Spring Fever by mary elizabeth

flowersSo the spring equinox came and went and I didn’t write a post about it.  I didn’t’ write a post about anything, actually.  I was juice fasting and sometimes that makes me a little, well, slow.  No – that’s not it.  Let’s call it peaceful.  Very peaceful.  Anyhow this blog went unwritten.  The fast went for ten days, though, and was a great physical reset.  I really love fasting – especially when I’m done and I was done with this one at midnight on Wednesday.  My sweet Amanda did it with me and we’re both feeling happy and aries woman 2empowered.  The sense of accomplishment is my favorite part.  Well – that and the visible results.  Anyhow – I’m feeling good and ready to hit the gym and the rest of my life with renewed commitment and enthusiasm.

zzz3It feels like spring here at Living Light, too.  Kristin brought in some beautiful daffodils and we're getting ready for  another Associate Chef and Instructor training.  Living Light has been sending raw food chefs out into the world for fifteen years now and it all starts with this certification.  These intensive three weeks of training will thoroughly prepare you for a career in the world of raw cuisine.  Check out our graduate success stories.  Lots of our most successful grads have completed just this piece of what Living Light offers and obviously – it’s plenty!  We still have a few spots left for our April session so spring into action!  Sign up now.

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