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July/August 2012
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July Marketplace Highlights
Living Light Marketplace
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Testimonials for Living Light
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Books by Cherie Soria
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2012 Course Schedule: Upcoming Courses
Nutrition Education Certification Series
Food Styling for Photography
Weekend Essential Oils Courses
Brenda Hinton to teach FUNdamentals in Bali
Speaking of Travel - The Raw Revolution Tour
Science of Raw Food Nutrition Course on Tour Continues this Fall
Are Your Fruits and Vegetables Organic?
Travel in the Raw
Ann Wigmore Memorial Conference
Living Light Graduate Success Story: Natalie Cottrell
Are you a Living Light Success Story?
Job Opportunity at Living Light
World Veg Day October 5-8
June Employee of the Month: Marcy Robertson
Vegan Power on the Track
Recipes from Living Light: Kitchen Kale Sink Krackers
Let's Get Social
The Living Light Difference:

The Living Light Difference  (click image to go to the video page)

Cherie Soria's Guest BLOG

Read Cherie's 

The Side Effects of Eating Vegan

Read Cherie's Guest blog on The Renegade Health Show 

Cherie is Tribestlife Cover Girl!


Cherie on cover of Tribest life  

Cherie Soria graces the cover of the current Tribestlife catalog.


Living Light Café



Living Intentions

Created by Living Light graduates Josh and Elizabeth of Living Intentions. Gone Nuts! Savory or sweet; a satisfying treat that is not roasted or baked! The nuts are germinated and then dehydrated at low temps with organic ingredients to maintain optimal nutrition.

$5.95 ea. 


Spicy Chipotle

GONE NUTS! Spicy Chipotle  


Raw Cacao Brazil Nuts and Mulberries 

GONE NUTS! Raw Cacao Brazil Nuts & Mulberries  


Mesquite Maple Walnuts
GONE NUTS! Mesquite Maple Walnuts

Rosemary Garlic Pistacios & Almonds
  GONE NUTS! Rosemary Garlic Pistachios & Almonds

Sesame Teriyaki Almonds & Cashews
GONE NUTS! Sesame Teriyake Almonds & Cashews

White Chocolate Chip Cashews & Almonds
GONE NUTS! White Chocolate Chip Cashews, Almonds & Cacao Chips


Living Light Café  

  In The Company Store, open daily from 8:00 AM-6:00 PM Mon-Sat; 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Sunday  

 707-964-2420 ext 22


July Marketplace Highlights

Sunfood Traveler
by John McCabe
Sunfood Traveler by John McCabe
In Sunfood Traveler, John McCabe, a leading authority on the plant-based diet, editor of some of the most popular raw food books, and author of Sunfood Living, offers a state-by-state and country-by-country guide for those seeking information on raw food restaurants, chefs, retreats, businesses, and websites, and on natural food stores and farmers' markets. In addition to a variety of recipes, this excellent reference contains chapters covering brain and deep cell nutrition, yoga, living a green lifestyle, organic gardening, slow food, non-toxic households, sustainable products, alternative energy, and the restoration, preservation, and protection of the environment, wildlife, wildlands, and water sources. Every natural food store and vegetarian restaurant should carry copies of this book. Paperback, 286 pages.

The Traveling Culinarist
Traveling Culinarist
The Traveling Culinarist is in a category all its own. Whether you're a professional chef, a Living Light culinary student, or simply an enthusiastic epicurean, The Traveling Culinarist lets you share your talents no matter whose kitchen you're in! With dozens of pockets, pouches, compartments and straps, The Traveling Culinarist is THE trusted companion of the chef on the go. This unique chef's case securely provides a place for everything, so you can create tantalizing meals wherever your travels take you.

for our bargains and best buys.
Living Light Marketplace

Living Light Marketplace


Mighty Leaf Tea

Mighty Leaf Tea
Organic Tea in assorted flavors
Salad Booster - Cheesy
Salad Booster-Cheesy
Add flavor to your salad or soup with salad booster.

Thai Pineapple Trail Mix
Thai Pineapple Trail Mix

A great trail mix with nuts pineapple and other goodies and comes with a kick!


Living Light Queen of Kale Chips Spicy BBQ
Spicy BBQ Goji kale chips

Kale is one of the vegetable kingdom's veritable

super foods. All raw, organic ingredients. It's healthy - Enjoy!



Kalamata Olives, Pitted
Kalamata Olives, pitted
Raw Power pitted kalamata olives .

Mulberries, White
Mulberries, White
Sundried white mulberries

Nori Sheets
Nori Sheets
 Raw nori sheets to make sushi with!

Pili Nuts
Pili Nuts  

Transition Nutrition imports pili nuts from their native Philippines. The Pili is a hardy rainforest tree that bears a nut with a very hard pointed shell, which houses a creamy nut with a rich, buttery flavor. Delicious!

Flax Pizza Crackers  
Flaz Pizza Crackers
Yummy raw pizza flax crackers.


Goji Berries Royal - 14 oz.
Goji Berries Royal    

The goji berry, a sweet red fruit native to Asia, serves as
both a botanical medicine and a food, and has a very pleasant taste - somewhere between a cherry and a cranberry. With over 14% protein, 21 essential minerals, and 18 amino acids, the goji berry is a nutrient-dense superfood!


Red Star Nutritional Yeast 
Red Star Nutitional Yeast

This Kosher Vegetarian Support Formula is a vegan staple. Gives a tasty "cheesy" flavor to foods while providing a rich source of B vitamins. Ingredients: Inactive dry yeast, niacin (B3), thiamin hydrochloride (B1), riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), Vitamin B12.
Great on salads and veggies.

Sea Crunchies or Veggies 
  Sea Crunchies or Veggies  
Great on food or as a snack!.

Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds 4 oz.

Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds 8 oz.
Made at Living Light, these seeds are delicious    
Bliss Mix - 14 oz. 
Bliss Mix  

Have a blissful high energy experience with this premium mix!   

