Time for Mistletoe and Holly?

Did it sneak up on us again? How does it happen every year that the holidays surprise us with their sudden dramatic entrance? You'd think by now we'd be wise to it and well prepared WAY ahead of time. In our office we've decided not to listen to "holiday music" until the day after Thanksgiving, just so we don't get tired of it before end of season. The frost isn't even on the pumpkin here yet and its already Thanksgiving!Thanksgiving woman We might as well say,  "just in time", since the season of peace and plenty is an opportunity to open our hearts once again to love and giving to others the best of ourselves. grateful heartsWhen we brush aside the tinsel and commercialism, it's always wonderful to remember the heart of the matter. On that note, we'll take one holiday at a time - not to jump ahead of ourselves. This Thanksgiving Day Living Light is hosting a vegetarian community potluck and world peace meditation beginning at 2:00 PM. And we have a great Best of New Holiday Traditions online video course available, just in the "nick o' time."

Time to connect, celebrate and be grateful for each other. May the blessings of friendship and love shine on your table tomorrow!harvest time

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