Essentials is Coming! Essentials is Coming!

CALLOUT_essentials_cherie (2)We are pleased to announce that Essentials Online is ready to launch this March!

You’ll be able to access this incredible hands-on raw food culinary course on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, and discover an entirely new dimension of pleasure in preparing food the Living Light Way.

We’re sticklers for details, and this course is packed with great information and delicious raw vegan recipes—you’ll learn useful culinary terms, how to read and follow a recipe correctly, mise en place, U.S. and metric measurements, basic culinary math, and gastronomy, the art and science of taste. Plus, sprouting, dehydrating, recipe development and so much more! Cherie is teaching the course herself, and she guides you step-by-step with insight and expertise!

Zuchinni Fettucine AlfredoWith more than 40 years teaching vegetarian culinary arts (20+ in raw foods!) Cherie knows which techniques are challenging to students, which habits are difficult to overcome, and how to nurture culinary students as they learn to develop full confidence preparing a wide variety of gourmet raw vegan recipes.

FUNdamentals Online and Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills Online are the two prerequisites for enrolling in ESSENTIALS ONLINE.

Now, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are offering both of the prerequisite courses at a special price!

FUNdamentals Online and Sharpen Up Your Knife Skills Online

Complete both course prerequisites before Essentials Online launches in March!

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