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Video Submission Guidelines

• The video must be of you demonstrating your own original recipe
• The total length of the video must be under 5 minutes in length and the recipe must take no more than 5 minutes to prepare
• Everything must be prepared in front of the video camera so the audience can see every step
• At the end of your video presentation, you must say, “Go to to vote for me! Don’t forget – do it now! That’s to cast your Peoples Choice vote for me, (insert name)!”
• Your video will be evaluated on presentation and teaching style as well as recipe quality and adherence to the judging criteria

Video Example

Yes, you may:
• Use knives and vegetable peelers to peel, chop, dice, mince, julienne, and shred fruits and vegetables in advance of your demo
• Premeasure your ingredients
• Soak nuts and seeds in advance
• Use commercially available foods like raisins, dates, dried mangos, sun-dried tomatoes or nut butters
• Use ingredients like salt, spices, and herbs for flavor enhancement (no more than 1 tablespoon of each) in addition to your 5 key ingredients
• Use electronic or mechanical devices like blenders, food processors, spiral slicers (spirooli, spiralizer, cabec, etc) during your demo

No, you may not:
• Use electronic or mechanical devices like blenders, food processors, dehydrators, spiral slicers in advance of your demo. Blending and processing must be done in real time on camera

Recipe Guidelines

• Your recipe must contain 100% vegan ingredients (no honeybee, dairy or other animal products or byproducts)
• The recipe must be written in an easy-to-read format and submitted using our recipe writing guidelines
• Your recipe must contain a minimum 80% raw vegan ingredients by weight. Ingredients that are admissible, but not considered raw, include: miso, tamari, natural flavor extracts like food grade essential oils, vanilla, and other pure flavor extracts, pure agave, maple syrup, agar agar, lecithin, and commercially dehydrated foods, like spices
• Your recipe will be included in an e-book of contest recipes which will be given to everyone who registers to vote

Presentation Guidelines

• All presenters are required to sign a standard waiver for the use of photos, video, and recipe submissions Living Light International and its representative
• Using inappropriate slang, swear words, disrespectful or judgmental language will automatically disqualify your video
• Avoid giving unsubstantiated nutritional information or medical advice
• You may not use this video as a sales opportunity or for personal promotion of a website or blog. All entrants will have their website and/or contact information listed on our voting page so people may contact you for information about your business or service

Video Submission Guidelines (pdf)
Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Other Logistics

• Voting period for videos will be between November 5 and November 14, 2014
• Winners will be notified by November 21, 2014
• You may enter no more than once
• Living Light faculty, employees, and family members are not eligible to participate

Judging Criteria

All submissions will be reviewed using the following guidelines:

1. Overall Presentation and Teaching Style - 60%
Includes professionalism, teaching skills, enthusiasm, culinary expertise, clarity of directions, culinary tips including storage life, variations and serving suggestions, and attractiveness of the final product

2. Quality of Recipe - 20%
Includes originality, creativity, ease of preparation, clarity of written recipe

3. Adherence to Guidelines – not adhering to guidelines could result in a deduction of up to 40% of the vote
Includes unprofessional behavior, amount of non-raw ingredients or non-vegan ingredients used, amount of time spent promoting products, or offering unsubstantiated nutritional information.

4. Votes by the Public - 20%
Make sure to encourage your friends to support your rise to the top! The person with the most votes in this category will win the Peoples’ Choice Award— an important criteria for judges to choose the overall (Grand Prize) winner!