors. On a dairy-free, gluten-free raw vegan diet, people lose weight, experience improved health, cleanse and detox naturally, gain energy, and develop a more youthful appearance. At Living Light, eating a natural diet of healthy plant-based foods has never tasted so good!

We're proud to say that you'll receive a warm and accepting welcome regardless of your age, skill level, walk of life, or current dietary practices. From the very first phone call through graduation and beyond, you'll be guided with expert advice from our friendly, capable team. And we offer our courses in segments, to suit your schedule and pocketbook.


“If you are looking for a quick, but concise program to gain essential education in raw food preparation – this is it!”
~ Chris C, FL, Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor
“Whether you are a foodie interested in creating a safe, healthy kitchen for you and your family, or you want to be a paid chef, these classes will increase your knowledge and skills to be better at creating healthy foods in a creative way.”
~Janet L, AZ, Essentials of Raw Living Foods, Science of Raw Food Nutrition I
“This is a great program that will give you many skills to enable you to prepare healthy delicious foods.”
~ Michelle S, CA, Essentials of Raw Living Foods, Science of Raw Food Nutrition I
"I have learned so many new skills and techniques. I feel very confident that when I go home I will be able to create some awesome nurturing food for myself, my family and my friends. This was an amazing program. I highly recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering going from conventional food to raw food."
~Su, C. Willows, CA
“Living Light Culinary Institute has had an important impact on my path and has inspired countless others. I honor Cherie and her vision, and offer high respect, praise, appreciation, and of course my support in all that Living Light continues to achieve in the world. Cherie Soria has been a huge influence on my life, and I’ll always be grateful.”
~Chad Sarno, Austin, Celebrity Raw Food Chef, TX

Here are some of the highlights of a raw food education at Living Light Culinary Institute:

  • A state-of-the-art culinary and teaching facility with high quality audio/video services
  • The most comprehensive and complete raw vegan culinary and nutrition curriculum available in the world.
  • Instruction in everything you need to know about the raw food diet.
  • Expert demos of each culinary technique before you practice it yourself.
  • An opportunity to develop raw food chef skills you never thought possible.
  • Affordable, eco-friendly accommodations (private or shared) at Living Light Inn.

Don't take our word for it; ask anyone in the industry before you decide. You will find our reputation is simply second to none. Living Light Culinary Institute sets the standard in raw food education!

Take a few minutes to hear from our director Cherie Soria and learn about the Living Light difference. Then watch a video tour of the Living Light facility filmed by the international television network, Supreme Master TV.