Top 8 Raw Food Careers

Living Light Culinary Institute has a wonderful chef referral program available to all of our raw food chef graduates. We’re pleased that so many raw food, vegan, and vegetarian businesses seek the services of our graduates, but we’re not surprised. Our raw chef training program is considered the best in the world, and with good reason. We’ve spent years perfecting our curriculum in both raw food cuisine and raw food nutrition, and we’ve developed our raw chef training with both culinary artistry and practical skills in mind.

If you’re looking for careers in culinary – look no further!

Chad Sarno Cherie SoriaAs the popularity of a high raw vegan diet continues to grow in the United States and around the world, those with raw chef training and skills will find themselves more and more in demand. Our chef referral program has listed some amazing jobs over the years –—from a private raw food chef on a yacht in the Virgin Islands, to a restaurant manager in New Zealand, and everything in between.  Here is a list of the eight most popular raw food jobs listed in our chef referral program during the past five years:

Private Raw Food Chef

Become a private chef! As the raw food movement gains in popularity, the demand for a private raw food chef, raw vegan chef, or vegan chef continues to grow exponentially. Being a private chef can take you to amazing places!

 Raw Food Restaurant Chef or Owner

Raw food cafés, restaurants, juice bars, and raw vegan take out all continue to grow in popularity as people seek whole foods, organic foods, and gluten free, dairy free, sugar free options. Will you be the next person to start a raw food business in your hometown or your dream destination? VandenKerchove Belgium raw food

Raw Food Teacher

We can attest from first hand experience that teaching people how to make raw food recipes is one of the top career categories in the world today.  Would you like to become a popular speaker and raw food teacher whose knowledge, skills, and expertise are increasingly in demand in a growing global marketplace?

Raw Recipe Book Author

Living Light Culinary Institute has inspired countless raw recipe book authors: Jennifer Cornbleet (two Amazon best sellers), celebrity chef Chad Sarno, Judita Wignall, and many others. Raw vegan recipe books, e-books, and recipe development for corporations and restaurants are just a few of the ways you can use the raw food recipe development skills you’ll master at Living Light Culinary Institute.

Spa or Retreat Raw Food Chef and Consultant

Want to work in exotic locations and have a fulfilling career sharing raw vegan cuisine with others?  Many of the job opportunities posted on our Chef Referral Service have been pretty inspiring. Who wouldn’t want to be paid to live in Bali, Hawaii, Trinidad, Singapore, New Zealand or Australia, to name just a few! McClelland Raw Food Chef Bejing China

Raw Food Caterer

Living Light Culinary Institute provides both classroom instruction and hands-on experience for catered events. Learning how to become a raw food caterer opens doors to possibilities in your own community and beyond.

Raw Vegan Pastry Chef

What’s the best way to a cooked-food lover’s heart? Dessert! Expand your skills—learn how to become a raw vegan pastry chef. Creating sophisticated raw vegan pastries and desserts is a niche market in raw foods that is becoming increasingly popular in a variety of settings. Even cooked food restaurants often want to add raw desserts to their menus.

Raw Food Nutrition Educator

Our science of raw food nutrition educator certification programs will prepare you for a career as a nutrition educator - learn how to present fundamental raw food nutrition information with authority, accuracy and confidence. Focus your energies on educating people about the health benefits of a raw vegan diet—a field as much in demand now as it will be in the future.

Want to learn more? Get inspired by just a few of our raw food chef graduate success stories!