Instructor Empowerment Kit Testimonials

What Other Instructor Empowerment Kit Purchasers Are Saying . . .

The Instructor Empowerment Kits were critical in helping me launch my business quickly. I had the teaching experience, the passion for raw food, and business know-how, but it would have taken me months of trial and error to design my own great classes. I didn't want my new students to suffer through that, and I wanted to make an income from raw food quickly. The Instructor Empowerment Kits are the reason I was able to offer stellar classes from the very beginning. My classes get rave reviews, my students are thrilled, and my business is booming.

 Heather Haxo Phillips

Berkeley, CA

 I was already doing workshops with raw food before I came to Living Light, but after I purchased the Instructor Empowerment Kits, doing the workshops became so much easier because all the pre-preparation was already done. The handouts, the shopping list, the recipes, etc are all organized to fit into a comfortable time structure. These kits have saved me so much work, and they also provides a good model for my own workshops.

Dr. Jeannette Vos

 The Instructor Empowerment Kits are amazing!. Teaching has never been easier. Everything that you need is provided for you in these well-constructed professional kits. All the recipes, handouts, shopping lists, equipment lists, and student handouts, too. Why re-invent the wheel when it has already been done for you? Thank you Jennifer Cornbleet!

Sequoia Cheney
Sonoma, CA

 "Thanks to the kits, I was able to have a turnkey business just 10 days after graduating from the Associate Raw Food Chef and Instructor training at Living Light. I know if I had to create these classes myself, it would never have happened, because of the immense amount of time and effort needed to create such a professional presentation. Everything is done for me from the prep and shopping lists, to the flyers, the recipes (which are always outstanding), the demo cards, and more. Students always comment that my classes are spectacular! I have used almost all of the kits and taught the classes/demos to over 1,000 people, and I just keep getting rave reviews! Thank you for making it simple for me, so that I can concentrate on teaching."

Leslie Marioni,
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Associate Chef and Instructor

 "I have just completed another raw foods class using the Breakfast & Brunch Empowerment Kit, and it went great! The kits make teaching a raw foods class seamless! Everything from contacting the prospective venue right down to the recipes, shopping list, setting up the classroom, what to teach, and the students packets--the kits have everything I need. I graduated from Living Light just 3 months ago and have been able to teach a class every month since I got back from California thanks to these kits. I would recommend that anyone who is considering teaching raw food classes buy them, as they really do empower you to get out there and start teaching. It's "Raw Foods Teaching Made Easy"!"

Hyacinth Mills, September '08 graduate, New Jersey
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Associate Chef and Instructor

 "I purchased the complete kit collection and it is absolutely the best investment I could have made to start my teaching career. The kits enabled me to teach several classes within six weeks of leaving Living Light, and the set of 11 kits paid for itself after only 3 classes! The kits have everything you need to get started, and everything is well organized and easy to follow. The kits make it so easy that I was even able to schedule a few classes last minute. When people called me last Christmas, I was ready to go. I've even used the kits to plan raw parties. Everyone loves the recipes. My students are blown away that raw food can be so delicious, as well as easy and healthy. Thank you Jenny for all your hardwork on the kits—you have made it so easy for the rest of us!"

Michelle Dahms, South Bend, Indiana 
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Associate Chef and Instructor

 "Using the kits means that I don't have to reinvent the wheel, and that is worth every penny to me! All of the menus and recipes are set up and ready to go, and they are easy to edit when I want to make changes. Just knowing that everything in these classes has been tested already is so comforting. I taught Asian Fusion recently, and everyone loved all the recipes.The kits are have been a great foundation for my teaching career."

Patti Searle, San Jose, California
Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Associate Chef and Instructor