How to Create Raw Food Recipes that Sizzle!

One of the exciting things our students discover when they come to Living Light Culinary Institute is that they are only limited by their own imaginations. There is literally almost no beloved dish from their family or heritage that can’t be created in an absolutely delicious raw vegan variation.Vegan-Bay-Crab-Cakes-with-Creamy-Dill-Tartar-Sauce_7392

Creativity is sparked when students realize the breadth of possibilities and begin to understand that they do not have to forgo their favorite cooked dishes. Often, the raw food version of a famous recipe actually tastes better, as it is more colorful and packed with the vibrant flavors only nature (and a little raw food magic) can provide.

Our 10-day Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor™  training helps students develop confidence in basic chef skills, and provides a broad exploration of favorite comfort foods, including classics like raw vegan burgers, lasagna, and healthful raw vegan enchiladas – olé!

StuffedMushrooms1One of the keys to developing a superb raw food recipe is learning how to combine herbs and spices to create classic and ethnic flavors and balance textures in individual recipes and entire menus. Who wouldn’t love to explore how to make non-dairy raw vegan cheeses, appetizers, entrees, raw food breakfasts, and fabulous desserts?

Learning how to make spectacular raw food recipes and meals is the focus of the comprehensive curriculum developed by our founder and director Cherie Soria—designed specifically to ensure that Living Light Culinary Institute students learn technique from the ground up, including how to develop a recipe, manage a raw food kitchen, and successfully plan and teach a professional raw food demo.  Then on to our Gourmet Raw Food Chef Certification™, with a deeper exploration of ethnic flavors, gourmet spa cuisine, and catering along with pastry arts, science of raw food nutrition and food styling. The Platinum Package has the best of all worlds, including a complete advanced science certification!Cheriehead2012

Here’s a recent testimonial about Cherie’s skills as a chef and teacher (sent to Raw Living Expo organizer Clementine Libre).

“….There is no doubt in my mind that Cherie Soria is the best raw vegan chef in the world. I attended the cooking demo Cherie presented on Saturday at The Raw Living Expo, and I tell you that there is no other chef in the world who can mix the perfect combination of flavor and texture to make a raw vegan cuisine the way she can. The food was so good that when the tray came back for a second time, everyone around me (including myself) forgot our manners and started grabbing for the food as if it was going to be our last meal. I could see with my own eyes the smiles on people’s faces as they took a bite out of the most heavenly raw vegan cuisine I have ever tasted in my entire life. I can see that Cherie puts all of her love and passion into the food she prepares. I must attend Living Light Culinary Institute - I believe that in order to be the best at anything, you must learn from the best, and Cherie Soria is the best in the world, no doubt. Clementine, you might ask yourself; how do you know for sure she is the best in the world? And I will say, because I saw Cheri Rae Russell from the Peace Yoga Gallery who studied at Living Light, and she was making the most wonderful meals herself. It's like I said, to be the best you must learn from the best! …” ~Horus

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