Meet Maria Martin - a Living Light Student Extraordinaire!

Living Light Student Maria MartinMaria Martin was raised in Spain on a relatively health-conscious “omnivore” diet that included plenty of fresh produce, fish, olives, and other regional foods. As a teenager and young adult her diet deteriorated, and she relied on fast food. She felt increasingly sick, weak, tired, depressed, and lacked motivation. Two years as an airline attendant made things worse, with lots of stress, 12-15 hour shifts, stale air, and multiple landings in a single flight. Her biorhythms and body clock were turned upside down!

Three years ago, she started a macrobiotic diet, which she found to be very helpful as a transition from the omnivore diet. She was eating organic food, whole grains, greens, seaweed, legumes, and naturally fermented food, and her energy level improved. Then, she considered opening a juice bar, so she got herself a juicer and for two weeks lived exclusively on juices and smoothies. Immediately, she felt her health was transformed she was full of energy, her stomach became less bloated, and she immediately required less sleep.

Raw Food for DummiesShe took an online course in Europe and began reading books, but wanted to learn more on a professional level. After reading Raw Food for Dummies she found Living Light. Since coming to the school, she’s realized that her life will never be the same. She plans to focus on her personal dream and re-invent her career as a holistic chef, coach, and teacher. She is enrolled in the Platinum Package this year, so she’ll take all of our culinary and nutrition offerings and build her confidence as a raw chef and teacher. Next year, she’ll return for the year-long Professional Chef internship. Maria is also a certified massage therapist, and this December she’ll go to India to get certified as a Hatha Yoga Instructor. She definitely has lots of energy and a great set of goals lined up!

“For a couple of years, I was a personal shopper in Paris, and I saw people lost in a materialistic world. I want to learn how to convey the passion I feel for holistic nutrition and help empower people to listen to their bodies. I’m grateful that at Living Light I can acquire the scientific background, culinary skills, and confidence I’ll need. I hope to teach a synthesis of raw foods and macrobiotics.”

Beautiful veg soupMaria has been a wonderful addition to our student group here at Living Light. She is passionate about learning, lively and entertaining, and very loving towards her fellow students. She takes great photos of the foods students prepare, and the delicious lunches they enjoy while here at the school. Thank you Maria - We are blessed to have you here as a student. We're so glad you came to school!