Living Light Chef Showcase


2011 Chef Showcase Online

You’ll see 24 delicious recipe demos in our professional teaching classroom, and learn specialized techniques for creating gourmet raw vegan dishes like Red Bell Pepper Chipotle Soup with Cashew Sour Cream and Cornbread, Triple Berry Shortcake with Black Pepper Tarragon Syrup, Frankincense Spiced Granola and Mac Nut Citrus Coconut Milk, and Lavender Blueberry Ice Cream with a Pistacho Crown and Ancho Chocolate Filling!

2010 Chef Showcase Replay


Have a birds eye view for the Living Light 2010 Chef Showcase! You'll learn incredible recipes for healthy, nurturing, comfort food that are both satisfying and flavorful. You will see a wide variety of cuisine demonstrated - everything from simply prepared family meals to gourmet cuisine, including delicious gluten-free and low-glycemic recipes. Even if you have not enjoyed uncooked vegan food in the past, you will be surprised and amazed at how easy and delicious these foods can be.

When you register to watch online, you'll get two full months of unlimited access to all of the presentations on-demand, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your favorite chefs and their favorite recipes again and again at your leisure. You'll also receive a PDF of the complete recipe book with every recipe listed for future reference so you can prepare that special dinner for your family or friends.

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