Select gojiberries, organic golden raisins, organic mulberries, organic pistachios, organic cashews, transitional macadamia nuts and organic cacao nibs. All raw superfood!
Cereal - Cacao Crunch  
Cacao Crunch cereal  

 Supercharged with the strength boosting properties of maca root, enriched with mineral-dense mesquite pod powder and vitalized with astragalus root and reishi mushroom, this lively combo will propel you into crunchy chocolate paradise

Chewnami - Ginger Kelp
Chewnami - Ginger Kelp  

100% organic: Crunchy, sweet but not too sweet energy bars made by Rising Tide Sea Vegetables. Ideal for traveling, backpacking, kid and adult lunches, gifts, and potlucks. High in protein, omega 3's, and minerals. Kelp crunch bars come in two flavors: Snappy Ginger or Maple. Net Wt. 1 oz. 


Little Noodle Tool 
Little Noodle Tool  
 Instantly makes noodles out of vegetables.

Manual Juicer 
Manual Juicer  
Bring this manual juicer wherever you go!

Measuring Spoons White
  White Measuring Spoons  
1/4 teaspoon through 1 tablespoon sizes.

Microplane Shake n Grate  
  Microplane Shake n Grate   
Shake and grate palm grater by Microplane.

Mortar and Pestle 4 inch 
  Mortar and Pestle 4 inch
These mortar and pestle sets are made of solid marble.
Nut Milk Bag
Nut Milk Bag    
The highest quality nut milk bags you will find anywhere! 

Fruit Knife 
Fruit Knife  
A great knife for on the go, with wooden sheath 

Glove Knife Shield
 Glove Knife Shield  
Protect your hand white chopping and cutting.


Rollsharp Ceramic Sharpener 
Rollsharp Ceramic Sharpener  
Mac knife recommended knife sharpener.

Kyocera Adjustable Manoline  
  Kyocera Adjustable Mandolin  
The adjustable ceramic mandoline by Kyocera easily cuts fruits and vegetables in 4 different thicknesses (0.5, 1.3, 2.0, & 3.0mm). All you have to do is turn the dial to adjust the thickness. Advanced double-edged ceramic razor-sharp blade stays sharper longer. Hand guard holds food securely and protects hands and fingers.

Chop Mat - 7.5 x 11.5 
Chop Mat - 7.5 x 11.5  

This flexible Chop & Chop cutting mat is perfect for your home or travel. Slice, dice, and chop then funnel food directly into your pan, bowl, or skillet! Super thin and lightweight. Dishwasher safe. Two sizes available: 7.5 in. x 11 in. (1 mat) or 11.5 in. x 15 in. (set of 2 mats).


Debbie Meyer Green Bags
Debbie Meyers Green Bags  
The Debbie Meyer Green bag is a staple in the Living Light Kitchen. This special bag pulls the ethylene gas away from your veggies. We have had a head of romaine last for over 6 weeks! Each package contains (10) - Large 21" X 9" X 6.5" and (10) - Medium 17" X 7" X 4.75" bags.


Glass Straw with Dots

Glass Straw with Dots
Great for kids, this straw is unbreakable.
Glass Straw Hemp Sleeve
Glass Straw Hemp Sleeve
After using your glass straw, put it in this sleeve for safe keeping..

Bamboo Travel Bottle
Bamboo Travel Bottle
A beautiful eco-friendly bamboo bottle.

Wood Chopsticks - 5 pak
Bamboo Chop Sticks - 5 pak
Beautiful bamboo chopsticks by Totally Bamboo that are

artfully twisted from end to end. Set of 5 pairs (10 chopsticks).



Loofah Sponge
Loofah Sponge
This is a great sponge for the kitchen and all natural!

Naked Sponge
Naked Sponge  
The Naked Sponge is made of cellulose - 100% biodegradable

Peace and Calming
(Young Living Essential Oil)
Peace and Calming
Peace and Calming oil by Young Living.

Travel Diffuser
Travel Diffuser
Bring your essential oils traveling with you.




Tribest Personal Blender 350
Tribest Personal Blender  
Makes a great for a person with a small kitchen.


Cuisinart Mini - White
Cuisinart Mini  
The Mini-Prep Plus is a perfect helper for small food preparation, from chopping herbs to fine chopping small batches of veggies, nuts or seeds and making quick pâtés. Auto Reversing Smart Blade makes it easier to process both soft and hard foods.

Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-76
Cuisinart Smart Stick
You will find blending easier than ever before. Blend cold drinks, hot soups, and crêpe batter right

in the pitcher, pot or bowl. It's comfortable to hold, easy to use, and the blending shaft and beaker are dishwasher safe. Enjoy!







Instant Raw Sensations

Instant Raw Sensations book  

Most recipes can be prepared in less than 10 minutes with a simple cutting board and blender. The author only kept his best recipes. Includes fruit and green smoothies, soups, salads, dressings, dips, side dishes, desserts and more.




Organic Food Guide

Organic Food Guide  

Includes how to find bargains on healthy food.




Gaia's Garden

Gaia's Garden Book  

"A Guide to Home Scale Permaculture"




Raw Food Made Easy Raw Food Made Easy

Raw food for 1 or 2 people made easy.



 Reference Guide - Essential Oils

Reference Guide - Essential Oils  

A great guide of learning about and understanding essential oils.




Food Combining Wallet Card

Food Combining Card  

A very useful card for food combining on the go.







Going Raw - DVD

Going Raw DVD  

12 amazing and simple step-by-step recipes.



This Month's Featured Recipes:
Testimonials for Living Light Culinary Institute

From January's Associate Chef and Instructor Training class:

To enrollment and the office staff:     

Thank you for your patience in bringing all of us here in love - to create these delights to share with the world - you made things easy! With appreciation, 
 Matananda, Jane S., Susan, Heather, Savannah, Carla, Bridget E., Simon, Emma, Blanche Mirielle, Pamela Z., Rachel, Julie, Pam B.  



Thanks to the great and very professional training I received at Living Light I was voted "Most popular Raw Food Chef" in Germany this year!


-Melanie, Berlin  


From September's Associate Chef and Instructor Training class:

"The journey was just amazing! I've learned so much, but not only in class - with everyone! It is a life changing experience that brings you much more than what you think it would" 


-Christelle, FL

"I could not be happier about the staff and curriculum. It is very easy to learn here and I got exactly what I hoped for! If you have the resources, this is the perfect place to go."  


 -Becca, WA

"This is a definite "must attend" course if you want to elevate yourself to professional status as a chef in the raw food community. I feel so lucky to have been here. You all inspire me, beyond what we learn in the culinary studio.  


