What To Bring

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Do Bring

Do bring your own sharp knives: You will need your own knives for the hands-on instruction classes. Mark your knives clearly with your name or a symbol (in permanent ink) to identify them. You will need one 6- to 10-inch santoku or chef’s knife, one small paring knife, and one 5-inch serrated knife (optional), all with protective sheaths or in a knife case. If you do not own good-quality knives, you may purchase them at the Living Light Marketplace. We use both Henckels and Mac knives at the school and have them for sale in our store. If you are traveling by airplane, you must pack your knives in your checked luggage; do not pack them in your carry-on luggage.

Do bring appropriate clothing. Attendees of all courses except FUNdamentals are required to wear a Chef's coat and hat. In addition to a chef coat, we recommend two bib-style aprons to keep your chef wear clean. All chefs’ apparel is available for purchase in many styles and sizes in the Living Light Marketplace.

Do bring comfortable closed-toe shoes suitable for standing, walking, and working in the kitchen.

Do bring hair restraints: hair ties, cap, chef hat or other appropriate head wear to keep hair out of your face and the food. If you do not have appropriate hair covering you will be required to wear a hair net during all hands-on portions of the training.

Do bring student supplies, such as a notepad, pen and pencil.

Do bring your Living Light Recipe Binder, if you are a returning student.

Do Not Bring/Wear

Do not bring jewelry. We request that you not wear bracelets or rings, other than a plain wedding band.

Do not wear nail polish: do not wear nail polish or artificial nails. It is required that nails are cut short; if nails are not acceptable length it is required you wear gloves.

Do not wear scented perfumes or lotions, as fellow students may be sensitive. It is important that your senses be keen and ready to take in the tastes and aromas of the gourmet foods we will prepare in class.

Do not bring any food that requires refrigeration to the school. Many hotels in Fort Bragg offer rooms with small refrigerators, so you may reserve a hotel room with a refrigerator for your own use. Living Light does not provide refrigeration space for the students.