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February 2011
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Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.

~ Unknown
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Living Light Marketplace

Living Light is pleased to announce a 20% OFF Sale February 15 to March 15 on all individual books in our store (book bundles are not discounted), and on all GREEN BOTTLE brand water bottles.

If you've been thinking of adding to your library of raw food books, now is the time to select a few favorites and get a great discount.


All Books 20% Off



The Green Bottle™ was designed as a solution to the problems caused by the massive worldwide use of disposable plastic water bottles. In the United States alone, we waste nearly 2.5 million plastic water bottles per hour. These plastic water bottles are leeching harmful chemicals into our drinking water and causing a massive disposal problem in our landfills. The Green Bottle is also a perfect replacement for plastic sports bottles that may contain BPA. The Green Bottle offers an affordable and quality alternative to those who are conscious about their health AND our environment. Be proactive-buy The Green Bottle and make a difference today.


Pink Heart Green Bottle 

This special is available by phone or in person. No online sales. So if you want good deals, give us a call!

Click here to shop!


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Living Light Café

1/2 Price on Smoothies -
A Sweet Sale for February


Joe Seta, our Café and Marketplace Manager has come up with another brilliant idea! An Early Bird Healthy Hour - What a concept! Our customers at Living Light Café can now come to the cafe between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM for a half price special on all of our delicious smoothies through February 28.


We have great energy boosters and other breakfast options, too - like granola, scones, and chia pudding, start your dayout the healthy way at Living Light Café. We also have a beautiful new all organic salad bar available from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM along with our wonderful assortment of special salads, juices, and other beverages, entrees, sandwiches, and our lusciously bountiful Dessert Tower - yummmmmmmm! Two hot soups and a nourishing cooked grain also available daily.


If you live in the area, or are just passing through, we'd LOVE to see you! Now, you can friend us on Facebook!

Early Bird Healthy Hour!
8:00 AM to 9:00 AM,
Monday through Friday

Through February 28 only.  

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This Month's Featured Recipe:
Testimonials for Living Light Culinary Arts Institute

"Thank you for your visit to British Columbia. Through your dedication, your knowledge, your experience, your willingness to share, your aliveness and enthusiasm, you have touched the lives of many people here. As we witness the effects of your efforts and teaching, we see that people who attend your classes are inspired, informed, and motivated to make healthier choices in their lives."
-Raw B.C.

"Thank you, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed this and am actually happy to leave this class knowing that my life will never be the same and I'm looking forward to the new me and my new life. Raw foods and essential oils are my new recipe for overall ultimate health!"

"I received kind and clear instruction in raw food basics.  The demonstrations were so helpful!  Don't be afraid to come if you are a novice or just want to learn new techniques for food preparation at home.  The skills you acquire will last a lifetime!"

"Do it and enjoy! It is an amazing and super fun experience!!"

"I'm loving the new knowledge I have on creating low or no fat dishes! Good-bye nuts! And the use of binders, new ingredients, new fruits and spices. I feel a whole new world has opened up! I now look at other cultures and think "I can make that". I've begun to Google spices to learn more ethnic flavors. Also stacking and plate design - learning how to make the food not only delicious but a feast for the eyes. I'm thankful for my new family of raw friends and the staff and teachers are ALWAYS amazing."
"BLESS YOU for Angel Foods. I have thanked you every day as I dip into it. I love the depth of nurture it provides, the gorgeous line drawings, the inspirational recipes, your lovely and very helpful comments and the prayers to my angels. I was truly guided to this book, the first recipe book I've purchased in about 12 years! I've given several copies of it to dear friends."
It's the best and most professional school ever! It's worth every cent and the staff is walking their talk from their hearts!

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A Month of Love



Where is love? It's always around us, here at Living Light - especially this month. We've been very inspired by the heartwarming response to our Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest, which just wrapped on Valentine's Day. We're proud and honored to announce the winners: Grand Prize: Hot Raw Chef Amber Shea Ford, who will receive $4,995 towards tuition for any culinary class at Living Light or a stay at Living Light Inn. Runner-Up Chaya Ryvka Diehl will receive $450 towards any Living Light class, and People's Choice Award Winner Amber Shea Ford won $250 to spend any way she likes at any of Living Light's four businesses.

Congratulations to each and every one of you - all 44 talented contestants and the more than 6,000 voters who helped select our People's Choice winner. This month is also a very special one for us at Living Light, because Valentine's Day is the wedding anniversary of our directors, Cherie and Dan. We are all happy that for the first time in a few years they were able to celebrate in style, at their original honeymoon destination: Costa Rica...sweet!

