Hibernation by mary elizabeth

polarbearSo – due to holiday driven financial constraints plus a broken juicer part, I have been in a wintertime retreat from fitness and fasting.  There’s something about these cold dark days that makes curling up in bed with a full belly very attractive.   It’s been kind of nice, actually.  I mean, who doesn’t want to stay in bed until 7:00 rather than rolling out of it at 4:30?  Who wants a dumb old green juice when there’s such a thing as homemade macaroni?  Usually I do, actually, but I’ve been spending the last couple weeks sleeping in and eating heartier fare than usual and it’s really kind of growing on me.  Tomorrow is the first pay day of 2013, though, and the juicer part will be ordered and the fitness club membership will be purchased and the hibernation will be over.  I know for a fact I’ll feel better once I start working out and juicing again, but there’s definitely a part of me that couldn’t care less.  I am proud to say that amidst all this hedonism, I have kept pretty fithibernation emotionally and spiritually, so climbing back on the physical fitness horse will be easier.  There’s nothing quite like balance and clarity.  The more clouded with fear or self-pity I allow my mind to get, the more difficult any sort of attempt at health becomes.  That being said, I’m positive that when my alarm goes off at 4:30 Friday morning I will be cursing at it with all my body, mind and spirit.

roses in the snowLiving Light has been hibernating in a way, too.  School’s been out since mid-December and it’s been super quiet around here.  This Saturday will be the first training of 2013 beginning with the Fundamentals of Raw Living Foods.  We’ll be checking in our first group of students since last October on Friday evening.  Hooray!  It’s really been too quiet around here.  I’m ready to get this year started – personally and professionally.  I want to get all my healthy routines going.  I want to jump in with both feet so as to be ready for all this year holds for me.  I just know this year’s going to super fantastic – so long as I’m awake for it.

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  1. Michelle Bush

    Great post! Exactly what I needed to read. Ditto the above comments too! That's amazing you get it going at 4:30am... sometimes 7am is hard for me to do! I totally admire your dedication and enthusiasm! It's contagious! I'm still working on my goal of getting up earlier for running, yoga, a cup of tea while working on paperwork, etc. =)

    I'm there with you on the hibernation... sometimes it's needed. Mine is just beginning. With family now gone I'm beginning to feel the affects of the holiday activities on my adrenals. Since at least half of the family was sick for most or part of their visit, my body is finally ready for rest, massages, walks and skateboarding. Our family will be entering this new year/cycle on a healthier note, too. The Champion is totally cleaned, ready and waiting for juicing. The new blender/food processor is amazing and I'm looking forward to playing with it more. I'm learning some great recipes too!

    I miss the great energy and buzz of activity when the new classes started! .I miss prepping for the new sessions. I would love to attend a class someday, too, I truly enjoyed working at Living Light and learned so many wonderful things that I still share with people! I'll be stopping by more often now that we live only a few blocks away! Much love to you, Mary Elizabeth, and to everyone at Living Light International! VROOOOM!

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