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Everyone knows that the quickest way to anyone’s heart is dessert! Now you can explore the fabulous world of dairy-free, gluten-free raw desserts that taste even better than their cooked versions. Discover the secrets and learn amazing techniques using a variety of sweeteners, thickeners, binders, gelling agents and emulsifiers—our pastry graduates have created successful and diverse businesses showcasing their spectacular gourmet confections. If the art of pastry is your passion, we’ve got the perfect program for you!

"In Pastry Arts—Unbaked! I learned how to prepare some of my favorite cooked desserts, but in the raw form. I learned how to make cakes and pies, and other amazing desserts like Tiramisu without the use of any refined sugars, gelatin, or other animal products. Watching the instructors demo the desserts step-by-step and then working with a team to prepare the desserts immediately afterwards was so exciting!"

"We learned how to create pastry crusts, creamy frostings, fluffy cakes, as well as how to frost and pipe, and which gelling agents to select in order to achieve perfect results for each type of dessert. I also learned so many tips and tricks—I would certainly never have discovered them on my own! My family and friends have been impressed and delighted with the desserts I’ve made for them."

"The class also got my creative juices flowing to come up with new ideas and combinations. Hmm… the crust from the mudslide pie recipe and the lemon “butter cream” frosting would make a delicious treat! You’ll learn more in four days than you ever imagined, and you’ll have the confidence to make raw vegan desserts for parties and special events.” ~ Kristia N.

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