And as a special treat, we have lined up some extraordinary discounts for our March 5-14 session - just for you. We've heard from potential students that they'd like a shorter "mini" session to fit into their busy lives, and this year, our schedule permits us to offer just such a session, which includes FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™, Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills!™, Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts™, and Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I. You still have time to take advantage of our discounts - call our enrollment specialists right away to secure your place in class. Here are the sale prices we've created exclusively for this session, including 3 nights free at Living Light Inn when you stay seven nights: click here for complete information. 


What else is new? We now have a fresh all-organic salad bar at Living Light Café, and Café/Marketplace Manager Joe Seta and his wonderful team are keeping it stocked with yummy edibles to keep your heart healthy this month and always. Living Light Marketplace is offering 20% off on all single books in the store, and all Green Brand™ water bottles.  And we're very excited about launching a delicious new product: The Queen of Kale Chips, with recipes created by our own talented Living Light chef Martine Lussier! And the taste? Absolutely love-ly.

Yes, February is the month of love. As you open your hearts to a sweet and satisfying future, we hope you include fulfilling your dream of becoming a student at Living Light. We love our students, and we believe in the power of love to transform all of our lives!


Blessings of radiant health,

Kristin Suratt, PR Director and the entire Living Light Team

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Nourish Your Heart with Love and Raw Food   


During the month of love, we like to remind ourselves that a healthy heart is the product of many complimentary factors including a healthy lifestyle, exercise, a positive mental attitude, time spent with family and friends, fellowship with like minded community, meaningful work, outlets for creativity, and a connection with the spiritual side of life. A little romance never hurt either! And since we have raw food and nutritional science experts on staff, we'd love to reprint this article on heart health:

Heart Health Tips from Dr. Rick Dina, D.C.  

The heart is an icon that represents many important emotional values that contribute to health and well-being, such as love, kindness, and connection with others. When it comes to our literal, physical hearts, those life giving organs that pump blood, nutrients, and oxygen to every part of our body for our entire lifetimes, we can engage in the spirit of Valentine's Day by showing our own hearts the level of love and kindness they truly need and deserve. As many of you already know, heart disease is the leading cause of premature (and preventable) death in the United States and many other modern industrialized nations. The great news is that there are simple, yet extremely powerful steps we can take to prevent, and even reverse this disease process, as well as measurements to let us know if we are on the right or wrong track toward taking the best care we can of our hearts. Click here to read the entire article. 




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2011 Class Schedule
Upcoming Classes at Living Light

Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ - February 20-23

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ Series

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I:  February 24-25
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ II: February 26-March 2
Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: March 3-4
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ III:  March 7-10 
Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: March 11-12

NEW! Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts™ Series

March 5-14

FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™ March 5
Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills!™ March 6
Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts™ March 7-11
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I: March 13-14

Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor™ Series and Gourmet Raw Food Chef™ Series

FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™ March 19
Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills!™ March 20
Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts™ March 21-25
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I: March 26-27
Associate Chef and Instructor Training™ March 28-April 8
Ethnic Flavors in Recipe Development™ April 11-15
RawFusion Spa Cuisine™ April 18-22
Raw Event Catering and Elegant Entertaining™ April 25-29
PLUS: Essence of Raw: March 9
PLUS: Essence of Abundance: March 10
PLUS: Pastry Arts-Unbaked!™ May 1-4

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ Series
May 5-20

Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ I:  May 5-6
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ II: May 7-11
Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: May 12-13
Science of Raw Food Nutrition™ III:  May 15-18 
Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification™: May 19-20

Click here for more information and to register, or call 707-964-2420 or 800-816-2319.

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NEW! Advanced Instructor Training and Certification

When you're ready to become a raw food teacher at the highest level, this intensive, career-focused learning experience will help you rise to the top of your profession quickly.  Each module is specifically designed to prepare you to share your expertise with people who are eager to improve their health and embrace a raw food approach to eating.

Building a business takes dedication and direction.  If you provide the former, world renowned author and Living Light course instructor Jennifer Cornbleet will supply the latter.  She'll share practical tips and tools for becoming a popular speaker/teacher whose services are in-demand to the growing audience of raw food enthusiasts.

Course Prerequisites: Successful completion of the Associate Chef and Instructor Training™ class.