 -Janye, UK



From the 2011 Advanced Raw Culinary Arts Instructor Training classes:

"I learned so much more about being a professional raw food instructor. The teaching materials are incredible."    


-Kang, Singapore

"A phenomenal class packed with invaluable tips, coaching and guides for making your mark as a raw food culinary instructor, author or coach." 


-Nadia, CA

"Perfect training for public speaking and demo presentation. Just what I needed - a detailed, informative introduction into social media"  


 -Hanna, Australia


"This class is a must in addition to the Associate Chef class if you are serious about a career in teaching raw foods. Jennifer did an amazing job of teaching all aspects of both the chef training and the advanced instructor course." 

-Victoria, FL

"I feel like I've been to "finishing school." This class will take me to the next level in terms of organization and professionalism and was spot on for me." 

-Jayne, UK

Inspirational Quote

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."


- Alan Cohen         

  quoted in John McCabe's book,  

Igniting Your Life  




Books by Cherie Soria

Raw Revolution Book by Cherie Soria, Brenda Davis, RD and Vesanto Melina, MS, RD


Angel Foods

Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies


Angel Foods book by Cherie Soria

 This is the book that started the raw food revolution! Offering 125 raw vegan recipes and 125 cooked vegan recipes with an international flavor, this is the perfect volume for anyone who wants to balance delicious health promoting raw and cooked foods. 




Buy both books together
and save!

(please call the Marketplace at 707-964-2420 ext 21 to purchase book bundle) 

Cherie Soria Book Bundle   



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Travel in the Raw 



an and Cherie have been on the road a lot this year - to the West coast, the East coast, Vancouver B.C. and Toronto, Canada, not to mention Peru, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. All this travel has been a good reminder that it's important to learn how to enjoy plenty of raw foods while traveling in order to maintain good health and stamina on the road. Traveling CulinaristEven with more restaurants around the world serving raw and vegan foods, it's handy to know what to take to optimize your raw cuisine while traveling. In this issue, we're including some easy tips and tricks that Dan and Cherie have developed over the years as intrepid raw travelers, as well as "tools of the trip" to take along from Living Light Marketplace. 



Speaking of travel, many raw food luminaries will pay tribute in Lithuania this September to Dr. Ann Wigmore who has inspired thousands throughout the world with her teachings and centers in Boston and Puerto Rico. Cherie is creating a special film to memorialize Dr. Ann for the occasion. Brenda Hinton will be teaching FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™ in Bali this October, and here in California, Cherie and Culinary Programs Manager Martine Lussier will prepare a fabulous raw vegan meal Saturday evening, October 6, for the 13th Annual World Vegetarian Day and IVU International Congress celebration in Golden Gate Park.
We're including a couple of special travel recipes from two Living Light chefs, Kirsten Gum and Colleen Cackowski. Kirsten is a Living Light Gourmet Raw Food Chef graduate who has a new business, Experience Raw. She specializes in raw trips to exotic locales, and shares her travel ready recipe for Kitchen Sink Kale Crackers. Colleen Cackowski, an award-winning chocolatier who worked with us at Living Light for several years has recently returned from a trip to Iceland with Living Light graduate Solla Eiriksdottir. Colleen has created nutrition packed portable "instant smoothies" that take to the road easily and help maintain energy and stamina en route.
Most importantly, we've got a great lineup of fall classes - travel here to Fort Bragg on the beautiful Mendocino coast and you'll be in good company - our students come from more than 50 countries around the world. Become an Associate Chef and Instructor, a Gourmet Raw Food Chef, a Science of Raw Food Nutrition Educator, a Raw Pastry Chef or sign up for a combination of our certification programs -take the journey that will last a lifetime!


Kristin Suratt, PR Director and the entire Living Light Team


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2012 Living Light Courses -
from August to December and beyond!

We are delighted to announce that our 2013 course schedule is now available - click here for details.

food banner

If fall means back-to-school for you, it's the perfect time to take classes here on the Mendocino coast. The weather is generally picture perfect and you can enjoy our beautiful location while you learn - Start September 1!

Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Certification™ starts September first.

Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor™ Series
September 1 - September 22
Associate Chef students with Cherie Soria FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™:  September 1
Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills!™:  September 2
Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts™:  September 3-7
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I:  September 8-9  
Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Training™:  September 10-14 and September 17-21
PLUS: Food Styling for Photography:  September 16
PLUS: Essence of Raw: Essential Oils for Healing and Flavor Enhancement:  September 22

Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification
September 29 - November 14
FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™: September 29
Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills!™: September 30
Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts™:October 1-5
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I: October 6-7
Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Training™: October 8-12 and October 15-19
Ethnic Flavors in Recipe Development™: October 22-26
RawFusion Gourmet Spa Cuisine™: October 29 - November 2
Raw Event Catering and Elegant Entertaining™: November 5-9
PLUS: Food Styling for Photography: October 14
PLUS: Essence of Raw: Essential Oils for Healing and Flavor Enhancement: October 20
PLUS: Essence of Abundance: Essential Oils for Health and Prosperity: October 21
PLUS: Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ I: November 11-14

Science of Raw Food Nutrition with Drs. Rick and Karin Dina
fruit August 30-September 15
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I: August 30-31
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ II: September 2-5
Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: September 6-7
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ III: September 10-13
Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: September 14-15
November 24 - December 9
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I: November 24-25
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ II: November 26-30
Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: December 1-2
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ III: December 4-7
Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: December 8-9


Click here for more information, and to register, or call 707-964-2420

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pastrypastry banner
Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ Certifications   
Guess what? We've discovered that the best way to a cooked-food lover's heart is dessert! If you are excited about expanding your gourmet raw culinary skills or becoming a raw food pastry chef, a pastry arts certification is just right for you!

Our focus is on raw vegan dessert production, with a combination of theory, demos and practical hands-on training. Students learn how to use binders, thickeners, emulsifiers and gelling agents; how to choose the right sweeteners and fats for a variety of classic pastry recipes and discover the secrets of making exquisite raw desserts that taste even better than famous cooked desserts! They create a variety of professional looking and sublime tasting gourmet raw desserts that tantalize the palate without compromising health!

Take the entire 6-class certification, or if you are already a Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor™ graduate, sign up for the 4-day Pastry Arts-Unbaked™ course in September!

