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Vintage Christmas Card0013I think I finally have my holiday plans in order, and more importantly, I feel good about them, too.  For whatever reason, I allow myself to get stressed out about what we’re going to do when and with whom and I want it all sorted right now!  Sometimes, the need to get it all sorted results in me making plans I don’t even like!  But – now it is all sorted and I can relax.  In fact, I can super relax because after a quick out of town trip for the kids’ birthdays, I’msnowy bridge just going to stay home until the very end of the month.  I’m going to try and make good things to eat and decorate the house and just be happy at home.  I’m really pleased with this plan.  The benefits to just staying home are huge!  Happy holidays to me!

There are lots of benefits to working at Living Light.  One of them iscafe staff that we get to have a green juice or an organic meal every day!  This is the best preventative health plan ever and so, so yummy.  We also get to feel good about our global impact as all of the different businesses that comprise Living Light International are very planet friendly.  But the best benefit of all is the people we get to spend our work hours with.  I know I’ve said it before, but I really feel blessed to work with the super amazing, strong, beautiful, creative and supportive women and men in this company.  And really, there are so many smiling, friendly faces everywhere I go at Living Light it’s a true gift.  Happy, happy holidays to all my sweet co-workers!  Let’s have a fun winter and a fabulous 2013!

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