Included in Your Course of Study:
  • The Foundation of Success:  Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Mastering Internet Marketing:  No Technical Skills Required
  • Becoming a Raw Food Ambassador:  Creating Demand
  • Crowd-Pleasers:  Secrets to Presenting Irresistible Raw Food Demonstrations
  • Going One-on-One:  Tips for Providing Personal Coaching
A career as a raw food expert has never been easier. Our Advanced Instructor Training and Certification is a comprehensive course of study that is challenging, as well as intensely rewarding and a great deal of fun. 

2011 Class Dates: July 3-7, September 25-29

Tuition: $1,575

Class size is limited - reserve your place today!  Call 707-964-2420 or click here for more information.

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Living Light Product Spotlight 


The Queen of Kale Chips


These scrumptious Kale Chips are near and dear to the heart of our Culinary Programs Manager, Martine Lussier, who as been developing them to a point of perfection for the last several months. She has generously sampled them to Living Light staff, to rave reviews. The Queen of Kale Chips come in four flavors, and we'll let you know the MINUTE they're available! 


Lemon Pepper
Spicy BBQ Goji
Chocolate Mole


Kudos to Martine for her creative genius in creating Living Light's version of these delicious heart healthy snacks. Bet you can't wait to taste them!





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Let's Get Social   


We just love all of our students from around the world, and we are always excited about connecting with people who want to learn more about the raw food lifestyle, and our comprehensive courses and certification programs at Living Light. We also enjoy getting to know more about people who live in our local community. To that end, we've become very involved with social media in the last year, and plan on doing much more in 2011. You can now friend or fan us on Facebook:



Living Light Culinary Institute 

Living Light Marketplace 

Living Light Cafe 

Living Light Inn 


Stay in touch, and get the latest updates, recipes, tips, and details about each of our four businesses. P.S. Since we changed our name from Living Light Culinary Arts Institute to Living Light Culinary Institute, we're removing our old page and starting anew. Please be sure to fan us on the latter - it is up now, and we will be removing our old page next week!

We've been blogging: Our bloggers, Mary Elizabeth, Hilloah, and Kristin are building up quite a following with their unique insights, humor, and panache, AND lots of great information about Living Light. And we've just started a brand new blog, The Chef Experience. Blogger Amber West is a Living Light Chef Instructor who is sharing her daily experiences during our Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Trainings™ throughout the year, complete with lots of "insider" photos.


What's next?  

A full launch on Twitter for 2011. Follow us!



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Cherie in Carol Alt's New Book "Easy, Breezy, Sexy Raw"  


Most of you are probably familiar with author and actress Carol Alt, who has graced the covers of over 700 magazines as a supermodel. She's also written two books on her transition to a raw food lifestyle: Eating in the Raw and The Raw 50. We are delighted to announce that Carol has invited Cherie to contribute two recipes to her upcoming book, Easy, Breezy, Sexy Raw. Cherie's recipes for the book will be Onion Caraway Flatbread and Vegan Bay Crab Cakes with Creamy Dill Tartar Sauce. Publication date for the new book is TBA, but in the meantime, you can purchase Eating in the Raw at our discounted sale price of 20% off until March 15, or get Cherie's book bundle, The Raw Food Revolution Diet and Angel Foods for just $34.98 at Living Light Marketplace.


Buy Cherie's Book Bundle now 



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Welcome to Our New Innkeeper Kerry Abdow


Our new Resident Innkeeper, Kerry Abdow, comes to Living Light directly from Chicago. A long-time restaurant professional, she spent years working with some of the best chefs and sommeliers in the country, experiencing the fine art of service and cuisine. She is also a yoga enthusiast, herbalist and a writer who aspires to see her name on the silver screen. Kerry's favorite living being is her very cute (and very spoiled) Bichon Frise, Boo. 


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José Villanueva and Joe Seta are Making a Difference at Living Light  


For the month of January, Living Light was pleased to honor Jose Villanueva as our Employee of the Month. Jose was born in Jalisco, Mexico and moved to Fort Bragg 10 years ago when he was 15. After high school, he briefly attended College of the Redwoods. Jose joined the Living Light kitchen team 2 ½ years ago, in July of 2008, as a utility worker and was recently promoted to the food production team.

Jose's teammates say he's doing an excellent job and looks snazzy in his new chef coat. They describe him as very responsible, efficient, friendly, and reliable. They also say he is humble, helpful, and always a gentleman.  He is an incredibly hard worker, polite, courteous, and thoughtful to others. 