Entire Series: September 1-26
Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ only: September 23-26
(Prerequisite: Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Certification™)

Entire Series: September 29-November 14
Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ only: November 11-14
(Prerequisite: Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Certification™)

Call Amanda or Mary Elizabeth in enrollment for all the details about our pastry arts courses, certifications, discounts, and bonuses today!  

Wedding CakePastry Arts-Unbaked! Certification Includes:
FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™   
Sharpen up Your Knife Skills!™  
Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts™   
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I  
Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef & Instructor Training™
Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™  

Regular Price for this 6-course certification: $6,850
Discounted 10% off Introductory Rate*: $6,190 -A $660  savings  
Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ only: $1,375

 *The introductory rate discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. Tuition prices for California Residents slightly higher ($2.50 - $17.50) depending on certification selection due to mandatory State STRF fees.

Or - Earn your Advanced Pastry Arts-Unbaked Certification in 2012:
After completing your first 6 courses and earning your Pastry Arts-Unbaked Certification, come back in November 17-20 to take Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ Level II. Upon completion of this recipe development pastry arts course, you will earn the Advanced Pastry Arts-Unbaked Certification. Click here to learn more about both Pastry Arts Certifications.

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Dr. Rick and Karin DinaNutritionNutrition Educator Certification Series

Living Light instructors, Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C. offer a comprehensive and engaging series of classes on the science of raw food nutrition covering hot topics in an easy-to-understand format. You will learn about raw vegan sources of iron, calcium, protein, vitamin B12, and essential fatty acids, as well as blood sugar regulation, pH balance, food changes from cooking, anti-inflammatory nutrition, weight management, anti-aging, longevity, and much more. This knowledge will help to insure that you understand what nutrients you need, why you need them, and where to get them. 
The Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™ Program consists of three courses: Science of Raw Food Nutrition (SRFN) levels I and II, and the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™ Course. In the Science of Raw Food Nutrition courses students will be provided with a solid foundation in the science and nutritional aspects of raw food and plant-based diets. SRFN II builds on the knowledge base learned in SRFN I and introduces many new topics that are essential to understanding the big picture of raw and living food nutrition. The Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification course prepares students to present fundamental raw food nutrition information with authority, accuracy, and confidence.  
The Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™ is the continuation of Living Light's raw food nutritional science series. This certification has the prerequisites of Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I, Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ II, and Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™. Completing the entire series requires 15 days of class time.

Science of Raw Food Nutrition Level 1 - Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C.
Would you like to get started and learn about the science of raw food nutrition?
Join Drs. Rick and Karin Dina at Living Light in August:
August 30-31
Prerequisites: None

The Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™ Program

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I
August 30-31 Prerequisites: None

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ II
September 1-5 Prerequisites: Science of Raw Food Nutrition I class.
Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™
September 6-7 Prerequisites: Science of Raw Food Nutrition I and II classes.
The Advanced of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™ Series
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I
August 30-31 Prerequisites: None

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ II
September 1-5 Prerequisites: Science of Raw Food Nutrition I class.
Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™
September 6-7 Prerequisites: Science of Raw Food Nutrition I and II classes.

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ III
September 10-13  Prerequisites: Science of Raw Food Nutrition levels I, II

Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™
September 14-15  Prerequisites: Science of Raw Food Nutrition levels I, II, III and the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification Course.

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Food Styling for Photography

Food Styling for Photography slideshow It is said, "Pictures speak a thousand words" and it's true - well plated and designed food photos can do more to build your business and showcase your talent than the most well written description of your foods possibly can. Now you can learn from the experts how to show off your beautifully presented and photographed raw culinary creations on your website, recipe books, and brochures!

This one-day hands-on workshop will focus on the basics of food styling for the media. Students will learn presentation and plating skills, and making foods look stunning through use of color, texture, and contrast. We will explore saucing, building height and movement, how food reacts under the camera, the ins and outs of propping and preparing for a shoot, tricks and techniques for media food, building a portfolio, elements of design for photography, and the importance of negative space. We will explore saucing, building height and movement, how food reacts under the camera, the ins and outs of propping and preparing for a shoot, tricks and techniques for media food, building a portfolio, elements of design for photography, and the importance of negative space. Read Terilynn Epperson's blog post about the class on The Chef Experience!

Sunday, September 16
Sunday, October 14

9:00am to 5:00pm (1-hour no host lunch break)

Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $375.00
Location: Living Light Culinary Studio
Recommended text: The Food Stylists Handbook, by Denise Vivaldo
Recommended equipment: chef knife, paring knife, appropriate chef wear, and camera

Register Now!
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Weekend Essential Oils Courses

field of lavenderExploring Essential Oils for Healing,
Flavor Enhancement and Prosperity 

The Essence of Raw: Essential Oils for Healing and Flavor Enhancement

Learn the basics of using essential oils for culinary purposes and to enhance health.
  • Introduction to essential oils: How to use them, where, when, and why
  • Culinary essesntial oils: Which oils to use, techniques, recipes and guidelines for recipe development
  • Taking care of the chef: Aromatherapy for body, mind and spirit. Learn to enhance health, attitude, and spiritual connection using essential oils
This class is appropriate for anyone, whether they are professional chefs or home cooks, raw or conventional, featuring Young Living Essential Oils - the only culinary oils used at Living Light.

Where: Abundant Health Classroom, Living Light International
Remaining 2012 Dates: September 22 and October 20 * 10am-4pm
Tuition: $125 -10% discount when combined with The Essence of Abundance
Prerequisites: None required. This class is open to the public

Total for both classes when taken together: $170 (No other discounts apply)
Call an enrollment advisor at 707-964-2420 to register for one or both courses.

The Essence of Abundance: Essential Oils for Health and Prosperity

Learn to live in the flow of abundance using aromatherapy. Explore spiritual principles and practices in business.
  • Learn how attitude and choice affect abundance
  • Explore the principals of the law of attraction, gratitude, and forgiveness, to creat abundance in all areas of your life
  • Discover how a spiritual approach to marketing, enhanced with essential oils, can make abundance flow with grace and ease
This is a powerful and inspiring class that is appropriate for anyone.

Where: Abundant Health Classroom, Living Light International
Remaining 2012 Dates: October 21 * 9am-1pm
Tuition: $75 -10% discount when paired with The Essence of Raw
Prerequisites: None required. This class is open to the public 

Total for both classes when taken together: $170 (No other discounts apply)
Call an enrollment advisor at 707-964-2420 to register for one or both courses.  

