Raw Food Chefs in the Making!

Living Light raw food chefWhen Living Light students begin their culinary training at our school, many of them are new to gourmet raw food cuisine. Fortunately, from the first day of demos to completion of our gourmet classes, students are guided by our team of amazing raw food chefs and instructors.

Rule number one is to accept everyone, wherever they are on their path.

Each student blossoms and grows in our nurturing environment. Courses are progressive, and each builds on the foundation of what students have already experienced in class, so student confidence increases exponentially.

Working in teams for hands on training and recipe development helps everyone learn from each other as well as our instructors. Group energy sparks creativity and excitement, and students encourage each other to use each person’s innate talents combined with their new knowledge about raw foods. Help and support from other students and our talented instructors combines to produce amazing results. We’re always delighted to see the creativity our students bring to the table—literally!

student raw food chefsWe’re grateful that Living Light graduates fan out across the globe: teaching others, creating businesses, writing books, and undertaking a variety of other creative pursuits in their communities and beyond. Grad success story link here.

 We hope you enjoy this slideshow of what some of our students come up with after only a few weeks in class. Naturally, our inspiring, professional staff of well-trained chefs and teachers makes it all possible with a disciplined yet entertaining teaching style and a world class curriculum developed by Cherie Soria.

All of the chef instructors who teach at Living Light Culinary Institute are graduates of Living Light Culinary Institute. They are specifically trained and well-qualified to teach people of all ages and all levels of culinary experience. See our faculty section here.

raw food chef Martine LussierMontreal native and former R.N. Martine Lussier, our culinary programs manager, is passionate about teaching and creating amazing raw vegan cuisine. She enjoys athletic pursuits, including dancing and teaching Zumba, and loves to travel to interesting places. Martine is in charge of our wonderful team of chefs and instructors who teach our entire culinary curriculum.

Jennifer Cornbleet was a high school teacher for many years; she’s mastered how to organize classes and communicate effectively with students. An Amazon best selling author and nationally recognized chef, Jenny has been a valuable member of the Living Light faculty for more than a decade.

25-year culinary veteran Vinnette Thompson teaches pastry arts and advanced culinary coursesjenny. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Vinnette’s twin passions are making elegant raw vegan cuisine and teaching others the specialized skills of pastry arts and gourmet recipe development.

Roe Robertson loves to educate and inspire people to learn how raw living foods can be taken out into the world. She grew up in the kitchen helping her mother cater to movie stars; her original career was as a police officer. As a teacher at Living Light, her enthusiasm and sense of humor are contagious and help make learning fun!

Gina Hudson is a personal chef, teacher, and raw food coach in Florida. A massage therapist and fitness enthusiast, she fully understands the profound effect food has on body, mind and spirit. She always inspires and supports our students and loves to return here to the beautiful Mendocino coast.

Terilynn Epperson wears many hats at Living Light. She is executive assistant to Cherie Soria, edits and produces promotional videos, takes recipe photos of student culinary creations, and teaches specialty classes. She’s also known as an expert Karaoke singer and online personality.

James SantJames Sant, a lifelong professional artist, has worked in nearly every medium: clay, sculpture, paint, textiles, set design, art administration, documentary film, and photography. After discovering the power of healing through a plant based raw vegan diet, he’s merged art and cuisine to create and teach others how to live an authentic, passionate, and healthy lifestyle!

Pastry chef DonnaMarie Heagan, classically trained at Apicius in Florence, Italy, is a devoted teacher and our resident raw vegan pastry chef here at Living Light, preparing all of the dairy-free, gluten-free creations served in our café.

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