Jose loves playing soccer and basketball and listening to music, and is devoted to his 2 ½ -year old son, Julian. He also enjoys working at Living Light and is especially grateful that he works for a company that recognizes the value of its people and supports them in career advancement.

Jose has earned the love and respect of his fellow employees and managers and is well deserving of this esteemed award.

Thank you Jose Villanueva-for being one of the bright lights here at Living Light. We love and appreciate you!




For February, Living Light is pleased honor our esteemed colleague and manager of the Café and Marketplace, Joe Seta as our Employee of the Month. Joe is a vital part of our company and does an outstanding job with everything he attempts, from creating a new salad bar to training a vibrant staff. He is highly regarded by both mangers and employees at Living Light, because he is friendly, self-motivated, intelligent, dependable, helpful, devoted to excellent customer service, and dedicated to the success of our company.


Joe appreciates working for a company that encourages employee input and ideas and enjoys the challenge of active participation in the success of Living Light International.

Besides being dedicated to making Living Light a thriving company with great employee and customer satisfaction, Joe loves weaving, sewing, sailing, music, radio, and voice acting. He is multi-talented and offers his vast management experience in a variety of different ways from equipment repair to technology!  His life goals are to learn daily, communicate well, eat well, and love more!


Living Light employees and managers selected Joe as Employee of the Month for many reasons, not the least of which is his devotion to the success of this company and the teamwork of its' employees and managers.


Congratulations, Employee of the Month, Joe Seta-you deserve it!


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HOT RAW CHEF Sweet Valentine Video Contest Winners!

Meet Hot Raw Chef Amber Shea Ford!

Amber Shea Ford, creator and author of the popular food blog Almost Vegan, is a linguist, writer, and runner from Kansas City, Missouri. She is also certified as a raw vegan chef by 105 Degrees Academy. As a health-oriented high-raw vegan, Amber eschews diets based on dogmatism and deprivation, preferring instead a flexible approach to food choices. She has a voracious appetite for fresh, vibrant, sexy food! Her raw Caramel Fudge Brownies are the perfect treat to make on Valentine's Day or any time of year. Her brownies are deep, dark, and devilishly delicious on their own, but when topped with a thick, cocoa-scented, whipped Caramel Vanilla Icing, they are truly over the top! They are quick to make, easy to assemble and do not require dehydration. Here's her winning recipe:


Caramel-Fudge Brownies
Yield: 16 servings


For the brownie:

1 cup dry raw pecans (soaked and dehydrated if desired)

1 cup dry raw walnuts (soaked and dehydrated if desired)

Pinch of sea salt

¾ cup packed pitted dates

⅓ cup raw cacao powder


For the icing:

½ cup raw cashews, soaked

¼ cup lucuma powder

¼ cup raw agave nectar

1 tsp vanilla extract

½ tsp lemon juice

Pinch of sea salt

¼ cup melted coconut oil

2 Tbsp melted cacao butter

To make the brownies, combine the pecans, walnuts, and salt in the bowl of a food processor.  Pulse them together until they are ground into a fine powder.  Add the dates, one at a time, pulsing several times in between every addition to incorporate each one.  Sprinkle the cacao powder over the nut-date mixture, and pulse several more times, until the mixture is uniformly combined.

Transfer the mixture to a 6-inch springform pan (or another similarly sized dish) greased with coconut oil.  Use your fingers to press the mixture down into the pan, packing it tightly and evenly.  Chill the brownies in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes while you make the icing.

To make the icing, combine the cashews, lucuma, agave, vanilla, lemon juice, and salt in a high-speed blender.  Blend briefly to combine.  Then, with the machine running at a low speed, slowly pour in the coconut oil and cacao butter.  Turn the machine to a higher speed and blend the mixture thoroughly, until it is very smooth.

Remove the brownies from the refrigerator and spread the icing evenly on top.  Return the pan to the fridge for at least one hour, or until the icing is set.  The brownies can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week. 



Runner-up Winner

Chef Chaya-Ryvka Diehl


Coconut Cardamom Rose Truffle 


Truffle Filling

1 cup water

2 tablespoons hemp seeds

1½ teaspoons beet juice, prepare your beet juice by using a small hand held grater. Half of a small beet will yield about 2 teaspoons of juice. Once you have grated the beet, squeeze the pulp through a nut milk bag to gather your juice.

10 tablespoon coconut nectar or liquid sweetener of choice.

