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Series Dates: November 23-December 10


Patience Miles

Our Science of Raw Food Nutrition graduate Patience Miles from Wisconsin feels that she has been transformed by what she learned in the science classes. She is now able to make informed, conscious decisions about what food she puts into her mouth and why, and she’s learning a good balance of nutrition for a healthy, vibrant life.

Student Testimonials

"This is not a course for sissies! We came away with our money’s worth, and a huge knowledge base. The Dinas covered a broad range of subject matter, explained it in an accessible format and had high expectations for our levels of comprehension. I love it! Thank you!"

"I really enjoyed learning the nutritional facts about raw foods! Drs. Rick and Karin Dina (D.C.) are very knowledgeable and experienced in the field of raw food nutrition. I love their non-biased view and all the great detailed info they provided. You feel their love and passion come through and it strikes a cord with me! They are beautiful souls full of “Living Light” info! Thank you for sharing your passions with the world!"

"Karin and Rick have done an amazing job pulling together a large body of research to support a plant-based, raw-foods diet. They present the material thoughtfully and with humor. In addition to all that I learned in class I have an amazing collection of notes and references that I will use again and again."

Improve Your Personal Health or Start a New Career with a Raw Vegan Diet

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Living Light raw food chefFor a limited time, you can book 2015 packages at 2014 prices and save up to $600 depending on the program you choose!
• Three Associate Chef and Instructor Trainings beginning January, February, or March
Gourmet Raw Food Chef Training begins March 7, 2015
• Platinum Package begins March 7, 2015

Since we started Living Light Culinary Institute more than 17 years ago, our intention has been to provide the highest quality raw vegan education available at exceptional prices. Tuition for the majority or our courses has not increased for more than six years, despite rising costs for both goods and personnel. For the 2015 school calendar year, there will be a small increase to five of our 15 offerings. We are pleased to say that during the past six years, this represents an average increase of only 1% per year.

We recently conducted a survey to find out what people want from a raw food education at Living Light. Here are a few of the reasons people gave for why they would like to come to the school:

• 89.0% Improving Personal Health
• 57.0% Preparing Healthy Food For My Family
• 32.0% Starting A Raw Food Career
• 28.0% Teaching Culinary Classes
• 31.0% Teaching Nutritional Classes
• 39.0% Weight Loss
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Living Light can help you achieve any or every one of these goals, and you can save money for the first three months of 2015 while you transform your life and health!

Here’s Chinyava Mvoy “Chin” whose journey to raw food began in 2008. She didn’t give up on her dream, and came to Living Light last year all the way from Kenya, Africa. “Have a goal, have a vision, and Living Light Culinary Institute will take care of the rest!


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California Approved Educational Programs

Did you know?

We're the only raw culinary school licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education.

Maintaining licensing is important to us - we know that certification from a licensed school is a valuable asset as our graduates move forward with new careers.Living Light graduates possess the most respected raw culinary education in the world. Becoming a certified Living Light chef, instructor or nutrition educator is recognized internationally - after all, students have flocked to our school from more than 60 countries so far (and counting!)

We support our graduates in their personal and professional development even after they graduate. Our chef referral service has become a magnet for raw food businesses to post job opportunities. Word is out - Living Light graduates are the best trained raw food chefs, instructors, and educators in the world! No wonder we won Best of Raw in three categories last year!





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