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RickandKarinDinaClick here to schedule a callScience of Raw Food Nutrition instructors Dr. Rick and Dr. Karin Dina are extremely generous in sharing their personal experiences as well as expertise based on years of study.

All course material is based on peer-reviewed science—you’ll learn accurate, user friendly information about plant based raw food nutrition designed to assist and empower you on a path to health and well-being.

Best of all, this extraordinary educational experience will help you learn how to teach others! Science of Raw Food Nutrition students also learn that raw nutritional science can be both exciting and fun. Who knew?

So many of our Science of Raw Food Nutrition students and graduates comment on how easy and accessible the Dinas make complex scientific information, whether you have absolutely no background in nutritional science or you are well equipped with a science background but wish to continue with in depth study.


Dr. Rick Dina: Is Fruit Acidic?

• Improve your health with optimum raw food nutrition
• Cover hot topics and demystify controversies
• Learn scientific information in an easy-to-understand format
• Create a solid foundation in nutritional knowledge
• Focus on key nutrients: why you need them, where to get them
• Discover how a plant based diet fully supports optimum health
• Gain confidence and enjoy amazing health benefits immediately
• Develop your abilities to teach your friends, family and clients.

Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification is available only two more times this year!

Series Dates: August 7-23 or November 23-December 10


Here are just a few of the topics covered in the advanced portion of the curriculum:

• Supplements and superfoods
• Survey of sweeteners and alternatives
• Critical thinking and how to do research
• Metabolism and hormones
• Stress, sleep, and digestion
• Raw food challenges, pitfalls and solutions
• How to create a professional image
• How to establish credibility as a nutrition educator
• How to choose appropriate lecture topics
• In-class lecture practice and feedback


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We're the only raw culinary school licensed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education.

Maintaining licensing is important to us - we know that certification from a licensed school is a valuable asset as our graduates move forward with new careers.Living Light graduates possess the most respected raw culinary education in the world. Becoming a certified Living Light chef, instructor or nutrition educator is recognized internationally - after all, students have flocked to our school from more than 60 countries so far (and counting!)

We support our graduates in their personal and professional development even after they graduate. Our chef referral service has become a magnet for raw food businesses to post job opportunities. Word is out - Living Light graduates are the best trained raw food chefs, instructors, and educators in the world! No wonder we won Best of Raw in three categories last year!

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