1 packet stevia

10 drops rose oil

½ teaspoon cardamom

½ cup coconut butter

⅛ teaspoon high mineral sea salt

1 vanilla bean scraped, seeds only

¾ cup extra virgin coconut oil
1½ teaspoon non-gmo soy lecithin


Directions for filling: 

  1. Begin by gently melting your coconut oil and coconut butter. You can melt these items by either a hot water bath or using your dehydrator. A hot water bath is where you boil some water and immerse the jar into the hot water that is not on a heat source, make sure not to completely submerge the jar into the water.
  2. As your oil and butter are melting you can proceed to measure out the remaining ingredients. Measure your ingredients directly into a high speed blender. Once your oil and butter are both melted measure them out and add them to your blender.
  3. Blend all of your truffle ingredients on high until the mixture is completely emulsified, and creamy.
  4. Pour your mixture into a container and allow the mixture to set up in your fridge overnight.
  5. Use a small ice cream scoop to measure out your truffles. Use a teflex sheet or some wax paper as a non stick surface for your truffles.
  6. Place your truffles into the freezer for at least two hours or until frozen solid.

Chocolate Dip
For the quickest chocolate shell purchase your very favorite raw chocolate bar. I highly recommend Sacred Heart Chocolates, which are becoming widely available in health food stores. You will need at least a half pound of chocolate to dip all of your truffles. If you have a favorite chocolate recipe and want to make your own chocolate that is also an option. My favorite hard chocolate recipe comes from Café Gratitude's dessert book "Sweet Gratitude." 


  1. Chop your chocolate and melt it in your dehydrator or in a hot water bath.Be sure not to get any water into your chocolate as that can cause all of the chocolate to seize.
  2. Once your chocolate is completely melted, pull your frozen truffles out of the freezer.


  1. Now, you will want to have a fork or other dipping tool on hand. Drop your truffles one at a time into the melted chocolate, and quickly release it onto your non-stick surface.
  2. Use dried rose petals, shredded coconut, or cacao nibs to sprinkle on top of your truffles. Make sure to decorate while the chocolate is still wet.
  3. You will need to store these in the fridge, and they will be good for up to a week. Alternatively you can store them in the freezer for at least a month.

Enjoy and be sure to share these treats with your loved ones!




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recipeChef's Corner

Chocolate Fudge Coconut Dream Bars

Recipe by Vinnette Thompson  


This recipe for Chocolate Fudge Coconut Dream Bars was created by Vinnette Thompson, who teaches during all of our Pastry Arts courses, and many of our advanced recipe development classes. Vinnette is an amazingly talented, classically trained chef, certified by both the Culinary Institute of America and Living Light Culinary Institute. She is also a wonderful, modest, and loving person. All of our staff and students just ADORE Vinnette and, it's not just because her dessert recipes are nothing short of magnificent, although that certainly doesn't hurt!    



Chocolate Ganache 


2 1/4 cups cocoa powder

2 1/4 cups maple syrup 

1 cup coconut oil


Blend all the ingredients for the ganache until smooth and set aside.


Bottom Layer  


4 cups walnuts 

4 cups pecans

3 1/2 cups chocolate ganache

1 cup raisins

1 cup dried shredded coconut

1 cup dehydrated maple syrup

1 1/2 teaspoons salt 


1. In the food processor process 2 cups of walnuts, 2 cups of pecans.

2. Transfer to a mixing bowl.

3. Repeat with the remaining 2 cups of nuts.

4. Add 3 cups of chocolate ganache, raisins, coconut, maple sugar, and salt mixed until thoroughly combined.

5. Transfer the mixture to a parchment lined pan and spread into an even layer.

6. Place in the fridge to set up.



Top Layer 


2 cups coconut meat

1/4 cup agave nectar

2 tablespoons vanilla

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup coconut oil (melted)

4 cups dried shredded coconut

1/2 cup chocolate ganache  


1. In the high speed blender blend the coconut meat, agave, vanilla, and salt until very smooth.

2. While the blender is running add the melted coconut oil and continue blending until smooth, then transfer the mixture to a bowl.

3. Stir in 2 cups of shredded coconut.

4. Spread evenly on top of the chilled bars.

5. Sprinkle the remaining shredded coconut on top.

6. Drizzle the half cup of chocolate ganache over the coconut.

7. Place in the fridge to set up.

8. Cut into bars.



Looking for more great raw recipes?  Click here to find out about The 2010 Chef Showcase DVD Set.  It's the perfect way to watch culinary demos by the top chefs in raw food today!  




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