Cherie Soria Cure to Cancer SummitIntegrated Health Magazine/Integrated Health International
Second Annual Cure to Cancer Online Summit

September 3rd-17th


Cherie is excited to join more than 30 expert speakers in a wonderful, innovative online event that drew thousands of participants last year, and garnered scores of heartfelt messages thanking the event organizers for sharing a wealth of valuable, potentially life-saving information. This year’s event will continue to highlight the most groundbreaking information available on integrative, alternative, and mind/body/spirit approaches to cancer treatment and overall health. Some of the presenters include:

Jeffrey Smith, GMO expert, film maker, author
Dr. Bernie Siegel
Dr. Brian Clement, Director of the Hippocrates Institute
Mike Adams, the wildly popular "Heath Ranger"
KelleyTurner, NYT bestselling author of Radical Remission
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Pedram Shojai
Aubrey de Gray, foremost world expert on stem cells, anti aging, and gene therapy

Other presenters will include Integrative MD's, cancer “thrivers”, researchers, and other experts in a variety of disciplines. This is a not-to-be-missed event for everyone interested in health and well being.

Visit the Cure to Cancer Online Summit Website

Survive or Thrive

September 22

Dan Ladermann, Cherie Soria and Dr. Brian Clement
Embassy Suites, 250 Gateway Blvd., South San Francisco

Do you want to just survive or would you like to thrive? Living Light directors Dan and Cherie join up
with Dr. Brian Clement, educator, author and director of Hippocrates Health Institute for an information
packed evening to help you learn how to understand the nature of disease and create miracles with living
foods. Register now to attend this event from three extraordinary leaders in the field of health and wellness.

world veg day 201415th Annual San Francisco Vegetarian Festival

October 11-12

Golden Gate Park at the S.F. County Fair Building

Every year Living Light participates in this annual celebration, sponsored by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society. This year is no exception. Living
Light will be catering the raw vegan meal on Saturday evening this year. Be sure to stop by our booth and see Cherie Soria do a gourmet raw vegan food
demo on Saturday morning in the auditorium from 10:30 AM – Noon.