Our Culinary Curriculum

Associate Chef and Instructor Graduates

At Living Light Culinary, we inspire our students to unleash their creativity as they begin an exciting and successful new path in life. Whether you come to our school to improve your health, create healthy eating habits for yourself or your family, pursue a new path in the plant-based cuisine industry or add raw vegan dishes to your repertoire as a personal chef or pastry chef, Living Light Culinary Institute can provide you with an exceptional gourmet raw vegan education. We have been educating teachers, professional and personal chefs, restaurant owners, caterers, recipe book authors and dedicated stay-at-home parents since 1998.

And in the next year, we are bringing a new focus to the plant-based culinary world - raw and cooked vegan fusion. Building on our time-tested raw food curriculum, this hands-on, five-day seasonal course offers a unique opportunity to explore various raw preparations and cooked techniques with whole foods.  These techniques will inspire you to create plant-based food with high integrity, showcasing exquisite flavors while optimizing nutritional value. Students will learn how to prepare foods that are vibrant and vital with the local bounty here on the beautiful Mendocino Coast. We will focus on what each season has to offer and let the garden guide our creativity.

We believe that all of our graduates need a foundation not only in gourmet raw vegan cuisine but in how to share raw foods culinary skills, nutrition and the benefits of this lifestyle to others. No matter what your goal, we are confident that after you complete our training, you'll feel motivated to share your talent and newly learned skills with your loved ones, friends, coworkers, staff and, for many of you, the public.

Our enrollment specialists are ready to help guide you step-by-step, and answer any questions you may have about any of the courses, certifications and packages. Our team is here to support you every step of the way as you make your decisions and Get Started!

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