The Living Light Difference

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People often ask, "What is the difference between your courses and some others that also certify chefs, but take less time and therefore, are less expensive?" We can only tell you about our culinary and nutritional courses, since we do not want to compare our courses with any others.


Yes, our courses are longer, although not necessarily more costly than the others, if you look at the value received and the per day cost of tuition. We are a culinary school with a curriculum that is designed to teach all aspects of raw culinary arts and nutrition. Our founder and director, Cherie Soria, is known as the mother of gourmet raw cuisine because she was the first to transform plain raw foods into a revolutionary new culinary art and has trained many of the best raw food chefs, instructors and authors in the world today. She is a master raw food chef and instructor and the author of 3 books. Her latest groundbreaking book, The Raw Food Revolution Diet: Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Feel Younger, was written with two well-known dieticians, and merges the science of raw food nutrition and gourmet raw vegan cuisine.

Cherie started Living Light Culinary Institute in 1998, at the behest of Viktoras Kulvinskas, the father of the Living Foods movement, and Dr. Ann Wigmore, to take her new cuisine out into the world and be a beacon of light—hence, the name, Living Light. Cherie is not one to rest on her laurels and has, for over ten years, continued to perfect the curriculum of her culinary trainings, which began as a series of shorter workshops and has developed into a comprehensive chef and instructor training that far exceeds any other. It is designed for serious professional chefs as well as ordinary people who are interested in making healthier meals for themselves and their families.

Living Light has matured into a successful green business that now employs well over 3 dozen full time staff and operates a cafe, retail store, and eco-friendly inn as well as the culinary school, which remains the main focus. As the undisputed leader in raw culinary arts, Living Light trains chefs—from amateur to professional. Over the years, we have discovered the most important aspects of gourmet raw culinary arts training and raw nutritional science, and if we could cover everything in less time, we would do it. We're committed to sending people home fully prepared, so by the time they leave our training, they have perfected their skills hands-on, starting at the beginning and culminating in gourmet cuisine that inspires the most discerning palate. No other culinary arts training program is comparable to Living Light Culinary Institute in raw vegan culinary education.

Our curriculum has been fine tuned to include everything students have told us over the years that they need in order to thrive on a high raw vegan diet. We inspire and motivate students to share their raw food passion with others by teaching them everything they need to know in order to create amazing gourmet foods, teach classes in culinary arts and science of raw food nutrition, write recipe books, and even cater raw events. No other program has trained more expert raw food chefs and authors than Living Light Culinary Arts Institute!

One of the most important things students gain from their experience at Living Light is community combined with unconditional love and support. It has always been, and will continue to be, an important component of all our classes. As most of our students will attest-you will not be sorry you decided on Living Light for your culinary training. In fact, you will receive more than you ever dreamed possible!

Here is an overview of what students learn in their studies at Living Light:

  • The use of all kitchen equipment and appliances required in the preparation of gourmet raw cuisine, including professional knife skills, high powered blenders, food processors, juicers, dehydrators, spiral slicers, mandolins, and other time saving devices
  • Sprouting and growing young greens (students each have their own sprouting projects)
  • Cultured vegetables (krauts)
  • Cheeses (almond ricotta, pine nut parmesan, cashew cream cheese, etc.)
  • Condiments (chutneys, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, dressings, and sauces of all kinds)
  • Breads, wraps, crepes, and crackers (make from both sprouted grains and nuts)
  • Breakfast cereals (granola, oatmeal, etc.)
  • Non-dairy milks and creams
  • Juices and elixirs
  • Secrets of making great salad dressings every time
  • Candy making, pies, cakes, puddings, cookies, tortes, ice creams, desserts of all kinds
  • Pates, dips, and spreads
  • Wraps and rolls
  • Soups and smoothies
  • Appetizers to entrees
  • Pasta making (spaghetti, linguini, lasagna, etc.)
  • Ethnic foods of all kinds (Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, etc.)
  • Spa and weight loss cuisine
  • Holiday and celebration foods
  • Flavor dynamics and flavor balancing (experiential flavor tasting)
  • Recipe development, testing, and recipe writing
  • Transforming favorite cooked recipes to raw
  • Sweeteners, binders, and thickeners in raw cuisine
  • Setting up your raw food kitchen
  • Easy meal planning for the working person
  • Menu design for 10 to 100 (or more!)
  • Food combining
  • Science of raw food nutrition
  • The importance of organic agriculture
  • Composting, recycling and living "green"
  • How to purchase, ripen, and store foods
  • Food design (garnishing, plating, using a pastry bag)
  • The importance of familiarity, color, texture, flavor, and love in food
  • Catering dinner parties or large events
  • Hygiene and food safety
  • Instructor training
  • Writing an introduction, bio, and press release
  • Charting and organizing recipes, menus, and classes
  • Using assistants
  • Creating demo cards
  • Pacing and sequencing
  • Pricing your classes and services
  • Becoming a dynamic speaker
  • Organizing professional raw food classes
  • Marketing your classes and yourself
  • Coaching and personalized trainings
  • Time management and goal setting

We offer several certification programs, each created so you can attend all the courses in one visit to our training facility, or take as many segments as time and money will allow, and return at a later date to complete your raw culinary education.


Living Light International is an organization of dedicated individuals devoted to sharing knowledge about healthful, vibrant living and transformation of body, mind, and spirit.

Living Light International educates and inspires people to create delicious, health-promoting foods for themselves and their families, instruct others in the benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle, and reach the highest standards of leadership and professionalism in the field of raw culinary arts and nutrition.

The Living Light Statement of Purpose is, “Making healthy living delicious.”

Would you like more information about becoming a Living Light Student? Contact an enrollment advisor today: call (800) 816-2319 or (707) 964-2420, Skype, or Email...they would love to help you! You can also click here to schedule a personalized phone or Skype consultation at your convenience.