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Brenda Hinton to teach FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods in Bali
Brenda Hinton
Brenda Hinton
Living Light Instructor, Brenda Hinton to teach offsite course   

Learn how to make raw food FUN and delicious the Living Light way
! Join Living Light chef/instructor Brenda Hinton in a beautiful, exotic locale: Fivelements Puri Ahimsa in Bali! Cherie taught a workshop there last year, and can attest that it is an absolutely spectacular locale - a beautiful world class healing retreat. Treat yourself to an extraordinary experience and attend the most comprehensive introductory course in raw food preparation in paradise!

Required text: Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies by Cherie Soria

Fivelements Puri Ahimsa resortDate: October 20-21 (2 half days)

Fivelements Puri Ahimsa, Bali Indonesia

Tuition: $375 plus Bali taxes.
Includes a delicious organic raw vegan buffet lunch

Registration and accommodations:

FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods is a one-day intensive course providing comprehensive instruction in raw food cuisine - it's the foundation of all of our curriculum at Living Light, and it is the first class in our Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Certification. Successful completion of the class is the prerequisite for continuing with any of the classes in our chef training series. And the best news is that the class is open to all - novice to professional chef.

During this introductory workshop, students will attend superb culinary presentations showing how to create a wide variety of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, including:
  • Nut cheese and Pizza Flax Crackers appetizers
  • fruit smoothies
  • soups
  • green juices
  • salad dressings
  • simple entrées
  • patés
  • wraps and rolls
  • nut milks and non-dairy cheeses
  • crunchy crackers and other dehydrated treats 
  • amazing desserts
  • fermented foods
  • sprouting and kitchen gardening
  • essential equipment and supplies used in a raw kitchen        
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Speaking of Travel
The Raw Food Revolution Tour

Dan and Cherie had a wonderful time on the Raw Food Revolution Tour, and they would like to thank everyone who contributed to making it such a memorable travel experience.

Cherie says, "I truly enjoyed my travels back east,
starting with my favorite yearly vegan event, the North American Vegetarian Society Summerfest in Jamestown University! I have been a presenter there for 18 years and always come home with new information from doctors and researchers whom I admire and trust to keep me informed and up-to-date in the field of vegan nutrition. Some of the many noted presenters each year include people like Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Michael Klaper, and coauthor of my book, Raw Food Revolution Diet, Brenda Davis, RD. I'm a guest blogger on Kevin Gianni's The Renegade Health Show and I've summarized some of the important new findings about the value of a vegan diet here.

Armed with the latest inspiration from the speakers at NAVS,
I was able to incorporate a lot of new information into my talks as Dan and I traveled across the Eastern U.S. We met so many wonderful people who were truly interested in creating better health for themselves and their families and making healthy living delicious (my particular specialty)! [Click here for the recipe to my Jalapeño Onion Corn Bread that I shared at NAVS.] Their appreciation and enthusiasm has inspired us to return next year to offer a FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™ class in several locations we visited. I also found great personal value in traveling to the people and sharing my life experience and knowledge about health and culinary arts."

Our next Raw Food Revolution Tour takes us to Florida this October, so if you'd like to host us in your area and know of a venue that will seat at least 40 people, please contact Terilynn at 707-964-2420.

Here's what a few of our hosts from this tour had to say:

Beth Lindley coordinated three events including the Northern Virginia meet up group where Cherie received a five star rating *****

"Cherie Soria ROCKS!! Well organized, thorough and friendly.  
I left feeling empowered!"

Stacey B. Glaeser from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

"Our staff really enjoyed Cherie's presentation. Her books left our library only minutes after they were shelved!"

Hippocrates Health Educator and Living Light Gourmet Raw Food Chef, Linda Graziano from Ingredients to Success coordinated a very successful Saturday event at West Market Community Association that was filmed by FPA Channel 10 - Fairfax, VA.

"We were so fortunate to have had Cherie here in the Washington, DC area.  She is the consummate professional who walks the talk and lives an abundant life teaching others how to live healthier lives.  I always learn so much from her and am blessed that she is my teacher and a great role model for all."

Lisa Montgomery, owner of Living Dynamically

"Cherie was able to connect with each group, educate and inspire each of them right where they are.  In fact, Cherie was soooooo good that some of the attendees came back to hear her several times."

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Portland, Seattle and Fairfield, CNScience of Raw Food Nutrition Tour Continues! 

Exciting News - the tour goes on!
Drs. Rick and Karin Dina will teach Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I at People's Coop in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, September 29, at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA on Sunday, September 30, in Ramsey, New Jersey Saturday, October 20 (private home - location provided when you register for class) and at Catch A Healthy Habit in Fairfield, Connecticut on Sunday October 21.
This is a fascinating and enlightening 12-hour course (8 hours in-class, 4 hours online) covering hot topics like raw vegan sources of iron, calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and essential fatty acids, as well as blood sugar regulation, pH balance, food changes from cooking, anti-inflammatory nutrition, weight management, anti-aging and longevity, and much more. Drs. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C. make complex scientific concepts both entertaining and easy to understand.

Student Poll: Top 10 reasons to take Science of Raw Food Nutrition
  • Maximizing health and vitality
  • Achieving ideal body weight
  • Looking  better
  • Feeling healthier
  • Extending lifespan
  • Enhancing mental clarity
  • Improving athletic performance
  • Reducing risk of degenerative disease
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Supporting sustainable farming  

What Science of Raw Food Nutrition students say about the class:


"A high level of information delivered by qualified instructors. I can't think of anything that could be improved. Your comprehensive folders were an unexpected bonus, and your integrity and intelligence were refreshing. I never felt that your egos interfered with questions or answers." 
"The content was structured very well and I didn't feel that the teachers were pushing the audience towards 100% raw as I have seen on other occasions with different speakers. The class is perfect!" 
"I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I've absorbed an amazing amount of information. The Drs. Dina delivered it in a very efficient and accessible way, so I never felt swamped - they willingly made themselves available for questions and no question was too unimportant for them to answer. Thank you!"


Click here to sign up.  

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Are Your Fruits and Vegetables Organic? 
Check out Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

Did you know that the fruits and vegetables at your grocery store could be covered with bug killers, fungicides and other chemicals?

