Raw Food Recipe for Success: Travel Tips

Travel-in-the-Raw-Kit-6896The weather is warming up - family vacations and road trips are on the horizon. Can you take your raw food lifestyle on the road with you? The answer is yes! It’s good to know that maintaining a raw food diet no matter where you are is easy when you learn a few handy tips and tricks from the experts. Be well prepared, and eating raw food meals “on the road” becomes practical and nearly effortless.

For short trips you’ll need a cooler, and for longer trips you can create a simple, inexpensive portable kitchen. Family, friends, and anyone who sees you open up your portable kitchen will be intrigued as they watch you prepare delicious nourishing meals in just minutes. Take out your containers holding delicious fresh fruits and veggies, dehydrated goodies, and other treats and make raw food magic before their very eyes!

jar of saladHere’s what you’ll need:

Raw Foods Travel Bag and Picnic Supplies:
• One soft-sided cooler small enough to meet airline standards if you are traveling by plane.
• Spoon, knife, fork or chopsticks, and cloth napkins. (If traveling by plane, pack your metal knife and fork in your checked luggage, and carry a small wooden knife and fork in your cooler. Some airlines will confiscate your chopsticks, so don't take your favorite pair.)
• Small, flexible plastic chopping mat.
• Wooden plate and/or bowl.
• Beverage container with watertight lid.
• One or more small containers for cereal or snacks.
• One small leak-proof container for salad dressing.
• One sealable container for salad.
• Sealable plastic bags to hold dried fruit, fresh fruit, and veggies.Tribest Personal Blender
• Hardy greens, like romaine lettuce, for salad.
• Apples (or other firm fruit with skin).
• Avocados.
• Nuts and dehydrated goodies.
• Favorite seasonings.
• Plastic bags for trash and compost.
• Place mat.
Travel Bag for Longer Trips (in addition to the above):
• Tribest Personal Blender.
• Extension cord.
• Rubber spatula.
• Quick-dry washable table cover (a lightweight sarong works well and is versatile).
• Kitchen towel and sponge.
• Jar with lid for shaking dressings.
• Knives (6-8-inch chef knife, small paring knife, and/or serrated knife)
• Nut milk bag for sprouting seeds and straining nut milk.
• Plastic produce spinning bag for washing salad greens (a specialty item found at health food stores).
• Chlorine-free water for drinking and food prep (smoothies, soups, rinsing produce).
• Personal water filtration system.

To see Dan and Cherie demo their travel prowess with raw foods, watch this video!