A Refreshing Raw Food Treat!

Chocolate MintMint and Chocolate – Chocolate and Mintit’s a classic combination that many people enjoy. Who knew that a classic chocolate mint flavor was available in one beautiful plant? It’s a plant that grows quickly and easily with an underground root system that can take over your garden if you don’t help contain its enthusiasm, and the lush, minty chocolate aroma will permeate your garden with a delightful fragrance. We recommend container plants (keep them moist) in a partly shady section of your garden. Morning sun is optimal. Mint does not like excessive heat.

Our raw food nutrition expert, Dr. Karin Dina, D.C. has created a simple recipe for a cooling summer treat using chocolate mint. Here’s what Dr. Karin would like to share:

Chocolate, did someone say chocolate?!
Chocolate mint is one of many types of mint available. During my journeys to various nurseries and plant sales, I’ve seen the ubiquitous peppermint and spearmint, along with other interesting and exotic types of mint like Corsican mint, French mint, strawberry mint, pineapple mint, and so many more.
I love chocolate mint – the fragrance stays true to its name and the flavor has a mild peppermint flavor. I currently have chocolate along with other types of mint growing in a planter on the deck and always enjoy the heady fragrance of the mint plants as I venture into our backyard garden. How do we enjoy chocolate mint? Chocolate mint adds a refreshing zing to frozen recipes on hot summer days. Here’s a simple, fun recipe inspired by fragrant chocolate mint:

Fresh Banana Ice Cream with Mint LeafChocolate Mint Banana Ice Cream
(Makes 1 – 2 servings)
3 peeled frozen bananas
10 medium leaves of chocolate mint

There are many possible ways to make this ice cream. We’ve tried a food processor, high speed blender, and twin-gear juicer. This food processor method is very quick and easy!

Take 10 leaves of chocolate mint from the garden, and then cut 3 frozen bananas into pieces:

Place the banana pieces and chocolate mint leaves into a food processor and blend bananas and chocolate mint leaves using short pulses until the mixture becomes homogenous, then, blend the mixture continuously until smooth:

Scoop mixture into a serving bowl and place in the freezer for about 5 minutes until frozen. Freezing for a few minutes after blending keeps the ice cream from melting before serving. Remove the blend from the freezer and serve with a chocolate mint leaf garnish. So refreshing on a warm summer day, and it’s easy to make more for a bigger crowd, or if you plan to have seconds!Nutritional Analysis Peppermint

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