Sweet Memories by kristin

Yes, it's true. Co-blogger Mary Elizabeth and I have definitely begun our holiday blogs in earnest. I'm sitting here writing with my headphones on, listening to holiday music on Pandora, and it's only two days until we can add snow to the blog! Meanwhile, it is also my son Simon's birthday, a very special day to me. I was fortunate to be with him recently in the south of France, and he lives far away, up in Prince Rupert, B.C. So, I'll have to be content with sweet memories of Christmases past as I wrap his gifts to take to the post office. Mary Elizabeth's kids are younger and still live with her, so they are all together on the holidays - something to be grateful for, especially since both of her children have birthdays close to the holidays, too.  Holidays are interesting times. This Thanksgiving Day it was sunny and beautiful here.  I went on a four and a half mile walk wearing a bright pink scarf, and  every single person I encountered along the way said hello or Happy Thanksgiving. Don't know if it was the pink scarf, the holiday, or the sunshine, but I hope everyone's holiday season is filled with such kindness and goodwill. It's something to keep in mind as we navigate through all the activities and opportunities that happen at this time of year.

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