Instructor Empowerment Kit FAQ

Who can purchase the Instructor Empowerment Kits?

You must be a certified Living Light Culinary Arts Institute "Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor" to purchase Instructor Empowerment Kits.

What’s in the Instructor Empowerment Kits?

In each kit you will find complete materials to market, plan, and execute a raw food class. Materials include flyers, recipes, shopping and equipment lists, class-room set up instructions, assistant job descriptions and more! The kits do all the thinking for you. All you have to do is follow along and enjoy teaching the classes.

How much do the kits cost?

All kits are $299 with the exception of the marketing kit, which is $399. If you choose to purchase kits during the 2-week Chef and Instructor training, there is a special offer of $50 off each kit. Ask about other special offers available during Chef and Instructor training, as there are often package deals.

How many Kits should I purchase?

If you aim to become a professional teacher, it is recommended that you buy the complete collection, in order to generate full-time income through offering a wide variety of classes. If you want to teach as a hobby or part-time, it is recommended that you pick 3-5 kits that appeal to you the most. If you’re not sure you want to teach, but want to give it a try, it is recommended that you purchase Forget Cooking! and the Marketing Kit.

What classes can I teach when I graduate from Living Light?

During Chef and Instructor Training, you will learn to design and teach your own classes, but the Instructor Empowerment Kits offer pre-planned Living Light classes, licensed for use once purchased.

How do I order Instructor Empowerment Kits?

Kits may be ordered in the following ways:

Call the Living Light Center at 707-964-2420.
Fill out an order form and fax or mail it to the Living Light Center. Instructor Empowerment Kit Order Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF format, 69 KB)

Please fax the contract to our office immediately after ordering. You can download the Instructor Empowerment Kit contract here (Adobe Acrobat PDF format, 20 KB)

During Chef and Instructor Training, you will learn to design and teach your own classes, but the Instructor Empowerment Kits offer pre-planned Living Light classes, licensed for use once purchased.

How Much Time Can the Instructor Empowerment Kits Save You?

Here is a conservative estimate of the time it takes to design professional raw food classes and basic marketing materials:

1. Perfecting a 3-hour class:

Planning the menu and the order of recipes—1 hour
Testing 6-8 recipes—8 hours
Creating 6-8 professionally written recipes for student handouts—5 hours
Making additional student handouts (shopping and equipment lists, resources, survey)—5 hours
Pricing the class, and adjusting recipes accordingly—5 hours
Teaching the class a couple of times and adjusting it according to student feedback—12 hours
Making your shopping lists—3 hours
Charting the class—4 hours
Making a master equipment list, broken down into bins, and perfecting the list over time—10 hours
Researching the recipes and ingredients to make info cards—10 hours
Setting up formatting for demo and info cards (or handwriting them)—1 hour
Creating ingredient/equipment demo cards—8 hours
Creating info cards, including pacing and sequencing—8 hours
Writing 3 assistant job descriptions—6 hours
Designing class flyer and writing class description—4 hours
Designing binder cover—2 hours
Planning assembly of professional binder—1 hour
Formatting all the documents and setting them up in folders on the computer—6 hours
Creating classroom set-up instructions—1 hour

Total Time: 100 planning hours per class

2. Developing Marketing Materials

Writing and revising a 1 ½ hour free lecture—12 hours
Testing free talk on students and adjusting the content according to audience response—8 hours
Making bullet points for the talk and putting into Powerpoint—9 hours
Designing flyer for the talk—2 hours
Making a student outline for the talk—1 hour
Creating monthly marketing checklist and sign-in sheet—2 hours
Develop and refine frequently asked questions and answers—10 hours
Develop and test recipes for 5 free demos—10 hours
Create recipe handouts for free demos—5 hours
Create demo and info cards for free demos—10 hours
Make shopping list and do charting for free demos—6 hours
Create master equipment list for free demos—3 hours
Develop and refine proposal letters for venue hosts, guest speaker opportunities, print media, and TV media—20 hours
Develop welcome and thank you letters for hosts and students—2 hours

Total Time: 100 hours to develop basic marketing materials

In the Instructor Empowerment Kits, all of the above is done for you, freeing you up to begin teaching and generating income right away.