 The Environmental Working Group is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment, including our food and water. They monitor consumer products and are interested in protecting pet health, helping maintain sustainable farming practices, and conserving natural resources through conscious energy choices. Each year they release a shopper's guide to pesticides in produce and create two lists, the "Dirty Dozen," fruits and vegetables with the highest concentration of pesticide residues as well as the "Clean 15" a list of produce items that are considered safe even when not organic. Of course we encourage everyone to buy and grow organic whenever possible, but for times when organics are not possible - while traveling, or eating at a business meeting or restaurant, it is good to know which of the vegetables and fruits commonly available are the safest to eat.


Here are the current lists:


Dirty Dozen Plus™
Purchase these organic!
Clean 15™
Lowest pesticide residue for non-organics
Sweet Bell Peppers
Green Beans
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas
Sweet Potatoes


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TravelTravel in the Raw
by Cherie Soria 


We've been traveling a lot this year for our Raw Food Revolution Tour. It's amazing how many new restaurants we've discovered, and yet we find that preparing our own food is a wonderful way to maintain our health when our schedule is hectic. We tend to eat more simply when we create our own raw dishes - and it's so easy. Here are some guidelines to help you along the way! 


For short trips you will need a cooler, and for longer trips you can even create a simple, inexpensive portable kitchen. Family, friends, business associates, and anyone who happens to be nearby when you open up your portable kitchen will be intrigued to watch you prepare delicious nourishment right before their eyes in only minutes. They will be fascinated and filled with questions as you take out your containers and bags holding delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, dehydrated goodies, and other treats to nourish body and spirit. You will be able to participate in all gatherings and feel perfectly comfortable. Here is all you need -  


Raw Foods Travel Bag and Picnic Supplies:  

  • Soft-sided coolerOne soft-sided cooler small enough to meet airline standards if you are traveling by plane
  • Spoon, knife, fork or chopsticks, and cloth napkins (If traveling by plane, pack your metal knife and fork in your checked luggage, and carry a small wooden knife and fork in your cooler. Some airlines will confiscate your chopsticks, so don't take your favorite pair.)
  • Beverage ContainerSmall, flexible plastic chopping mat
  • Wooden plate and/or bowl
  • Beverage container with watertight lid
  • One or more small containers for cereal or snacks
  • One small leak-proof container for salad dressing
  • One sealable container for salad
  • Sealable plastic bags to hold dried fruit, fresh fruit, and veggies
  • Hardy greens, like romaine lettuce, for salad
  • Apples (or other firm fruit with skin)
  • NutsAvocados
  • Nuts and dehydrated goodies
  • Favorite seasonings
  • Plastic bags for trash and compost
  • Place mat
Travel Bag for Longer Trips (in addition to the above):
  • Tribest PB 150 BlenderTribest Personal Blender
  • Extension cord
  • Rubber spatula
  • Quick-dry washable table cover (a lightweight sarong works well and is versatile)
  • Kitchen towel and sponge
  • Jar with lid for shaking dressings
  • Knives (6-8-inch chef knife, small paring knife, and/or serrated knife)
  • Nut milk bag for sprouting seeds and straining nut milk
  • Plastic produce spinning bag for washing salad greens
    (a specialty item found at health food stores)
  • Chlorine-free water for drinking and food prep (smoothies, soups, rinsing produce)
  • Personal water filtration system
Click here to watch Dan & Cherie's Travel in the Raw video (9 min.) See this month's recipe section for delicious, nutritious travel snacks!

We've got some great items for those with the travel bug, whether you are planning a day trip, a hike, a cross-country road trip, or a jaunt to Timbuktu! The Sunfood Traveler by John McCabe is the book that will keep you in tune with the latest information about a conscious lifestyle, including places to stop for raw food meals and retreats. The Traveling Culinarist is the raw chef's perfect companion... you can be a well organized super chef anywhere you go! See our sidebar column for more details for both items. 

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Ann Wigmore Memorial Conference 


Dr. Ann Wigmore"Let me share my vision with you: I see a world without sickness, sorrow or mental disturbance in which we are living in perfect balance with abundant health and harmony. Reconnect with nature and your body will take care of the rest. This is the beauty of self-healing." 

- Dr. Ann Wigmore   


Vilnius Congress Palace
September 19-20, 2012  
Vilnius, Lithuania

Ann Wigmore (original name Ona Varapickaitė) was born in Kruopiai, Lithuania on March 3, 1909. In 1922, at the age of 13, she moved to America to join her parents, who were already living in Massachusetts.

She married and later gave birth to a daughter Wilma, but it was only after the end of her marriage in 1955 that her life vision began to take shape. In poor health, she began using plants and wheatgrass to heal herself. Over the course of the next 35 years, she promoted natural healing via her schools in Boston, The Hippocrates Health Institute, which was established in Boston in 1963. Her brilliant, long-lived career included lecturing, writing, and providing wheatgrass and living foods workshops/seminars in over 35 countries.

"I was blessed to study with Ann Wigmore at her institute in Puerto Rico in 1991 and it changed my life forever. I'll never forget what she told me one day that inspired and motivated me to create a gourmet cuisine without cooking at a time when raw foods were used primarily for healing. I used to stay up after hours and experiment in the kitchen to see if I could make these foods taste comforting and delicious. She loved to come downstairs and taste my concoctions and one day, after tasting a few of the dishes I was experimenting with she said, "You will be a Beacon of Light for my teachings". Shortly after than I wrote my first book, Angel Foods, and with the encouragement of Viktoras Kulvinshas, started the world's first gourmet raw vegan culinary school, Living Light Culinary Institute. Dr. Ann lives on in the thousands of people from over 50 countries who have trained with me as a result of her inspiration and encouragement."
- Cherie Soria 

After an exhaustive search over the past seven years
, a tireless and determined group individuals located Ann's elusive birthplace and her early history was accurately reconstructed. With this clarity, preparations are now underway to properly celebrate Ann's life and legacy.

