Giving Thanks? by mary elizabeth

Can Thanksgiving really be just a week from today?  Come on.  That’s crazy talk.  Fortunately, each year I do the very same thing so I needn’t come up with any plans and fortunately again, my annual plans include Thanksgiving dinner at a pretty posh country club so I really don’t have to plan, let alone cook, anything.  But – I do need to locomote myself and my children to this annual event which is a six hour drive with the last bit often through chain-requiring snow.  This is really no problem, either.  All sorts of people put chains on their cars everyday.  Plus my daughter and I are world class ride-around-in-the-car types now, and my son has an iPod so we’re all good.  And this year, we’re adding a stop at some of my very most beloved friends’ on our way to and from our final destination.  It all couldn’t be nicer, really.  It just feels so soon!  I mean, once Thanksgiving has come and gone my kids birthdays are right around the corner and about a minute later it’s Christmas.  Oh well – nothing to be done about it, of course.  I mean – I have had a year to prepare – it’s not a surprise.  But – I’m no where even close to having saved up the money for that Bettie Page dress I’ve had my eye on for months and now it’s almost time for holiday parties and how’s that going to work?

Okay – hopefully that was my holiday complaining for the year.  Let’s get on to my holiday happiness which is, as you know, eating.  Did you know we have whole cakes and pies you can order from our café?  We do.  You can get one of our raw vegan pumpkin pies for your celebration next week.  Yum!  And we have vanilla or chocolate cheesecake.  We have a super fancy lemon poppy seed cake that looks stunning and tastes divine.  You need to give us a day or so to create your masterpiece, so come in and order one today!  Happy holidays!

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