Do I have to eat 100% raw to take Living Light classes?
No. Many of our participants do not eat all raw food. We support everyone, wherever they are on their dietary path.

Do I have to take the Chef Training Series all at once, or can I do it in segments?
Our Chef Training Series is designed to be taken either in segments or all at once.

How much culinary skill do I need?
We accept people with all levels of experience, from novice to professional.

How much hands-on training will I receive?
Each Living Light class in this brochure, with the exception of FUNdamentals and New Holiday Traditions, includes daily hands-on training.

Can I bring my family?
Many people come with their families, who enjoy the beautiful coast of Mendocino while a family member is in the classroom.

How much time is spent in the classroom?
Most classes begin at 8 AM and end after dinner, although some evenings are spent doing homework. We have 1 1/2 - 2 hour lunch breaks and most weekends off.

Am I required to take the prerequisites?
Yes. Even if you are experienced in raw food preparation, you are required to start with FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods before going on to Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts, and then Associate Chef Training.

What are the Instructor Empowerment Kits?
They are complete materials for teaching classes, available only to Living Light graduates. To learn more about the kits, visit the Kit FAQ.

Do you offer work experience opportunities?
We do offer kitchen apprenticeships and internships.

Are the foods you serve organic?
At Living Light we are 100% committed to serving organically grown food.