If you can't make it to the Memorial Conference in Lithuania, you can still honor Ann Wigmore's memory and show your gratitude for her contribution to the world with a generous gift to help pay for the memorial statue and other related expenses.
Donate to the Ann Wigmore Memorial Education Fund 
Ann Wigmore Memorial Conference
Vilnius Congress Concert Hall, September 19-20, 2012
Conference: "Living Foods and it's effect on Degenerative Disease"
Klaipeda University, September 21, 2012
Ann Wigmore Festival of Life and Commemoration
Kruopiai, September 22, 2012
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GradSuccessLiving Light Graduate Success Story: Natalie Cottrell
Interview with Terilynn Epperson


Natalie Cottrell After working in the music entertainment industry for 14 years coordinating volunteer security and site crew operations, Natalie Cottrell switched careers and began working at the Noyo Food Forest Learning Garden as the volunteer coordinator. The availability of farm fresh produce helped Natalie decide to get back into her original passion-creating amazing food. A recent graduate of Living Light, Natalie is now certified as a gourmet raw food chef, and plans to give back to the community for many years to come. She is currently employed at Living Light Cafe, and hopes to become a Living Light instructor in the future. 


How did you get interested in raw foods?
I grew up here in Fort Bragg, and  have always loved eating the fruits and vegetables that my family either gathered or grew! Now I work at the local community garden, the "Noyo Food Forest Learning Garden" as the volunteer coordinator. The enthusiasm of everyone involved and the amazing availability of farm fresh veggies and fruits have helped me re-recognize my original passion- creating amazing food.


How long has raw food been a part of your diet?
I have always recognized the importance of eating raw, and I have always known that the rawest ingredients usually are indicative of the freshest and tastiest, and I am big on fresh!


How has raw foods changed your life?
Learning that there are a whole lot more options for vegetarian, vegan and raw meals has totally blown the roof off of my previous belief that salad is the usual raw meal. There are so many variations and original ideas that are exciting and healthy to boot! I can't wait to teach my community how to recreate their favorite foods and genuinely improve their diets, and overall health!


How did you find out about Living Light Culinary Institute?
I live here in Fort Bragg, so when anything new comes our way, I look into it. I recall the locals wondering if this new "hippy dippy raw place" was going to make it. It only took one time for me to try the un-tuna sandwich and the sea palm salad- I was HOOKED!!! I turned all my friends onto the newest place in town!


 Read more...   

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Are you a Living Light Success Story?

Living Light Culinary Institute has been educating students from around the world since 1998. We prepare our graduates for a variety of career paths including raw food chef, caterer, culinary instructor, health consultant, nutrition educator, food designer, food writer, and recipe book author, among others. We are very proud of the successes of our graduates - they are motivated, resourceful, dedicated, and accomplished. Their careers are very diverse and often ambitious.

If you are a Living Light graduate and are doing something to make a difference in the world, we'd love to feature you in our newsletter and on our website as one of our graduate success stories. Please send a 25 word summary about why you'd like to be featured as a future Living Light Graduate Success Story to We love to share your successes with the world!


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Accounting and Human Resources Manager 

We are seeking a unique combination of talents and skills to fill an important managerial position in our growing company!

Our ideal candidate will possess strong leadership ability, a dedication to client service, effective skills in project management and a proven grasp of strategic thinking. We're looking for someone who has experience with financial statement audits, cost analysis and budget development, including experience managing accounting plans and creating executive reports. The position requires hands-on experience in Human Resources, including being up to date on current Human Resources requirements. Successful candidate will manage a small staff of accounting assistants.

Knowledge of QuickBooks, Excel and Infusionsoft (or similar program) required. FileMaker experience would be helpful. Bachelor's degree (B.A.) or seven years related accounting experience or equivalent combination of education and experience required. We're looking for a unique individual whose experience and resourcefulness is combined with a generous and caring heart - a people person with finance skills!


Email your resume to  

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World Vegetarian Day
in San Francisco
Oct 5-8

Cherie will join an illustrious group of presenters at the 13th Annual World Vegetarian Day Celebration in Golden Gate Park. Attendees may go to the weekend event only or sign up for a four-day package October 5-8 which includes admission to the 40th Annual International Vegetarian Congress. The Congress is held in countries around the world so this will be a rare opportunity to attend here in the United States. Cherie will give a talk and demo and Living Light Culinary Programs Manager Martine Lussier will be on hand to help prepare a scrumptious raw vegan meal on Saturday evening!

World Vegetarian Day Menu
Catered by Living Light Saturday 6:30 PM   
  • Hibiscus Wine Cooler (non-alcoholic) 
  • Creamy Red Bell Pepper Chipotle Soup with Corn Bread and Chimichurri Herb Butter 
  • Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms 
  • Wilted Spinach with Pine Nuts and Currants 
  • Butternut Squash Risotto  
  • Tiramisu

Event venue:
San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park

Entrance at 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way, next to the Arboretum

$10 at Gate per day; Free for Children under 12, Students with ID and Seniors over 65


Featured Events: 
  • Children's Corner
  • Green Film Festival
  • Healthy Food Demos with Recipes & Samples
  • International Speakers & Workshops
  • Live Entertainment
  • Vegan Cuisine to sample or buy
  • Veghealth Awards Ceremony by Vegetarian Health Institute
Catered Vegan Dinners:
Saturday & Sunday, 6:30 p.m
. $26 per person. Payment in advance:
Sunday: Gourmet Vegan Cuisine Catered by Chef Barry Horton of Local Love Catering.

To register for FOUR-DAY PACKAGE:
Contact Donna Zeigfinger: or

Telephone: 301-299-5666 
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June Employee of the Month: Marcy Robertson  


Living Light is pleased to recognize a valuable member of the Marketplace staff, Marcy Robertson, as our June Employee of the Month. Marcy joined the Living Light family in December of 2011 and has proved herself to be supportive and caring, friendly to customers, diligent, and enjoyable to work with.

Marcy RobertsonCoworkers say that Marcy has a wonderful outlook on life. They describe her as very professional, reliable, motivated, insightful, and thoughtful of others. She has a positive and enthusiastic attitude that is contagious.  


Marcy was born in North Hollywood, California, enjoys meditating, golf, video editing and food. Marcy possesses a generous spirit and heart. She has given a lot of her time to a variety of worthy organizations, including Special Olympics, Cancer fundraisers and Noyo Food Forest.

Marcy's life goals are to express compassion when it's the hardest, to show gratitude for everything, to take care of her mind, body and spirit, to serve herself and others and to become who she was meant to be. She describes herself as kind, peaceful, loving and full of joy!  

Marcy is well deserving of the Employee of the Month award. She is deeply treasured by staff and management, and is a fantastic asset to Living Light International.  


The Living Light Family

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Vegan Power on the Track 
Living Light's Ken Wun sprints to All-American status

Ken Wun a recently wonGold Medal
Ken wearing a recently won Gold medal.
Competing in U.S.A Track and Field in the Masters Division (40-years and over) has been a passion for Living Light employee Ken Wun for nearly 2 decades. This year, after adopting a mostly-vegan diet, he made a substantial breakthrough in his track performance. For the first time in his Masters career, Ken achieved U.S. Top Twenty ranking in both his specialties, the 100 meter and the 200 meter dashes, and earned All-American status for his time in the latter for his age group (55-59 years). He has no doubt that changing his diet was a significant factor in his improvement.

"Improving my health was the main reason I switched from the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), but the performance boost was a wonderful bonus," Ken exclaimed. "With my healthier eating habits, I not only lost weight, but also gained energy... and consequently my times on the track became quicker. This season was a definite improvement over the last, and I'm really looking forward to what I might be able to do next year!"

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recipeTravel in the Raw Recipes

Kale Kitchen Sink Krackers 
by Kirsten Gum, Living Light Gourmet Raw Food Chef

These little babies are great to munch on when you are on the go! They were inspired while catering a retreat in Cusco, Peru this spring. When you are nourishing 40 guests daily, you are always trying to find fun ways to re-invent leftovers! These came out of a need to use leftover kale salad and create morsels for on the go guests who needed energy for all those sacred sites they were visiting! My assistant chef Shauna Langfield (also a gourmet chef graduate from Living Light) wasn't so sure about my inspiration to mix our chia pudding with kale salad. She is now a huge fan of this recipe!
Kitchen Sink Crackers Ingredients:

3 cups sunflower seeds, soaked for 4-6 hours

4 cups left-over massaged kale salad

1 cup natural spring water

1½ cups coconut water

1 Tbs. garlic salt

1 Tbs. spirulina

1 Tbs. olive oil

1 Tbs. apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) 

2 Tsp. Himalayan salt

2/3 cup chia seeds


  • Mix dry chia seeds with water and coconut water and stir, set aside for 15 minutes for the seeds to hydrate into a paste
  • Drain and rinse the soaking sunflower seeds and throw into the food processor along with the left over kale salad. Mix together, constantly scraping down sides of the vessel
  • Add garlic salt, spirulina, olive oil and vinegar to the food processor and mix again until the texture of cake batter, transfer to a large mixing bowl.
  • Add the chia mixture to the green batter and mix together.
  • Spread thinly on teflex dehydrator sheets, set dehydrator to 145 for one hour (this helps pull moisture quickly without taking internal temperature too high). Then turn down to 105 and allow to dry for 6-8 hours.
  • When mixture is tacky to the touch, flip your batter, pull back and remove the teflex sheets
  • Return batter to dehydrator and continue to to dry until desired crispness, usually another 4-6 hours
  • Store in a sealed container for up to one month
My favorite way of eating these lovely babies is to smear some zucchini hummus on the cracker and top with tomato tartar and a sprinkle of gomasio!

Kirsten Gum
Kirsten Gum is a certified gourmet raw food from Living Light,
and owner of Experience Raw, a multi service business dedicated to assisting clients in their transformational food journey. Her mission to bring conscious cuisine to the mainstream and help others re-establish a healthy connection to food has taken her around the globe, teaching classes and catering retreats. She lives in Venice, California and teaches at the Gourmandise School of Sweet and Savory. Visit Kirsten on Facebook at kirstengumraw


Colleen Cackowski in Iceland
Colleen Cackowski in Iceland 

Easy Travel Tip Instant Smoothies!

by Colleen Cackowski


It's always best to look for fresh, organic produce, but sometimes when you travel, it's not convenient at a moment's notice to find something fresh to satisfy those hunger pains! Here's a fun idea that's easy to prepare and can help keep you on a healthy program while you are traveling so you can continue to have great immunity and high energy to enjoy the day.

When I travel, I usually prepare instant smoothies that I can bring with me in single serving sizes. I package these in snack size bags and I make enough servings in advance for one smoothie per day for the duration of my trip.  I pack the individual bags in a pint size glass jar with a lid so that it keeps the powders safe from spills and I also have a clean jar to mix the smoothie in. I'm sharing one recipe that works great, but you can make your own version based on your favorite ingredients.

This recipe is chock-full of nutrients, plus protein, fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and more... everything you need to power up your day on the go. I usually have this in the morning as breakfast, but it can also work great as an afternoon snack, or whenever you are hungry and don't want to cave in to fast food! Count the number of people and days you want to prepare for. 

For example, if you're going away for a long weekend with your partner and you'll be gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you'll want to make 6 servings in advance. Nothing is wasted if you don't use any of these smoothie packets during the trip because you can always carry the baggie to work when you get back home and enjoy a healthy snack in the office!


Multiply by the number of servings you want to make and mix the following dry ingredients together in a bowl:

  • 1 serving of your favorite protein powder
  • 1 TBS chia seeds
  • 1 TBS cacao or carob powder
  • 1 TBS xylitol powder
  • 1 TBS Fruits of the Earth (HealthForce Nutritionals)
  • 1-3 tsp your favorite green superfood powder  (VitaMineral Green, spirulina, chlorella, etc.)
  • 1 tsp acai powder  
Divide the mixture evenly into snack size bags or other small containers. Pack together in a pint-size jar. When you are hungry, simply empty the contents of one of the bags into the jar. Fill ¾ full with good quality water and shake! Your instant smoothie is ready to enjoy... 
Step 1: Combine ingredients in a bowl 
Step 2: Mix together  
Step 3: Divide evenly into smaller bags and store in a glass jar with lid: 
Step 4: When you are ready, open the contents of one of the bags into the jar, add water and shake. Your portable superfood smoothie is ready to enjoy!  

Colleen Cackowski Colleen Cackowski is an award-winning gourmet raw food chef and chocolatier. A raw foodist since 1996, Colleen is very familiar with the challenges and pitfalls encountered as we embrace a healthier lifestyle, especially while traveling. Colleen spent two years at Living Light as personal assistant to Cherie Soria. Visit Colleen at

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